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  1. B

    Having problem s with SKY PLATINUM PHONE

    Okay I got a problem going on with my SKY Platinum phone when I try getting online it kicks me off or the games I downloaded from the Google play store it want let me play can someone please help
  2. B

    Another dumb bitcoin question

    Is the Bitcoin based on anything of value? What I mean is, today's conventional currency is based on gold, silver, platinum, even copper. Some rare earth mineral/ore. What is the Bitcoin's foundation?
  3. P

    skydevice platinum 4.5

    Help I have a sky platinum 4.5 I need help because I bought it off the street a couple months ago and now I need to find my account number I've tried everything can anybody help me please I'm desperate and I also have to come up with a pin number to get count and I don't know that either I guess...
  4. W

    Sony Movie Studio Platinum crashes when building peaks

    Hi guys, The problem is said in the title- I import my game footage and it stops building peaks at 2%, and then crahses. I've tried cancelling the building peaks process but that crashes it too. Would love if you guys have a solution.
  5. K

    Speakers stop working After Booting

    I have Microlab m-200 platinum speakers for my laptop. Every time I boot up my laptop the speakers work perfectly, but after about 5-10 minutes (the amount of time it takes is random). The speakers stop working and I can make them work again by unplugging the AUX cable and plugging it in...
  6. N

    Complete Home Audio Solution assistance

    Hi all and thank you for the oportunity to finally get the kinks out of my setup, with a milltion connections and options to, i am stuck with how this should be setup for absolute sound rather than out of the box basics. Below are my specs relevant to the assistance i need, nothing flash but...
  7. M

    hi i dont have the envelope ((( insert velocity at all )) when i clicked right click i didn't find it at all :S any help ?

    i have sony vegas 12 platinum i know already from previous versions of the sony the (( insert velocity envelope ))) but when i opened this versions i didnt find that envelope at all ..... i clicked right click but this envelope doesn't show !!!!!
  8. TitusRaven

    How to Edit AVI files (from Fraps) in Vegas Pro 13?

    So i have Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 and Vegas Pro 13. I've been screen recording my games with Fraps at 60 fps at full size for long periods of time. Editing these files on Vegas 13 always freezes ("Not Responding") and eventually shuts down, but strangely enough, they play fine on...
  9. Z

    what nero 2014 suite should i get

    I'm unsure to buy basic nero 2014 Or get Nero 2014 Platinum I prefer retail editions. I plan Mostly Used Nero Recode & Nero dvd , reply soon.
  10. T

    Sony vegas movie studio hd platinum 11 forum

    Hi everyone I have just purchased HD Platinum 11. I am enjoying finding my way around it, however I do find it a little frustrating. I understand that I should have access to some 360 royalty free music tracks. No matter what I do I just can't locate them. Please can someone help? PK
  11. B

    I can't uninstall nero 11 platinum

    How or by what means do you get rid of this program. i have uninstalled it through control panel and through CCLeaner and it still remains installed why? I was going to try uninstalling it through AVG TuneUp but decided to ask first
  12. exfileme

    RIM Receives an Acquisition Offer That's Hard to Believe

    A company is basing its acquisition of RIM's BlackBerry assets off of a deal with an unnamed multi-platinum selling rapper. RIM Receives an Acquisition Offer That's Hard to Believe : Read more
  13. boppin

    Will sims 3 work on acer platinum

    Just wondering if Sims 3 will play on an Acer Platinum 17.3 Laptop
  14. G

    Platinum Nanoparticles Make Fuel Cells Better

    A novel approach to an existing solution makes for better fuel cells Platinum Nanoparticles Make Fuel Cells Better : Read more
  15. R

    Anyone tried Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10 yet?

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has tried out Sony Vegas Platinum HD Production Suite 10 yet? Just interested in your opinions as it seems to be a big leap forward for them from the last version.
  16. B

    Soundblaster or not?

    Hello,jinx..the wierd sounds from sblaster card.. have platinum ex mking sort of intermittent beeps and pops like it's selecting single notes from from a keyboard effects bank then whole thing drops out? Is this common with sblaster? about to upgrade and not sure which card to go with Colin
  17. rennix

    Can mobo MSI K9A2 Platinum chipset 790FX SB600., install procie unlock?

    i had mobo: MSI K9A2 PLATINUM, 790FX, SB600. i heard, my mobo can't used to unlock AMD procie, because it's SB600. my question is, can i install with procie,that's has been unlock? after install, can my mobo read 4 cores, or the procie back to 2 core? another question. ... can unlock L3 charge...
  18. G


    I have the MSI P45 Platinum motherboard WITH A DIGITAL OUT SPDIF (optical fiber). Connected to a Sony HT-DDW685 with the same spdif BUT THE SOUND IS JUST STEREO!!!!! why?? if the motherboard has 8 audio channel and the HT can receive blue ray for this entry. anyone with any suggestions thanks