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  1. H

    sync Outlook 2007 and Hotmail pop3

    Good morning, I have several email accounts for business and personal emails. Syncing Gmail and my website to Outlook 2007 was actually easy. Hotmail is entirely different. It seems the issue comes down to the Outgoing and Incoming Mail Servers. There are numerous different suggestions or...
  2. moulderhere

    Thunderbird > Imap E-mail Download Can I move it to new POP Account?

    Have rogers yahoo e-mail account with a ton of folders. Can I download everything using IMAP into account "Imap". Yet setup a new account in thunderbird set as "POP" and simply move all e-mail from IMAP account to POP account? This is done all within thunderbird. I'm trying to download...
  3. Tanyac

    Free, Secure, Encrypted email service with smtp/pop features

    I'm using Thunderbird. I'm aware of Enigmail and GNUPG (The latter of which is very resource heavy, running 4 services at all times). By definition, anything that is cloud based is insecure. So I'm looking for an email provider that provides a free, secure, encrypted email experience with...
  4. H

    Backing UP pst files

    Hi All, We have POP3 accounts which deletes mails from server every 14 days. I would like to backup the PST files of every user on a 10 day basis. I would like to know how to backup ( I usually copy the pst data file from the user pc to backup location). There are certain users PST files...
  5. Z

    Outlook 2013, settings keep reverting

    Hello! I have a user using Outlook 2013 with their email setup as POP3. By default, it is configured to leave a message on the server for 5 days before deleting it. I changed it to 30 days, but when I close Outlook and reopen it, the setting changes back to 5 days. What is causing this...
  6. N

    Password recovery MS outlook 2007 pop3

    Hi, everybody. Reinstalled Windows 7. A new installation of MS outlook 2007 in the same c:\windows \document & setting\USER\ - all remained in place. is it possible from this file to pull pop3 password from pst (MS Outlook 2007)? import messages was successful. Thank you!
  7. stevenvw

    Mapilab POP3 Mail Collector service not starting on reboot

    Hello, We have the Mapilab POP3 Mail collector for Exchange 2010 running on our server (Windows SBS 2011). For some reason, the service is not starting when the server is restarted, and we have to start it manually. I have already checked to make sure that the service is configured to start...
  8. exfileme

    Gmail Drops Support for POP3 with Self-Signed Certificates

    Gmail users can't retrieve email from third-party services using self-signed SSL certificates. Gmail Drops Support for POP3 with Self-Signed Certificates : Read more
  9. hell_storm2004

    Unable To Configure Outlook with Hotmail....

    Hi Everyone, I am having some issues setting up Outlook as POP3 for my Hotmail account. I have some issues when setting up the incoming server. I can receive mails but i am not able to send them at all. When i do a test i always get the error: "The server responded: 421 cannot connect to...
  10. J

    Enabel pop3 email

    Hello, im trying to set up my email on my phone and it is asking me to enable pop3 email access for this account ???
  11. D

    Solved! Is there a POP3 email program for win 7 starter? netbook

    Is there no outlook express type email program that supports POP3 that runs on windows 7 starter for a Asus netbook? Will firefox and thunderbird run on win7 starter?
  12. G

    pocket outlook and pop3 question.

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have pocket outlook wm2k3 on a hp 5555 conecting to a POP3 (earthlink.net account) It works however---- Once messages are read either web mail (directly from web site) or pocket outlook, the mesages are not shown anymore when I...