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    Solved! Laptop won't charge

    When I plug in my Dell Inspiron 15 3567, it's hard to insert the plug. When the cord is plugged into the wall, the light is on, but when it is plugged into the laptop, the light turns off and I hear a spark sound. Took it to my local Micro Center and they said that the power adapter jack was...
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    Question Toshiba Laptop charger connects and disconnects

    Whenever I'm connecting the charger it suddenly starts connecting and disconnecting and because of this charger tip getting too hot that you can't even touch but when I charge the battery while the laptop is off it is working perfectly fine without any issue. Model is Toshiba Satellite L50-A
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    Question I purchased a replacement power jack, the original one was 65W but the replacement is 45W (ordered by laptop model). Should I return the 45W one?

    The cable with jack plugs in internally to the motherboard connection (not soldered type). It's not an issue with the charger or charger cables I have replaced that already and I had to wiggle the charger connection to certain angle to get it to charge. Charger is 65W, original connection is...
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    Cleaning dc power jack

    Is there anyway to clean the inside of the dc power jack on a hp laptop? My 4 yr old got something sticky in it and my laptop is not liking to charge now.
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    Weird Battery Problem MSI GT70

    My MSI GT70 is having weird battery/adapter/jack problems. My dog pulled the charger from the jack quite quickly when passing by and now I'm having problems. What I'm seeing: Appears to be on AC, but not charging. When on AC, percentage of battery left does not change. When the battery is...
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    Can you help me troubleshoot my Acer Aspire 5740 that shuts off by itself after logging in to windows?

    Hello, I have an acer laptop (aspire 5740) and I had a water problem a while ago. But everything seems to be fine as my laptop turns on (battery is fried and makes problems, but AC works ok). Now the problem starts. My laptop with AC goes all the way to the windows desktop screen and after 3-5...
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    MSI GT680DX Burned power jack (pic included)

    Hello Recently i had problems with bad connection with my power adapter and power jack. untilll recently it didn't charge my laptop anymore (motherboard MS 16F21 ver 1) Anyone got any suggestions how to repair/fix something like this? link to pic