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    Solved! Acer 7735 wont load up bios but isnt frozen. Help.

    My computer crashed after a power surge happened at my house. It turns on and makes it past Acer logo then just stops. The white bar still flashes, so I know it's not frozen. I cant access anything as it doesnt even load up that far. What do I...
  2. B

    sharp lc-55p6000u power supply

    My Sharp LC-55P6000U tv's power board took a power surge R907 surface mount resistor burned out and cannot find a clear enough picture to tell what it used to be. if anybody has a good pic or just knows what it is it would be greatly appreciated. board number is 217664
  3. V

    HDMI ports on TV not working

    We had a power surge from a lightening strike and the two HDMI ports are no longer working on our TV but the RCA port is still functional. Is if possible to connect a ROKU to the TV through an RCA port?
  4. D

    Acer aspire one will not boot

    My Acer aspire one will not boot up after a power surge, it gets as far as the windows screen then just goes straight back to the boot mode screen.
  5. L

    Solved! Laptop Won't Turn On and Doesn't Charge, Possibly Fried?

    So my laptop was working perfectly fine up until I checked in yesterday morning to find out it isn't charging and won't turn on, there are no indication LED's on the laptop lighting up too. So I check the laptop charger voltages to check that it's working and I'm getting 19v as expected, so the...
  6. Y

    Laptop Not Charging after Power Surge

    Hi, i've screwed up big time, I was using an offbrand charger for my Asus X555L and what I believe to be a power surge hit the school. My laptop shut off and would not switch on unless I put the charger back in. It comes on and I think crisis averted. Its not charging. The charging light was on...
  7. T

    POWER SURGE...Look at Picture Below...Opinions?

    Had a power surge, replaced all 3 boards in my Samsung 39" here's what the screen looks like: Is this a bad panel? or something else? Thanks!
  8. B

    No power tv

    My 55 inch seiki tv won’t power on no power at all. Had a power surge and tv went off and won’t come back on.
  9. B

    Convert to Bluetooth?

    The speakers on my 2014 Vizio smart TV quit working after experiencing a power surge just a few months after the warranty expired. Otherwise, the TV works perfectly and is the perfect size for my entertainment center. It is a now difficult-to-find size in a smart tv of 28". I have looked into...
  10. M

    Laptop turns off if power cable is removed fast or if mains shuts off (as happens a lot on the train)

    Hi! My old Asus Notebook has this odd behaviour since a few weeks that it shuts off if the power cable gets ripped out of the socket, the cabel is removed fast from the plug-in port or, if the main power vanishes (like it happens a lot during train travel). The battery itself is still fine and...
  11. E

    Steps for troubleshooting what might be wrong?

    I have a Toshiba 50L5200U. I got hit with a power surge and it hit the TV. I called up a few shops and they said replace the power supply board. I did so. I still get no power to the TV. Could it be a bad main board?
  12. G

    Power surge possible?

    I plugged my laptop into the power strip that was not on so I turned the power strip on and now my laptop won't turn on . Did I fry it?can it be fixed?
  13. P

    My husband insists that we cannot turn our tv off ever - because of the power surge when it's turned on. What?

    I am not permitted to turn any tv's off......because if the power surge when they are turned completely off. I am allowed to bring up a recorded movie, put it on pause and then wait fir the screen saver to take over. But, I must never turn tv off because it could blow out the set.
  14. 8

    I have had a power surge come through my HDMI cord into my RCA 5.1 Dvd/Tuner Home Theater Systems box from a Roku box

    I have had a power surge come through my HDMI cord into my RCA 5.1 Dvd/Tuner Home Theater Systems box via the other end of the HDMI cord that was plugged into a Roku box that was powered by a 12v cord with a 5v dc when the 12v cord universal generic charger should've been 5v max and this made my...
  15. L

    Upgrade my PSU from 450W to 500W

    My stock cabinet came fitted with a 450W 24 pin PSU and it got fried due to power surge in my home. I found that buying a 500W new PSU is pretty much cheaper than 450W, If i replace the 450W with 500W is this gonna cause any trouble to my desktop or might be advantageous in having extra power to...
  16. T

    Laptop not turning on properly

    My asus laptop stopped functioning properly after I used a new charger. The charger's output is 19.5 volt and my laptop takes 19 volt. In the shop, my laptop was functioning properly with the new charger. I brought it home and left it charge all night since the battery was completely depleted of...
  17. J

    TV won't turn on after power surge, opinions please

    Okay so I'm sitting here about an hour after the power went out. Story first then TV details please keep reading and give me any ideas or advice you have thank you. I was using the TV and my ps4 when I heard what sounded like a gunshot and a bright light flashed outside. The power went out...
  18. B

    Laptop won't turn on

    I have an ASUS GL552V laptop and a few days ago there was a power surge. After it happened my laptop was still good and running, however I noticed the battery wasn't charging at all so I figured the Surge fried my AC Adapter. Sure enough the next morning I couldn't turn on my laptop at all...no...
  19. A

    Thunderstorm/Lightning struck, TV HDMI ports not working, CCTV DVR not working and more

    Recently, my area received heavy rainfall with thunderstorm and lightning and on that night I observed a spark near my internet router which tripped the mains electricity. On checking the nearby electrical sockets, didn't find any sign of short circuity but my router did not turn on, even though...
  20. E

    Power surge on the USB Port

    Unknown USB Device needs more power than the port can supply Whenever i try to charge my Turtle Beach Stealth 450 i get this error I have a Usb for the headsets that connect them and it works in ever USB but the charger doesn't
  21. T

    42 inch dead after power surge.

    Hello. My 42 inch went dead after a power surge last month and won't power up. I removed the back and found a blown fuse. I replaced the fuse and it blew like a firecracker. Any suggestions?
  22. D

    Can power damage to the motherboard destroy laptop speakers

    I have been working on a Lenovo P500 that was damaged due to faulty house wiring. After determining there was power failure in the motherboard I replaced it. When turning on the computer the drives worked and the back light on the keyboard worked, but nothing happened on the LCD display. I...
  23. D

    Asus X55U - Laptop - Random Shutdowns?

    My Asus X55U Laptop randomly turns off. Not getting any Overheating or Error, its like a hard shutdown. Sometimes it lasts for 30 minutes and then Turns Off. Other times it lasts Hours. What should I do to fix this Problem? Please help! May the Laptops PSU be Surgeing or Something? I can provide...
  24. S

    Seagate 5TB not spinning

    Hi All, I recently bought a 5tb external hard drive from amazon and had a power surge now the hard drive isnt spinning i am presuming the PCB board has been fried. So am looking for a new PCB board with the following specs as i know you need the board to be exactly the same. PCB number...
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    Laptop Wont Boot After Power Surge!

    Help! Recently, I had a power outage and now my laptop (a Lenovo y510p) wont turn on. There is absolutely no sign of it being powered. I have tried taking the battery out for a bit, holding down power button etc. The only way i can get it to turn on is by pressing the novo button, once I press...
  26. N

    can a power surge turn on tv

    Can a power surge turn on tv
  27. D

    pioneer receiver power cycle on power surge

    Hello - I have a fairly standard home theater setup with a weird occurrence. Whenever there is a power hungry appliance anywhere in my house (window a/c, dryer, microwave) requests power my A/V receiver blinks off for about 2 seconds. I have a RCN cable box, PS3 (mostly off), HTPC (mostly off)...
  28. S

    Power Surge Causes HDMI failure?

    Hi guys, I had what I believe to be a power surge and the HDMI output on my Denon AVR-E300 and the HDMI input on my LG LCD TV no longer work. I tested it with other inputs on the TV with various cables and also tried on a monitor to no avail. So here's what happened: I was playing a game on my...
  29. A

    No grounded outlets for Lenovo yoga in china

    So I just moved to china (beijing to be exact) about a week and a half ago. After extensive searching for a halfway decent apartment I was finally able to find one that I liked. I signed the lease and paid in full for three months (which is apparently normal) however upon inspection after moving...
  30. G

    Laptop Damage from Power Surge

    Today I had my laptop plugged into a wall outlet and on, but the lid was closed. I ran upstairs for a brief second and the power flickered off then back on in a second due to a thunder storm. Because of this, I'm wondering if something happened to my laptop. I didn't notice any physical damage...
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    Crestron control and audio processors blew out in power surge; how to replace?

    There was a power surge last week which managed to blow out a power strip that these three Crestron boxes were connected to. I took this opportunity to replace our TV and get rid of the useless DVD player and karaoke machine that we never used. So my current set up that I want is this new LG TV...
  32. W

    Can using a under powered laptop charger make my notebook shut down under heavy load?

    I have a XMG P501 gaming laptop based on Clevo P150HM models at the moment connected to an under powered laptop charger. It is shutting down when under heavy load (3dmark, some games in particular) even if neither the CPU nor the GPU temperatures are in critical ranges. I tried removing the...
  33. J

    laptop doesnt come on after power surge

    After an electric storm last night my laptop does not come on anymore. The PSU still works perfectly. I use the laptop without the battery because the battery cant hold a charge. When the battery is inserted the laptop starts but dies cause it cant hold a charge. But doesnt come on at all if the...
  34. Josef Stoove

    Would This Work??

    Hi Guys ive got a asus eee pc 1005p netbook and yes it broke due to power surge unfortunately :( but anyway this guy is going to offer me a motherboard for a asus eee pc 1001PXD for like 30 bucks and im wondering if it would work or not? can you please answer this fast guys thanks :):):)
  35. K

    Sharp LCD60LE835U dead after power surge

    I picked up the tv from a friend and he told me if I can fix it I can keep it, so I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. Apparently there was a power surge through his cable which was connected via HDMI. Now the TV is dead, no clicking or anything when you plug it in and try to turn it...
  36. B

    power surge broke my tv?

    power flickered off then right back on in my house. Turned my t.v on and there is nothing but static on the screen. Is is repairable?
  37. M

    Magnavox has a black screen & buzzes - HELP

    My old Magnavox Model# 25TSC6 0101 has a black screen & buzzes (is volume controllable). (SN: 39890674, Purchase Date: 11/13/94) I have it plugged into a surge protector, but we've had a LOT of storms this year. I've heard they can only take so many hits B-4 they no longer work. This did not...
  38. G

    Mods, please delete this thread.

    I found an answer to my question. Thank you all.
  39. R

    No picture/sound, but front buttons turn on

    I have a 47" LG LED TV (47LE5400) that seems to have suffered a power surge or something. When I press the touch sensitive buttons in the front, they all turn on, giving the impression the TV is turning on, but nothing ever come up on the screen and no sound comes out of the TV either. Any...
  40. C

    HDMI Power Surge

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction. I woke up and my verizon box was out, i tried to power it back up with no luck, i noticed a burnt smell in teh house so i started checking my other equipment. All said 2 of my verizon boxes are completly dead (one does...
  41. A

    Came out of my sony bravia lcd...i turned it on after a while and it worked fine

    guys...a month ago there was a huge power surge and smoke came out of my sony bravia lcd...i turned it on after a while and it worked fine....i was surprised as to how it could work..i asked a support guy n he told something about some power surge liquid inside it and blah blah..i honestly didnt...
  42. gman0417

    Power Surge-Laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop in which the motherboard has apparently been damaged from a power surge. There are clear burn marks on the board and the ribbon cable from the power button is also burned. My question is, shouldn't the power surge have damaged the ac adapter, before reaching the...
  43. R

    Cyrus amp forum

    Hello, my cyrus amp is glowing yellow on the led that should glw red at the stanby led and won't power up. Had a recent power surge even though I have a surge protection extension gang. Any ideas or suggestions most welcome.
  44. W

    Power Surge on Stereo

    Hey, guys. I've got a bit of a problem. I am, by trade, a computer repairman and IT Pro. Somehow this got me signed up to take a look at a stereo system that encountered a rather unfortunate lightning strike a few years back. A computer that suffered the same strike was easily repaired and...
  45. H

    What is power surge on thinkpad

    Hello, A message appeared on my thinkpad saying that I had a power surser on USB. I turned the computer of but now cannot power it up. Do you think I have lost everything on my laptop or can I rescue my files? Thanks HT
  46. A

    Power surge

    Hello, My wife and I just bought a new LCD tv and we lost power to it from a power surge....What do we need to prevent this from happening in the future?
  47. J

    Popping Sound in speakers

    I installed a Denon surround sound receiver with Boston speakers and subwoofer the other day. The receiver and subwoofer are connected to a power surge strip into a typical electrical outlet in my wall. I shut off the power surge strip last night. When I turned on the power surge strip this...
  48. Flakes

    new sound system quick question

    Hi guys, very quick question, my 5.1 system suffered a blow out yesterday due to a power surge then cut in my area, basically my old Phillips 5.1 Surround sound system is now defunct. So im looking for a recommendation Speakers isnt something i keep up-to-date with and i would like to know what...
  49. G

    Power surge

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Has anyone had any experience with a laptop that has been hit with a power surge, I have compaq 800 notebook,(20gig.. 256meg ram) yesterday there was massive lightening and thunder in our area. A something or rather hit a pole(telephone wires...
  50. G

    Mits RPTV takes a power surge - how bad can it be?

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) I have a 4 1/2 year-old Mitsubishi VS-50805 which has been great. Due to all of the small children at my house it runs all day, every day and it has never had a problem. Last night we had a storm and the power blinked on and off a couple of...