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  1. wuws

    Advice on purchasing Thinkpad e495

    After weeks of searching i am on the verge of buying the Lenovo Thinkpad e495. (639€) Here is the config and price: Since i had to compromise a lot to get there, I need some advice on the following questions: Is this good...
  2. K

    How much is my gaming laptop worth according to you?

    Hello there, Since I am no longer able to play video games with my gaming laptop, I am wondering if I am able to sell it for its parts so that I can buy (or at least allowing me to get together a budget faster) a gaming desktop pc. The laptop I have is an MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro laptop...
  3. L

    Is $175 too much for this laptop?

    I have the opportunity to buy a: HP Pavilion dv8t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC The seller wants $175, not sure if it is worth it or not as I can't find any selling information on this laptop, only replacement parts. There are variable specs, but this one has: -Display Diagonal...
  4. B

    Need help pricing Dell XPS Gen 2

    I have a question for everyone out there.. I got a Dell Inspirion XPS Gen 2 from a friend that wasn't too tech savvy and didn't have a hard drive in it and also the graphics card was fried so I had to replace that and also bought an 80 gb hard drive and replaced the motherboard. I am looking to...