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  1. S

    Best Security Software for new build

    I am going to build a new gaming pc but wanting to get some security software. It has been a while since i owned a pc and had a few questions. 1) What security do I need? i.e virus, malware etc 2) What brands should i get for each required protection? Willing to spend money, I don't want my...
  2. G

    Report Concludes Internet Privacy Tools Are Confusing

    Browser developers as well as security software makers need to make the features of privacy tools much more transparent to the average user, a study by Carnegie Mellon concluded. Report Concludes Internet Privacy Tools Are Confusing : Read more
  3. N

    Security software for Tablets

    I have purchased a tablet computer for my daughter and want to make sure she stays safe on it. Is there yet a need for security software on the honeycomb os? If so, what would be the best software to secure the tablet and how about software to keep an eye on what she's doing on the internet as...
  4. seogoat

    Best to Use???

    I currently use ESET Smart Secruity, Webroot Spysweeper, Super Antispyware, Malwarebytes, all at the same time. Do you think Sophos is better than Eset? All this 'vs x vs y' is actually driving me insane and is taking up too much time and leading me around in a circular motion. Please let me...
  5. T

    Gaming rig build; looking for Security software advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase all the parts for my gaming rig build and im wondering what i should get for Security software(AV/Internet security). I'm switching from my Macbook pro so I don't know all the options for available software or what class Microsoft Security Essentials is under ( AV...
  6. mactronix

    Best Free Security Software

    Hi guys, Its been ages since i have gone the free route with security and i am looking for some advice on the best way to do so. I have purchased a Laptop on behalf of my daughter ( I have the credit card she does not ) My wife when telling her it arrived said i would set it up for her...
  7. C

    A good Internet Security Software for 2012 ????

    My current security software "Kaspersky Internet Security 2011" runs out in 2 weeks time. I get it from my online bank at a discount price of £15 (UK pounds) for 1 year. I am wondering are there any better software packages at a good price ? or should I stick to what I have ? What do you think...
  8. M

    A free security software which does everything for me?

    Hello,i look all over, and im so confused. I need an FREE anti-virus and firewall, but all these settings seem very confusing, and the same goes for all pop-ups asking me what to do, aint there any out there what makes it own decision to keep me safe and runs super fast which uses hardly any...
  9. Z

    Best antivirus/firewall

    I'm building a pc soon with windows 7 , so I need a security software. I'm open to suggestions between free and paid. The importants things are definition updates to keep viruses out, firewall that keeps threats out, real-time scanning, and low system resource usage. The software doesn't need...
  10. exfileme

    New Worm Tries To Delete Your Security Software

    A new email-based worm is sweeping the Internet. New Worm Tries To Delete Your Security Software : Read more
  11. B

    Solved! Brand New Laptop - What security/software tools should I use?

    I've been just using Norton Anti-Virus and Ad-Aware, along with Window's disk defrag tool for the last 3-4 years with my machines. However, having just purchased a brand new laptop (PC), I would like to make sure I'm doing everything I can to optomize its performance for the longest time...
  12. G

    Personal security software removal

    I am looking software to remove personal security software tool.
  13. exfileme

    Facebook Giving Away McAfee to Protect Users

    Facebook is offering six months of McAfee security software for all users. Facebook Giving Away McAfee to Protect Users : Read more
  14. ajaxdavid

    Security for Ipod Touch

    This is my first purchase of an Ipod Touch. Does it include security software or do I need to buy it? What is recommended for this application? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. RockZet

    Windows 7 security software?

    Hello :) , soon I installed this system and then I installed successfully two security software - Mil Shield version 7.0 and Lavasoft Personal Firewall version 3.0. I tested these programs and they run without any errors. I just want to ask you, did you test some security software compatible...
  16. G

    Best Anti-Virus and Firewall for gaming?

    I was wondering what the best Anti-Virus and Firewall programs were for use with gaming? I play mostly WoW and Everquest. I use Mcafee Security Suite now. I am happy with its performance on security, but think it may hamper gaming(I could be mistaken though). Was looking for the best "free"...
  17. G

    Eight-Year-Old Operating System is More Secure Than Vista

    Security software vendor, PC Tools Software, has issued a report stating Microsoft Windows Vista is more susceptible to malware than Windows 2000, an operating system over eight-years-old. However, Windows Vista is 37 percent more secure than previous gen Eight-Year-Old Operating System is More...
  18. I

    PC-cillin Refuses To Update

    Hey all - just last night, PC-cillin 2007 started giving me an error message that reads: "An error prevented your security software from accessing the Internet. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet." This only happens when I try to update the virus pattens. PC-cillin is the only...