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  1. J

    Evesham laptop Sempron 2800+ video drivers

    Hi. So I was recently given this old Evesham laptop (the company no longer exists) and the CPU is a Sempron 2800+. I was wondering if anybody knows where to get video drivers for the CPU, if there is any. Thanks.
  2. A

    Upgrade or Replace Old Laptop?

    Hi, I have an old laptop laying around; it's 5/6 years old, has just 2GB of RAM, an AMD Sempron M100 and is very loud and gets very hot. So it's basically a throwaway system, and I've always wanted to play with Linux but I don't want to mess up my system so I thought about putting it on the old...
  3. ragnarok94

    Should I update this old vista laptop to Win 7?-Dell Inspiron 1501

    I've been working on an old laptop i got from my uncle (he gave it to me free after lending me a pair of 23" monitors i have to pay him for later). Laptop Specs: Dell Inspiron 1501 AMD Sempron 3600+ 2.0ghz OEM Hitachi 80GB HDD (bad)- Replaced with HGST 500GB HDD (after a lot of reformatting)...
  4. N

    Upon installing a new Amd Turion x2 cpu 35watt from a sempron cpu 25watt...1 ram stick?!

    Upon installing a new Amd Turion x2 cpu 35watt from a sempron cpu 25watt, the toshiba satellite l455d won't boot with an additional ram stick in the second slot (samsung 2gb). Do i toss the factory stick 2gb and purchase a 3gb instead?
  5. B

    unlock 2nd core on amd sempron 145

    Hi, Can anyone please guide me how to unlock the 2nd core in AMd sempron 145. Awaiting Thnx in advance
  6. D

    How to unlock AMD Sempron 140

    I have a AMD Sempron 140 and motherboard N68-S3 UCC ! As i read this CPU has a hidden core . I tryed to unlock from BIOS and after start up that blue screen appeared after the Windows loaded ( i have win 7 ultimate x64 ). So my question is : i can unlock the second core to have that athlon II...
  7. S

    AMD Sempron 140

    How to unlock second core amd sempron 140 with M68M-S2P gigabyte motherboard?
  8. C

    How To Unlock Amd Sempron (140)

    i have a amd sempron 140 and a Ami Bios and a Geforce 6100pm-m2 (V 3.0) mobo can you help me.
  9. mayurvashishth

    amd sempron 145 core unlock

    I wanted to ask if this mobo support c\ore release
  10. M

    Amd sempron 140 unlocking second core problem PLEase look at this

    hey guys some problem here with the unlock amd sempron 140..first i sucessfully unlock the second core but when i restart my computer it turned back to single core..but the assesment rating wasn't change..but when i look at cpu-z it tells me that its a single there something here that...
  11. S

    Can I unlock a third core of AMD Sempron?

    Hi. Newbie here. I have unlocked the second core of the AMD Sempron and it turned to the Athlon II X2 4400e Processor retaining the 2.7GHz. Everything went faster and better. Can I unlock the third one? I see in the options in the BIOS that I can unlock up to 4 or 5 more cores. Is there...
  12. P

    Running into troubles unlocking Sempron 140

    Hi guys...I'm using Sempron 140 processor. My mobo has unlocking feature but when i unlock my cpu from sempron into athlon...It didnt back to windows again after reboot, it stays asleep and no video input...can you suggest some way on how to unlock it perfectly....tnx guys
  13. A

    M4n68t-m v2 + sempron 140

    hi can anybody help... i tried to unlock my sempron 140 and can see that it changes to a dual core but when i reboot system i just get a blank screen any ideas on were i'm going wrong
  14. D

    How to unlock amd sempron 145 processor 2.80 ghz

    Hi i was wondering if you can tell me how to unlock my amd sempron 145 processor without destroying the processor because if i destroy my processor my dad s gonna kill me tnx i have my motherboard or mainboard is msi 760gm-p23 i have 2 gb of ram but i am using 1.75 thats not the problem i set...
  15. H

    OC/Core Unlocker Practice

    I'm pretty new to OCing and Core Unlocking and since i've got some money and I thought I should buy all of this, - I'll start with the Sempron, get used to everything, and i'll end of with the 3570k. With...
  16. R

    Unlocking a Sempron 145 second core

    Hello, Can I unlock the Sempron 145 Second core on an ECS IC780M-A2 motherboard (has the 770 chipset). I'm not sure if the board has the "Special ACC" or Unlock" technology. I can't seem to get past the repeating pop-up ads on the ECS website.
  17. P

    Hi everyone. I just want to ask which is better:

    Hello, How to unlock AMD Sempron 145 in Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 ..?
  18. daveluv

    Unlocking locked cores in sempron cpu

    Hello, i read about some dudes saying dey can unlock locked cores in sempron cpus can u tell me d exact procedure i hav a m2n68 am+ mb
  19. J

    AMD Sempron 140 Second Core Unlock?

    How do you unlock AMD Sempron 140 second core? My mobo is Dell 4GJJT.
  20. Dark Lord of Tech

    Unlock an AMD Sempron 145 on an hp 785G chipset?

    Is it possible for me to unlock a single core amd sempron 145 and make it 2 cores?It is an hp 785g chipset motherboard!
  21. CsG_kieran_2

    Sempron 145 unlock?

    Hey, I have searched the web for a while now but I cant find and walkthroughs on how to unlock the 145. I am getting this AM3 board that supports this option .( Thanks for the help :D
  22. L

    ? Unlock sempron and phenom II with Gigabyte

    hello, can any one tell me if any of this motherboards can unlock disabled cores? I'm trying to find 6 cores ready motherboard, that can also unlock cores. GA-790XT-USB3 GA-770T-USB3 GA-890GPA-UD3H I would like to know if any board of Asus's M4 series that is not in this list works or...
  23. G

    XP Pro and Unlocking Sempron 140

    Hello, Does anybody know if Windows XP Pro 32-bit will unlock cores and successfully work?
  24. pengwin

    Mobile Sempron vs Intel Core 2 Solo/Pentium

    Hi, so im looking at laptops and is a core 2 solo or intel pentium (@ 1.3Ghz) faster than a mobile sempron 3100+ (1.8 Ghz) obviously a core 2 Duo (1.3Ghz) is probably better at multi tasking but how does it compare to a sempron thanks