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    M18x w/ GTX 580m SLI Availability?

    Hi, Every press release on the GTX 580m says it's now available in the M18x (and in SLI configuration). However, Dell's website still only has 6970m CF and GTX 460m and 460m SLI configurations for the M18x video card. Their sales reps also have no idea when or even whether the GTX 580m SLI...
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    Sager NP7280 Dual 485M SLI, should I opt out of Additional AC Adapter?

    I'm interested in buying that model with dual 485M sli. However, I noticed that there are 2 choices, one with and one without 'Additional AC Adapter & Power Converter Box', the latter being cheaper. Do I really need the additional AC Adapter & Power Converter Box? What is it for exactly? Thanks.
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    ASUS G50vt - X5 SLI Support?

    Hi, I have an Asus G50VT-x5, I want to upgrade my video card to an 8800 GTX, 8800 GTX is sli ready, does my laptop motherboard support 2 gpus? Any advice would be appreciated.... Thanks
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    SLI/Crossfire & Single/Dual

    1) How is GTX 485M different from 485M SLI, and HD 6970 from 6970CF (other than cost of course)? 2) Why is it when looking at laptops' specs their GPU never seem to offer the SLI or CF options? 3) What is the difference (in terms of performance for a laptop etc.) in having a single GPU...
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    Nvidia gtx 480 sli or ati 5870 xfire (mobile gpu)

    Well i have 2 laptops choices to buy with almost the same price and specs but differs in video cards, one is with nvidia gtx 480 sli and the other one ati 5870 in crossfire. I have seen reviews that gtx 480 sli performs better but has high temps compared to ati, and they said the difference is...
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    Hello, how do i ulock the fid/vid option in the bios of an asus an8 32 sli deluxe
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    9800M GTX SLI Relating to High CPU usage?

    Hello, I have currently having problems with a high CPU usage during anything that has high graphic intensity on my laptop. The current specs for the CPU, Graphics cards and RAM are as follows: NIVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX SLI (x2) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9500 @ 2.60 GHz (x2) 4GB, DDR2, 667MHz...
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    Are there any SLI laptops I can find for under $1000?

    I am looking for a new laptop, I have had a Gateway FX for the last 2 years and its time for a nice upgrade. I cant spend more than $1000, just not in my budget... But I would like a rig with SLI... I don't care about the weight or battery life, I just want to be a kick ass system... Help please.
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    Mobility hd 5870 or gtx 280m sli

    hi guys,i'm buying a laptop for gaming and in my price range there are 2 gpus that the laptops i'm considering have. so which one should i choose? is directx11 so important? and can i play dx11 titles on high-very high settings with hd5870?
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    Satellite x205-sli5 bios update

    Hi :) I've been looking for a BIOS-update for my Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi 5, but the newest one i found is from june 2008 i think. Does anyone know if there's any newer BIOS-updates for my lovely computer?
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    What would be the equivalent of the SLI 230m gt card?

    Hi, i just checked the notebookcheck page but this SLI combination isn´t there, so i´d like to know its equivalent, is it more powerful then a single 250m gts for example? thanks!
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    M2n-e sli windows 7 drivers

    i have an Asus M2N-E SLi, with an AMD athlon 6000 AM2 dual core, 4Gb of ram an 8600GT XFX graphics card and a Creative XFi Gamer soundcard all my hardware apart from my soundcard works, i cant seem to find nforce4 drivers for windows 7 to see if my mobo drivers are the problem, or if anything...
  13. Maziar

    Anandtech reviews XPS M1730 with 8800GTX in SLI!

    A wonderful review:
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    Hybrid SLI To Promote Motherboard/graphics Card Bundling In New Nvidia Additive

    Nvidia recently informed its hardware partners of its "Additive Brand" strategy, a new marketing move which takes advantage of the company’s recently announced Hybrid SLI technology to help increase the rate of motherboard and graphics card bundling by Hybrid SLI To Promote Motherboard/graphics...
  15. Maziar

    First 8800m GTX SLI available for pre order!
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    where to get hold of extreme laptop X7800 process and Dual SLI DX10 GF

    Hi folks, I'm having a hard time finding a gaming laptop. I'm happy to pay top whack and want a laptop with a X7800 mobile processor, dual sli graphics DX10, 2-4gb of ram and 300+GB of storage. 19"+ screen preferred, 17" acceptable. Any ideas where to go? No one seems to be using the new...
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    GGo 8700 vs 7950gts in SLI mode

    Hi Guys, I'm ready to buy a new burning lappy. Anybody has any ideas on what's better deal? 8700 or 7950gtx in SLI? I'd probably not gonna use Vista a lot for now, but might switch to it later when it's better patched.
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    Alienware's Aurora m9700 SLI Notebook Rocks

    Alienware is known for cool and powerful graphics notebooks. The fast and great looking Aurora m9700 does nothing to harm the company's reputation.
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    Nforce4 SLI raid

    I was curious if anyone else was experiencing problems with the latest revision of drivers on the Nforce4 platform, I keep getting a error about the "nvraid monitor" , but after the message I can launch the app. Thanks!