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  1. Steven Mal

    How effective is undervolting?

    How effective is undervolting? I'm considering getting 980M SLI instead of only one 980M in my new laptop but I'm worried about the heat that they will produce. Should I bother undervolting or try a different method to keep my laptop cool? I've never tried undervolting before so I'm wondering if...
  2. N

    Searching for a monster laptop

    I want to buy a laptop as powerful as possible, at 15-18 inches, and as upgradeable as possible too. I have seen some models that support desktop CPUs (most from Clevo/Eurocom) and some that support MXM SLI GPUs. But not a one that supports them both. Is there any laptop like this out there...
  3. S

    650m Sli, 750m or 840m

    I was looking at gaming laptops in my budget and the only ones that i could find were the 650m sli, 750m and 840m. All of the cpus were decent i7's but I need to know what one out of all of these are the best and if it is good enough to run modern games on medium settings. (They all have 8gb ram...
  4. B

    how good is 980m sli

    Hey guys. Considering that I can't wait for Pascal microarchitecture, I'm gonna go for GT80 titan with 980m sli. How long do you guys think it would last me maxing out most games to high/ultra? (I can downscale from 1080p to 720p for that)
  5. Steven Mal

    Is the performace boost for two 980M in SLI in a laptop worth the extra heat and money?

    I'm trying to figure out whether I should get a new gaming laptop with one GTX 980M or two GTX 980M in SLI. I know that SLI uses more power, generates more heat and costs more so is the performance boost worth the extra heat and money for a gaming laptop? Would I have to get a laptop cooler...
  6. L

    Shut off SLI graphics card in laptop (Aorus X7 Pro)

    Hi, I have an Aorus X7 Pro laptop with dual gtx970m graphics card in it which are in SLI. I want to actually shut off both cards and use onboard graphics instead to save power. I am aware that SLI graphics is not compatible with Optimus but is there any other option? It defiantly doesn't have to...
  7. B

    go for 980m sli or wait for 10xxm?

    Guys, I'm interested in buying a gaming rig (a laptop for portability) I'm leaning towards a 980m sli preferably sager np9377s. It might be almost an year till which I wait for to buy maybe more so my question is should I stay stuck to 980m sli or wait for 2 years until nvidia comes up with...
  8. Z

    PC to A/V Receiver Help

    Hello, I'm looking into upgrading my PC sound system and could use some input on what I have planned. Currently I'm using an old 4.1 set of Altec Lansing 641s, and my current PC specs are: Maximus VI hero(speakers connected via rear panel front/rear[green/black] 3.5mm jacks) GTX 780SLI...
  9. T

    Can my laptop run gta 5?

    I have a MSI GT80 2QE Titan SLI. I just want to know because all my friends are getting it for pc when it comes out. Can it run it?
  10. Atiff Chaker

    NVIDIA Geforce GTX-860M VS GTX 660 SLI

    Hi, I'm about to buy Lenovo Idea-pad Y50 Notebook which has GTX 860M , I heard it's a fine card however I'm running 2x gtx 660 SLI in my desktop computer . Will i notice a huge difference in games ? Of course i expect a nice drop in Fps in some games , but what about games like GW2 - Archeage...
  11. L

    Can I upgrade a Sager NP9377-S from a single GTX 980m to duel SLI GTX 980ms?

    I am planning on getting a Sager NP9377-S but only with a single 980m because I do not have the budget for SLI. But after a while the prices for another 980m will go down so am I able to upgrade my laptop to a SLI beast? And if so, where do I get the second GPU that will fit the laptop? Also...
  12. N

    Buying new gaming laptop...

    I was wanting some advice as far as what you guys would recommend. I'm getting ready to purchase a gaming laptop, primarily to replace my ageing desktop computer. I was really leaning towards something with SLI, and looking for the 2,000-2,600 price range. I've been eyeing the MSI GT80...
  13. L

    Which is better for Starcraft 2 HOTS Max Settings? Desktop CPU in laptop vs 2 980m SLI in laptop?

    The two laptops that fit the title are the Sager NP9772-S with an Intel i7-4790K and a MSI GT80 TITAN with Nvidia GTX 980m SLI. The sager is like $1000 cheaper than the MSI laptop and I personally only have the budget for the sager but if you guys recommend me for the MSI then I will save up for...
  14. P

    I want a gaming laptop that will last 4 or 5 years and run most games on ultra even upcoming games?

    Can these laptops run games on ultra and which one better and worth it to last for long time? MSI GT80 TITAN SLI-001 OR MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO Specification of both laptops: I)MSI GT80 TITAN SLI-001 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz to 3.6GHz w/ Turbo Boost Intel® HM87 6MB Cache GPU...
  15. L

    970m vs 980m vs 970m sli vs 980m sli

    Which laptop gpu configuration is best to run starcraft 2 on ultra settings at over 100fps? And how much dedicated ram is enough? thanks
  16. L

    laptop with nvidia gtx 980m sli vs single 980m which should i get?

    I am a minecraft and Starcraft 2 HOTS player, and I currently have an Alienware 14 with a nvidia gt 750m. I would like to run those games at the highest quality, but it is slow and the lowest quality is below 30 fps. I am looking forward to these brand laptops that have either 980m sli or just...
  17. B

    MSI GT60 Laptop, SLI?

    Hi! With the new line of mobile graphics card on the market, I was wondering if it's possible to add a second card to my laptop? Was hoping to add the 970m or 980m. I current have an MSI GT60 Dominator. (I7, GTX 870m, 16gb ram, 2tb) Thanks!
  18. D

    lenovo ideapad y510p

    I bought a lenovo ideapad y510p (stupidly without sli), and I would like to put a external GPU on it. Will this work, if so how could I do it. I know that I can use something like this I just don't know if my pc can handle it, ect .
  19. J

    GTX980m or GTX970 sli

    I want a laptop from xotipc so should i get a GTX980m or GTX 970sli.
  20. S

    A though question: GPU and graphic design!

    I've been reading here for a while, and you guys already helped me a lot without even knowing! SO THANKS! Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and a Video Editor, and I'm going to buy a new laptop this week. YES. I know that the best thing for me is a desktop. But my life is too mobile and it has to...
  21. T

    Newer nvidia driver causes laptop to run hot whereas older one keeps it cool? GT 750m SLI

    I have two GT 750m in SLI. Alright I was unsure where to put this as there wasn't a dedicated nvidia software section or if there was I must be blind and could a mod put it into the right section. Basically the graphics driver that came with my laptop (Lenovo Y510p) was 331.58 and this works...
  22. K

    i7 3630qm w/ GT 650m SLI vs i5 4200h GTX 850m?

    I'm getting a gaming laptop, I was wondering if I should get a: Lenovo Y500: i7 3630qm Gt 650m Sli or the dell Inspiron 14 7447: i5 4200h gtx 850m. I know that the...
  23. A

    Want to PC game at 4k, with true 5.1 through a receiver. Why won't it just work!?

    Save me Community! Goal: To be able to play my games in 3840 x 2160 at 60hz, while also having true 5.1 from my home theater setup. Specs: Chip: i7 4770k @ 3.5ghz OC'd to 4.5ghz Ram: 32Gb Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Formula GPU's: 2x Evga GTX 980, 4GB VRAM, in SLI w/ both core clocks...
  24. T

    Fire Strike 2013 flickering smoke

    Hi, dont know if this is the exact place to post this but this seems to be the closest. in Fire Strike 2013 i notice once i go past certain points in overclocking smoke begins to flicker, like its only being rendered by one of my cards in SLI. is this a SLI bug or is it a visual artifact caused...
  25. D

    SLI Dual Graphics cards

    So I need help in Choosing a laptop for gaming (4+ hours at a time). I have 2 in mind- Alienware 18" i7-4710MQ Dual Nvidia GTX-860M 2Gb GDDR5 SLI enabled. 1TB 5400 RPM + 80G mSATA spring, 16GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz...
  26. B

    Laptop BSOD after enabling SLI and turning on after playing a game!

    My set up: Dell XPS M1730 4GB Ram Intel dual core processor T9000 at 2.4ghz 2.4ghz Two Nividea 8700M GT's Starting noticing this a while ago but the SLI is really good so now I am looking for help. My SLI use to work. What happens now is, after enabling SLI I am able to do the initial restart...
  27. Superjonbon

    Nvidia Inspector question

    Hello I just had a quick question about "Nvidia Inspector" ( I having some problems with my sli gtx 780ti set up with some games not working including: "The Witcher"...
  28. C

    Code 43 after driver update

    I have a Sager NP9370. GTX 680m SLI Windows 8.1 pro Currently running driver 335.23 This is what driver the laptop came with in Nov 2012. I have not updated it because every time I do get a code 43 on the 2nd card and lose the Nvidia control panel and SLI. I decided it's time I need to get...
  29. B

    Which laptop would be better?

    1. i7-3630QM & 2gb gddr5 gt 650m or 2. i5-4200M & GT 750M SLI Thanks in advance.
  30. cm0scm0s

    Minimum mobile CPU for GTX 980SLI

    Hey guys i was wondering what the absolute minimum cpu was you could combine with a GTX 980m in SLI mode and NEVER get a bottleneck, not now and not in a year or 2 with Farcry 4 and what not running in 1080p, I have tried to research the subject, but little is to be found about the 980m SLI and...
  31. cm0scm0s

    Will i7 4710MQ Bottleneck 970m SLI or 980m

    Hey guys im going to buy a gaming laptop, Max resolution 1080p , Ultra settings, Always V-Sync and max anti-alias. I will also emulate dolphin( not max) . So i want to buy the (on a budget so im just getting 2x4gb ram and no hdd) (also selling my 560ti + i5 2550k) desktop to aford it, but if...
  32. L

    Custom laptop build assistance needed for 4960X w/ Dual 980M SLI & M.2 pcie ssd

    There are 2 things I am looking for in a laptop I am having trouble find a custom build laptop with a 4960X cpu & Dual 980M SLI gpu's I can find laptop with a 4960X cpu & Dual 880m SLI gpu's but not Dual 980M SLI gpu's Also; I can find Dual 980M SLI gpu's but the best cpu I seem to be able to...
  33. T

    lenovo y510p or pay couple hundred more for y50

    I purchased a lenovo y510p for $719. But I initially intended to purchase the y50. But now I did some research on the y510p and its not bad. I have the 750m sli and was wondering if it is worth returning this for a y50. The y510 i5 is around $1050 or $1100.
  34. T

    Don't know what to choose

    hey guys, I don't know which one is better. Asus N550JK-CN065H: Core i7 4700HQ 8GB 1920x1080 GTX850M 2GB/4GB 15.6'' Lenovo Y510p Laptop: Core i7 4700QM 16GB 1920x1080 GT 750M SLI 15.6'' 1TB HDD + 24GB SSD...
  35. M

    Exchanging Y510p 750m for 755m

    I have the Y510p non-sli 750m(single) laptop with the Optical drive in the ultrabay. I just wanted to know from where and how if possible I could exchange mine for free or very low cost ?! :D And I'm from India. Still under warranty.
  36. Samsamproducts

    What is its value? Alienware M18x

    I am looking to sell my lightly used alienware M18x laptop. It has the original box and packaging. It has an I7 3940xm CPU, SLI gtx 680m's, 16gb ddr3 1600 memory, 750 gb hdd + 250gb ssd, IC Diamond Advanced Thermal Compound applied on CPU + GPU, Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 2x2 With...
  37. F

    How is the Lenovo y50 for gaming?

    Hello, I recently had a y510p with the sli feature but had to send it back because it overheated. Currently i'm looking at the y50 and it looks interesting to me. I am thinking about getting the y50, i7, NVIDIA GTX 860m (4 gigs), and 8 gigs of RAM. Will this laptop outperform the y510p which...
  38. H

    Should I buy this laptop?

    I'm looking for a laptop mainly for gaming. I found this on craigslist: Now my birthday is in September, and I have the money now for the laptop on craigslist. Should I get the one on craigslist now or wait until my birthday and get the...
  39. A

    Gigabyte Z97x-SLI SpeedFan

    Can anyone tell me why only my gpu fans are showing up in speedfan? I have another 4 fans plugged into my motherboard, none of which seem to be showing up. I have some fan control options in the bios so it's not like the mobo can't control them. I'm using SpeedFan 4.49 by the way.
  40. L

    lenovo y510p sli gaming

    hi i have been loooking for a gaming laptop for a long time now and i decided on the lenovo y510p with the sli and i was wonder what kind of fps i would get in watchdogs bf4 arma3 on high and ultra settings and if i can game with...
  41. S

    Budget Gaming Laptop (Lenovo vs. HP?) Help?

    TL;DR below! I've always had laptops that ran latest games at low to med level at low frame rates and I've always wanted a gaming laptop, and now i'm given the chance to have one but at a budget (max $1400~). I've been reading reviews and commentaries and making excel charts on my own as if it...
  42. Thiva

    PSU Requirement for Gtx 770 3way sli...

    1100 watts is enough for gtx 770 tri sli.. pc..spec. i5 4670k @4.6Ghz AsRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Seagate 1TB HHD 8gb single ram..1866Mhz 1 CD burner 4 120mm fans...
  43. C

    Is the Lenovo Y510P SLI technology really bad?

    So I've been looking for an affordable gaming laptop, and I would like to spend the least amount of money possible, and the Lenovo Y510P looks just right for me. I am looking at the i7 version on Newegg ( but if I could get the one...
  44. N

    is it possible to add second graphics card to y510 p non sli?

    I have been getting mixed responses from lenovo customer service chat so i am posting my question here. I bought this laptop recently. It comes with a single graphics card. I heard this model has ultrabay and you can add another graphics card. My question is is it true that you can add a second...
  45. F

    What is wrong with my Laptop?? How can I Fix Overheating Issue

    Hello, I have a Lenovo y510p sli laptop for 3 weeks now, and from monitoring my cpu and graphics card temperatures via HWMonitor, Cpu reaches a max of 90 degrees celcius and Graphics card reaches 96 degrees max IN ONLY A FEW MINUTES when I am playing certain games. Games such as Bioshock...
  46. Johnonpcin1080p

    Alienware 18 perform on games

    Tell me the alienware 18(i7 4940MX,GTX880M SLI) performance (on games)
  47. J

    Gtx 755m sli vs gtx 860m

    Iwant a gaming laptop in about 900& to 1000& gaming laptop and found lenovo y510p dual sli i7 for 970$ on amazon and found other manufactures like asus and msi using gtx 860m and the specs and the price was the same. Which is faster and has more fps?
  48. A

    Lenovo y510p sli?

    I want the laptop but I want it to have two GT 755s. It doesn't say SLI but it says 4gb and it also doesn't have a DVD drive so i assume that the second 755 is in the ultrabay.Need to know for sure because i dont want to spend so much money and then regret it later...
  49. bestmak

    Gaming Laptop Hierarchy Chart?

    Hey Tom's Hardware, Is there a gaming laptop hierarchy chart somewhere out there for laptop: price, gaming performance, bang for buck e.t.c...? Please leave a link/picture of one for laptops in 2014 as a lot of new laptops/features have been released. Any other laptop related feature hierarchy...
  50. S

    Any gtx 880m sli laptops?

    Title ^^, thanks in advance, would like a link please :) budget $2750 but you can post ones that are over.
  51. S

    GTX 870M SLI vs GTX 880M SLI worth it?

    TItle, basically, is the $550 extra for dual 880m instead of dual 870m worth it? Thanks in advance (p.s. resolution is 1080p)
  52. S

    GTX 870M SLI vs GTX 880M

    Title, thanks in advance :)
  53. A

    Clevo W650SJ as a gaming laptop?

    This laptop around $900 seems really good, I don't want any SLI with its common overheating problems, so the lenovo y510p wasn't for me. I was just wondering if there is any other better gaming laptop around that price that's good without SLI? gave it nice reviews but said the...
  54. T

    y510p 750 sli

    i have bought the 750m signal laptop and want to know if i can put another 750m in the ultrabay i have heard a lot of people having problems with it when buying the non sli version for 1,100??
  55. fun4678

    Nvidia SLI question.

    Hi I have the AsRock extreme3 970 motherboard and I currently have a PNY Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 1gb edition. I was wondering if I could SLI 2 GTX 650's? And if I could do I have to use PNY with PNY? Or could I use say PNY with a Gigabyte GTX 650? All help is much appreciated! Thanks, Jon
  56. S

    [Y410P][Please Help ASAP] 750M SLI + Screen Upgrade?

    I haven't been able to get an answer for two of my questions: 1. Am I able to, in any way, upgrade my horrible 1366x786 resolution to that of a higher one? I've tried this already with a screen I ordered off of and the display was all messed up after installation (lines, off...
  57. S

    Nvidia GT 755m SLI, or GTX 860m?

    So I plan to buy a new laptop and am looking at the lenovo y510p 755m sli configuration, or the lenovo y50 with gtx 860m configuration. I plan to be playing games like BF4, Day Z, TitanFall, Skyrim, and possibly call of duty. Which of these graphics cards and laptops do you believe is better...
  58. C

    765m vs 755m SLI

    Would you guys get a 765m or a 755m SLI?
  59. O

    Shall I buy gtx 880m sli for battlefield 4 ultra & %200 resolution scale? Please help

    Hi, I am looking forward to buy an Alienware 18 with the following specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 4810mq RAM: 16 GB 1600 MHz GPU: 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 880m SLI (2 x 8 gb) I will spend $3500 on this laptop and of course I want to be able to play every game on highest settings possible with minimum...
  60. K

    New Lenovo y510p powers off/crashes when gaming; SLI/AA the blame??

    Well, I just got this laptop less than a week ago. The main things I've done with it since has been to update the GeForce drivers, install steam/origin, install office, and install some other programs on here that I use regularly on my desktop. I've noticed that in some games, the laptop just...