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  1. F

    Lenovo ideapad Y510p

    Hey guys ^_^ , i'm confused between lenovo y510p SLI and lenovo y510p with a single graphic card!!! ...i have a two questions about them .. - How can i run a dvd disc on the laptop if there is no dvd drive comes with it ?? (if i bought the one with SLI) - Can i play games such as...
  2. Adviceasker

    Lenovo y510p SLI vs. custom Desktop

    So I was wondering which was better and by how much. The Lenovo y510p SLI Or a custom built desktop coming from pc partpicker (either this one or this one Also...
  3. A

    Confused b/w Lenovo Y510p (755m SLI) or MSI GT 60 Dominator-424(gtx 870m)

    So for pure gaming performance which one will be better? If msi then i will upgrade it to 16gb ram and a 128gb mSATA SSD..
  4. RBOShadow

    Laptop Gaming and Foto/video editing and Q

    Wich is best? Acer 17.3'' Aspire V3-772G-747a161TMamm, FHD, Procesor Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ 2.2GHz Haswell, 16GB, 1TB, GeForce GTX 760M 2GB, Linux, Gold or Lenovo 15.6'' IdeaPad Y510p, FHD, Procesor Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz Haswell, 8GB, 1TB + 8GB SSH, SLI GeForce GT 750M 2GB, Black ? And...
  5. Silver5827

    Lenovo y510p - Which model should I buy?

    Hi, I am currently facing a laptop-choosing conundrum. It's between this model:, and Specs of the first one (Referred to as Model A) $899 -6 gigs RAM -SLI 755m 2gigs...
  6. J

    Lenovo Y510 (GT750m SLI) needed drivers

    Hello everyone! I just bought a Lenovo Y510P GT750M SLI version. I know that the SLI depends a lot on drivers to give full performance on most games. I haven't yet tried demanding games (only WOW, diablo 3 and Dota 2, which run smoothly on ultra) but what are the necessary drivers to update...
  7. R

    Lenovo Y510P - GT750M SLI Problem

    Hi I have a lenovo Y510P with Win8 - Dual GT750M - Driver 334.67 Beta (the stable version 332.21 behave the same) 16GB Ram. I have serious troubles when running a game with SLI enabled in high settings - It presents stuttering and Graphic Glitches with lots of random fragments, constantly...
  8. 7

    arma 3 on y510p

    What is better for arma 3 - i7-4700MQ turboboost 3,4 GHz / gtx 755 SLI or - i7-4800MQ turboboost 3,7 / gtx 750 SLI ? can I run it on ultra with i7-4700MQ ?
  9. T

    Just baught Lenovo Y510p i7 SLI GT750M

    Maybe my expectations were a little higher but I thought this laptop could run BF4 on high settings with 50-60 fps? Geforce panel says the SLI is turned on and both GT 750M have the most up-to-date drivers installed. Yet, when I go to the GeForce experience to optimize BF4, BF3 it sets BF4 at...
  10. J

    Is a LEnovo IdeaPad y500 a good choice? Thank you

    Hey guys! I'm going to buy a new laptop soon, and I'm now looking for a good one! This laptop isn't available right now in the market in which I'll get it, but it'll be available in some days or weeks, perhaps (it says temporary unavailable!)... I'm going to use the laptop for gaming. *Will...
  11. L

    How will an i7-4700MQ with 755M in SLI perform?

    Looking at a Lenovo laptop with an i7, two 755Ms and 8GB RAM. Oh, on demanding titles.
  12. 7

    gtx 750m sli better than gtx 755m none sli ?

    Is a GTX 750m SLI better that a GTX 755m none SLI ?
  13. P

    lenovo y510p start up problem.. help please !

    My lenovo y510p is just 2 months old. When I switch on my lenovo y510p , lenovo logo appears for a very less time ( less dan a sec) followed by a black screen for about 10 seconds . Then a screen showing " please wait " appears followed again by black screen. Now after few seconds when I...
  14. J

    Can an i5 4200m paired with GT 750M SLI run BF4 multiplayer?

    Is the dual core in i5 4200m good enough to; a) Handle GT 750M SLI without bottlenecking, b)Run BF4 multiplayer and Crysis 3
  15. C

    help me to choose between 2 "gaming" laptops Lenovo Y510P Asus N56JR-S4077H The site is finnish but it shouldnt be an issue.
  16. C

    How can I tell if SLI on my lenovo is working?

    I have the lenovo y510p with gt750m SLI, when i play games only the left vent is blowing air, the right isnt. But when I go to nvidia settings, Its saying sli is detected and not disabled.
  17. S

    how to SLI an alienware (Dual GTX 780m)

    Hi i was wondoering if any1 knows how to SLI an alienware with 2 GTX 780Ms. I have both installed latest drives and i made sure the SLI ribbon was securely fit on. I believe i have to go in the bios and enable it and then do something in the control panel but i dont know how to. Every time i...
  18. V

    y510p SLI or FORCE 16F3 (675MX)?

    I am having a hard time deciding between y510p with the 750 SLI or FORCE 16F3 with the 675mx. I tried looking for some head...
  19. S

    Ideapad Y510P replace graphic cards

    I recently purchased a lenovo ideapad y510p with sli graphic cards : gefore gt755m, now i was wondering if there is a videocard which is better and is able to replace these two ( i read that u had to mind the cooling and size of the videocard), note: single or sli/crossfire replacement both...
  20. W

    Which Laptop would be more bang for my buck?

    Im choosing between this ASUS and this Leveno I want to know which one will get better performance. Graphics wise and General...
  21. Q

    Lenovo Y510P Single GPU

    Will the y510p single GPU no SLI, be able to run games on MAX settings? - Skyrim - Dota 2 - BF 3, 4. - GTA - Guild Wars 2 ETC. I'm looking at the 59370005 and comparing with 59370007 models. Anyone want to put their two cents in? Thanks...
  22. H

    Looking For Gaming Laptop - 2000$ AUD - 780M With Possibility for SLI

    Hey all, I'm looking for a Gaming laptop for about 2000$ AUD. One that comes with GTX 780M and with the option to one day add another 780M (or something else by that time). I've been thinking about buying a PC and been browsing these forum, here is something that I've made from a previous...
  23. D

    Can I run BF4 okay on Low-Medium?

    So, my laptop has GT 650M SLI(Overclocked to match the GT 750M SLI), An I5-3230M, 6GB of RAM, Windows 8.1. Can I run BF4 at 45-60 FPS on Low-Medium @ 1920x1080?
  24. R

    Lenovo y510p GT750m SLI not working in some cracked games?

    My friend has Lenovo Y500 with GT650m SLI and he experienced lot of troubles running cracked games from torrent with both GPUs. For example Max Payne 3 or Batman not working at all, just single GPU. Dota 2 is running SLI only in windowed mode. Is that the same case with GT750m SLI on Lenovo...
  25. R

    Best gaming laptop

    So I've been looking at getting a gaming laptop. I want one with a ton of power willing to go around $3800 and I want it to be sli/crossfire. But here's the kicker I would like it to be good to carry from class to class in collage. I've looked at the Alienware 18 but I heard its weight makes it...
  26. kookie3010

    Laptop SLI question

    Hello all.i just bought the new alien ware 17.currently it only have the gtx 765m which could run most games at very high setting at native resolution it possible to get and SLI 765m on this new model of m17?or shoudl i just go for a single card setup.thanks.
  27. C

    Laptop with 780m SLI or 680M SLI

    Does anybody know of a laptop which contains the geforce 780m SLI or the geforce 680M SLI, which are currently #1 AND #2 in the mobile graphhics benchmarks?
  28. A

    looking for a gaming laptop, got a few questions:

    hey there! here are my questions: y400- does it come with 650m sli? what is the 650m sli desktop equivalent? what is the desktop equivalent to a single gt 750m? will the y400/y410p have a dual gt 750m one day? y510p- what can you do about the battery life? is there an option to buy an external...
  29. D

    Gt 650m SLI or GTX 660m

    going to get new laptop which would be better for games the lenovo y500 has a bigger resolution (1920x1080) but SLI GT 650s where as the ASUS G46 has a GTX 660 with samller resolution (1600x900)
  30. Tettryn

    Lenovo Y510P SLI Version?

    My bro's looking at buying an Lenovo Y510P but we can't figure out how or where you get the second gpu for it. I have read that you currently have to buy it with the laptop.. We were looking at the laptop on currys, but it doesn't clarify whether or not it comes with the second card. Was...
  31. A

    is the y510p on microcenter sli?

    i know it's a really dumb question, but it's the cheapest one i found:;_Intel_Core_i7-4700MQ_Processor_24GHz;_Microsoft_Windows_8;_8GB_DDR3-1600_RAM;_1TB_5,400RPM_Hard_Drive it says on the overview "dual...
  32. B

    Gaming with USB 3.0 Dock/Port Replicator

    So I have a new Lenovo Y500 with the SLI 750m setup. I have been running it as a desktop setup with all the ports being utilized and using a 30” Samsung 1080p TV as the monitor. It works great but I am getting tired of fishing cables around when reconnecting my laptop after I unplug it. Not...
  33. D

    What desktop GPU does this equal?

    I was wondering what my GT 750m SLI overclocked to 1100Mhz equals in terms of desktop GPUs. It doesn't matter if you compare it to a Nvidia card or AMD card.
  34. King Hackintosh

    Looking for light yet powerful laptop

    Hello I am looking for a laptop capable of heavy multitasking and moderate video editing. I was going to purchase the Lenovo Y510P with dual 750Ms and 16gb of RAM (i7-4702mq version), when I realized it weighed far too much for carrying around all day :( Does anyone have any recommendations...
  35. F

    Lenovo Y500 GT 750M SLI - Disable SLI on Battery?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to disable the SLI on my laptop automatically, by means of some program or BIOS setting. I would just like to see if this is possible, without creating too much of a hassle, just so I can get a bit more out of my battery life. Also, on another note, is it...
  36. S

    Questions about Lenovo y500 GT750M SLI

    I just sold my PC and am currently looking to buy a laptop. I've been hearing good things about the Lenovo brand particularly the y500 line. I wanted to ask a couple questions and hopefully have them answered so I can hurry on with my purchase (as I am currently without a PC). I was thinking...
  37. P

    Was the Lenovo y510p a good choice?

    So yesterday I ordered a Lenovo y510p for $1121 including tax. Specs: 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB) NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GDDR5 2GB 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz 1TB 5400 RPM+24GB SSD Anti-glare screen So first I'm wondering if I got the most I could...
  38. A

    Choice between i7-4770(mobile) GTX 765m and i7-3630MQ 650m SLI

    Choice between These two Laps Lenovo with i7-3630QM 650m SLI Custom German Brand One i7-47000 gtx 765m other specs are relatively the same and price is also, i am looking for mid level gaming, good media usage, 3d processing, matlab,coding and heavy multitasking
  39. S

    Lenovo Y510p vs. MSI GE70 2OE-017US / Nvidia GT 750M SLI vs. GTX 765M

    So the 4th generation of Intel CPU and Nvidia card just released. It's time to select the next great laptop. Here are the two Gaming/Performance laptop I found that have respectable specs and doesn't kill your back(both under 6 lbs). Which would you pick? (Or any other suggestions) Lenovo...
  40. A

    lenovo y500 750m sli worth 1400$?

    So is the y500 with the 750m SLI worth the 1400$ price tag or are there better options for the price? if you would help me out it would be great :D Edit should i just buy the sli 650m instead of the 750m sli is it that much of a difference compared?
  41. J

    Need advice on gaming laptop

    I would like to know what do you recomend Valkyrie from ibuypower the lenovo y500 750m sli...
  42. A

    lenevo y500 help

    well i'm looking at buying a lenevo y500 and i have the choice of the lenevo y500 650m sli for 1k or the y500 750m sli for 1.1k right now (it's on sale) do you think it's worth the extra 100$?
  43. R

    better than the Y500 dual 750m sli?

    Hello tom's hardware folks, first time poster here but constant reader, i dont know why i even google anymore since everything i ask it brings me here. my problem is, whenever i buy something, be it a piece for my desktop or a laptop or w/e, i always find a cool one and buy it straight away, a...
  44. ibshortkid94

    Gt 650m sli vs gt 750m

    My friend and I are both geting new laptops. My friend is buying the Lenovo Y500 with 2 gt650m's in sli. I am buying the same type of laptop but with a single gt750m. How much of a difference will there be performance wise? Also, once I buy a second gt750m for the ultrabay,how much extra...
  45. F

    Lenovo y500(gt750m-sli) vs Sager NP9150 (gtx675mx)

    I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop and I have narrowed it down to these two laptops. Any insight on which would be better and why will be much apreaciated. :) Model: Lenovo Y500 Processor 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor( 2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB) graphics Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT750M...
  46. S

    GT 750m SLI Vs GT 650m SLI

    is the 750m SLI much better than the 650m SLI? i was planning on buying a y500 SLI this summer off newegg for 1k$ but recently Lenovo released the 750m SLI on their site for 1.149K$ so im wondering is the 750m worth the 150 extra dollars or is newegg/amazon going to start carrying the 750m SLIs...
  47. S

    Y500 SLI 650m vs 750m

    I'm planning on buying a y500 in June and I'm wondering if i should just get the 650m sli or buy the single gt750m and then wait for Lenovo to release the 750m ultra-bay. is the 750m that much better than 650m? i read it uses the same kepler architecture. i want to play most games at medium...
  48. Z

    Y500 SLI worth it?

    Seems like it, outperforming a 670mx. However I hear tell of micro stuttering. I have imagine this would put a damper on gaming, fps drops here and there. Wondering if anyone who has experienced it would say its not a big noticeable problem, or would getting a 660m be better with the lesser...
  49. U

    Sli or raid 0

    Here is the system in SLI mode: Here is the system in Raid 0 mode...
  50. U

    Lenovo Y500 650m Sli

    My current laptop has intel hd 3000 which is pretty terrible. So I was originally going to build a computer. But since I've been in college I've been going around to peoples rooms playing LoL/GW2, WoW, whatever, and it's fun. Sadly gaming laptops are too expensive for the little performance they...
  51. D

    Lenovo Y580 SLI question

    I'm looking at the Lenovo Y580 that is linked below. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is the Y series that has the spare bay that I could hook up another graphics card SLI fashion? I'm not as up to date on things as I should be, but I would like the option later of adding in the second...
  52. E

    What's the best SLI or Crossfire laptop for gaming?

    Doesn't have to come already SLI or Crossfire, just wondering which laptops are the best for SLI or Crossfire.
  53. mclovits

    Asus G75/G74 SLI?

    Would either of these laptops: and Support Sli? Thanks
  54. razorasadsid

    MSI Gt70 Question

    I want to know if I could open up the MSI Gt70 and stick another 675m in there for SLI, or if thats not an option could I later on in like replace the 675m with a newer GPU?
  55. P

    SLI 7970m 120Hz display

    I am looking for a large desktop replacement with SLI 7970m or 680m in a few months in addition to a 120Hz display. Is the only option the delayed Clevo P270wm / Sager NP9270? I know AW have higher than 60Hz on the 17" but there is no option for two video cards. Am I missing any other...
  56. R

    580m vs 580m sli

    Recently I bought a pretty good gaming notebook which I am very happy with. I've done done some research on cards and such and for future purchases. Is it feasible getting 580m sli? When I game on my notebook I want to get playable frames at highest settings with no problems but for the price to...
  57. H

    3d laptop - 17+ inch, sli nvidia 560's

    Hello, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a laptop that has: a 17 or 17+ inch 3d display; SLI nvidia 560's. Every SLI configuration seems to only have regular display options, and every 3d laptop seems to have only single-card configurations. I'm hoping to do it for under $3000, but I'm...
  58. T

    Sandy Bridge and SLI

    does anyone know of a vendor other than alienware (dell) that offers a sandy bridge platform with SLI ? tried eurocom, exotic, sager malibal ect Looking for 2820qm or 2920xm 2 x 580 gtxm's 250 gb ssd in raid alienware offer similar but price for 2920 and ssd puts build over 7k in australia
  59. b-dub92

    Is It Possible To Update single gfx Card to Sli On a laptop?

    I recently bought the Asus G53SW-XN1 from newegg. I was wondering would it be possible to update the graphics card from a single to a dual sli? Would I be able to do this without mobo problems or, overheating or psu size?