Laptop BSOD after enabling SLI and turning on after playing a game!


Nov 24, 2014
My set up:
Dell XPS M1730
4GB Ram
Intel dual core processor T9000 at 2.4ghz 2.4ghz
Two Nividea 8700M GT's

Starting noticing this a while ago but the SLI is really good so now I am looking for help. My SLI use to work. What happens now is, after enabling SLI I am able to do the initial restart as prompted, but with a error message when I get onto the desktop "windows recovered from an unexpected error". Even though I get this message the SLI is still enabled and works and it takes effect and works like it not broken. After playing a game, I turn off my computer and then the next time I go to turn it on I get a BSOD which the only fix is to system restore in safe mode. This BSOD seems to be very consistent as to fail every time I turn on the computer after playing a game.
I have tried updating my BIOS, but still get the same problems.
I am able to just use one graphics card and it works fine and I never get any errors.
Would be great if someone could help me out here, I am not sure if one of my graphics cards are dying or if it's more technical than that.