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  1. J

    connect sound bar to laptop through HDMI

    i have a sony sound bar that im trying to use as my primary audio out from my laptop, problem is when i connect it to my laptop via hdmi it detects the sound bar as a second monitor and screws up my resolution. now if i turn off second display my audio goes with it as well, which is quite...
  2. M

    What sound bar to get?

    I have a 65 inch 1080p LG led tv. I like the picture and refresh rate is good, but the sound is awful. Quite, not rich at all. I watch a lot at night when my family is sleeping so I don't think I want a subwoofer rattling them in their beds, but a good sounding sound bar I think would be nice...
  3. B

    Need help connecting turntable to soundbar through receiver

    Hi, We have a Sony turntable that we routed through an Insignia receiver and into a crappy speaker. We wanted to get good speakers, so we bought a sound bar, thinking we could use it for our TV as well as our turntable. I've tried everything and think I'm connecting it right, but it's not...
  4. S

    Need help connecting all speakers. Is it possible with adapters?

    I got a new sound bar for Christmas, and wanted to hook it up to an old set of speakers and a receiver that I had. I want to at least hook it all up to my PC, and possibly the bluetooth if it works through all speakers. This is what I have to work with: Vizio Soundbar w/ bluetooth (can't find...
  5. V

    Samsung soundbar and speakers not grouping together for Samsung TV Audio

    Hey Guys. Have a problem which has been alluding me so I will try and keep it as short as I can. I own a Samsung soundbar H751 and two of the M5 speakers. Tried connecting it to my samsung 4k tv using soundconnect to have them all play at once but samsung seem to only allow either the soundbar...
  6. Stag1928

    How to increase voice clarity

    I'm looking to see if there is anyway to better the clarity of voices- I've got a Panasonic TV running to an Insignia soundbar through an optical cable. I have to raise the sound or turn on subtitles when streaming to my Chromecast because dialogue is too hard to hear over other sounds. I was...
  7. M

    Need help with sound card or DAC

    If i go over a certain volume (like over 75%) i start getting an annoying crackling noise. Here are the speakers I have right now...
  8. S

    Powering speaker and a subwoofer without built in amp

    Hello there, I have this really nice set of bookshelf speakers that i was planning to power with a mini amp like the lepai 2020 etc however i have this AMAZING sounding subwoofer from a home theater that wasn't being using and i want to know how i can power the bookshelf and subwoofer with an...
  9. P

    Monitor w/ HDMI not picking up sounds

    Whenever I go to Playback devices and set my monitor as the default, media like songs or youtube videos never load. No green bars display next to the icon, either. My friend and I have tried uninstalling the drivers and even using DVI, but that didn't work (the DVI didn't output sound...
  10. R

    Which of this sound bars would you guys recommend?

    I looking for a sound bar since my tv has really bad speakers, nothing fancy , its for a medium sized living room, nothing very big. This are the three I'm loking at : Insignia sound bar ns-sb312 Vizio 3.0 channel sb3830 Samsung 300 series 2.1 channel j355