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  1. K

    How can I get my Roku Express+ to run audio through the soundbar

    Mitsubishi WDY577 and WoHome S11 soundbar and Roku Express+ I am trying to set up my soundbar to run audio through the soundbar. I have a DirecTV Genie, and I have the optical cable running from the Genie to the soundbar since the TV does not have an optical connector, so now when I turn off...
  2. W

    Need Help With Speaker Configuration Help!!!

    I am going to buy a pair of speaker for my desk set up. The Razer Nommo base edition to be exact. I have a dual monitor set up where one I have connected to my ps4 and I use both for my pc when the ps4 is not in use(btw they're dell s231hn monitors). So I was wondering if there was a way where...
  3. T

    WWYD ... decisions...decisions...

    Hey Folks, I'd thought I'd throw this out to the world for a What Would You Do...question (WWYD)...I have 2 bookshelf Mission speakers sitting in storage. (i'm sure i can get the serial, but their about 12x8 or so)...anyway...i'm just finishing reno's and re-decorating...and my Samsung HW-K430...
  4. G

    Sonos Beam Review: An Excellent Alexa Soundbar

    The feature-packed Sonos Beam delivers very good sound for a small soundbar, and comes with Alexa voice controls. Sonos Beam Review: An Excellent Alexa Soundbar : Read more
  5. G

    Need help with Vizio soundbar speaker power consumption (3651)

    I bought SB 3651 soundbar and speaker set ( from US and moved to Asia. I assumed that the speaker would be rated to work in 220V country like most modern electronics. However, before plugging in, I realized that it's...
  6. G

    Sonos Beam FAQ: A Smart Soundbar with Alexa Inside

    The Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar with Alexa integration that lets you control your TV and do a lot more. But is it right for you? Sonos Beam FAQ: A Smart Soundbar with Alexa Inside : Read more
  7. R

    Power Output vs Power Consumption (Soundbar)

    What is the difference between Power Output (reference) vs Power Consumption? I am eyeing a soundbar that lists Power Output (reference) of 330W (105W each channel for the soundbar, and 120W for the subwoofer). However power consumption is only 40W and 30W respectively per the manual. The Power...
  8. M

    Sony Home Theater E4100

    Recently i bought Sony E4100 home theater,When i play music,sound quality is fine, but when i watch TV & movie, sounds come only from center speaker , others speakers delivery tiny extra sound ( like gun shot,heavy action noise etc etc but not voices ), Even on full volume i cant barely...
  9. M

    How to connect my LG soundbar that includes wireless subwoofer to the wired subwoofer I already own?

    How do I connect my LG soundbar with wireless subwoofer to the wired subwoofer I already have?
  10. B

    Megacra Soundbar to TCL Remote

    How do I pair Model S9620 Soundbar to a TCL Model 55R617
  11. A

    Trouble connecting TCL TV to Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar

    Hi all, Today I picked up a Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar to go with my TV, a TCL D2900 which has terrible sound on its own. The guy also sold me an RCA cable since the TV doesn't support HDMI audio connections. However when I connected the RCA red/white cables from the TV's external to the...
  12. Htet Naing Tun

    Will soundbar be better than my current logitech z506 at playing music?

    Hi, Now I have logitech z506. It's great for movie and game but not that good for music. And it's too many wire going around on my desk. So, I'm thinking about getting soundbar. Is it good idea at all? Or should I go with logitech z623? I've found LG sj5 to be affordable. If anyone is using...
  13. B

    Trying to connect soundbar to JVC TV with no optical cable & RCA output

    I recently bought a Ben Nevis soundbar from amazon, when setting it up I later found out my JVC lt-32n355a TV does not have either optical cable and RCA cable output. The only way I can get the soundbar connected to the TV is by using an aux cable and then plugging it into my TV's headphone...
  14. PhilipMichaels

    JBL Link Bar Hands-on: The Ultimate Android TV Soundbar

    Because the upcoming soundbar from JBL is powered by Android TV, that means you can add Google Assistant into your home entertainment setup. JBL Link Bar Hands-on: The Ultimate Android TV Soundbar : Read more
  15. M

    Solved! Dynaudio or B&O Comparison

    Hello, I'm looking for some opinions before making a second hand purchase. For the same price, the options are: 2x Dynaudio Excite x14s & Tuner amp Beolab 7.2 soundbar (2008 ish model) Which is likely to have better sound quality and also longevity? Thanks in advance. Max
  16. C

    Solved! Help connecting Vizio Soundbar (SB3651-E6) to Pioneer PDP-4280 plasma TV

    Also have a Blu-Ray, Roku, and Chrome Cast all connected to the TV. Want to use the HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to the TV. Can only get sound out of the soundbar by using the RCA connection. (Does not work with the digital optical or the HDMI cables.) Should I connect the soundbar to the...
  17. L

    Solved! Sound bar hookup causes problems with DVD player

    LG sound bar, Toshiba TV (6 yr old), Panasonic DVD player (6+ yr old): When sound bar was hooked up at Christmas, cables were relocated and now all DVDs play in B&W. Into which jacks should the red, white, and yellow cables be placed so that I once again see color movies?
  18. B

    Sound bar for Zone 2 TV

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to use Zone 2 HDMI video out on my AV receiver and would like to know if anyone can recommend a passive sound bar for the TV? Zone 2 will be used for the TV in the Kids room, so doesn't have to be a high end sound bar. Planning to connect the HDMI directly to the TV...
  19. johnbale

    What should I check to ensure the quality of an AV system?

    Good day! I’m in charge of the planning and organisation of our company’s annual party. So I’ve decided to avail an AV equipment hire Birmingham service from an online provider. My concern is, I don’t know much about such kind of equipment. I need to personally check them to make sure that...
  20. P

    Multiple sound bars on one tv?

    Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to run two soundbars simultaneously with one sound bar connected via optical cable and the second sound car connected via Bluetooth? The reason why I want to run the second soundbar via Bluetooth is that I don't want to run cables on the floor. My TV...
  21. S

    Basic TV Sound System

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I am looking into soundbars for a new TV, and I was wondering if all soundbars work with all TVs or if since I have an LG TV I need an LG soundbar, with proper cables and connectors (of course). Recommendations are appreciated, but I mainly want to know...
  22. X

    DVR sound drops out on LG TV and Soundbar but works fine with Game system and Blu-Ray

    I am not quite sure how to put this issue but I will do my best. I have an LG TV and an LG sound bar hooked to it. I have the Sound bar hooked via the arc connection. The sound comes out loud and crisp for the game system and the Blu-Ray player but there is an issue with the DVR...
  23. S

    Samsung LED tv - Sony soundbar

    Tv - Samsung ua40k5000 Connections available. HDMI (STD), HDMI(DVI), USB, AUX, Analog (set of 5) Soundbar - Sony HT-CT290. Connections available HDMI (ARC), optical digital (toslink), USB. /ofcourse with bluetooth With these setup I cannot connect soundbar to tv since my TV doesn't have HDMI...
  24. X

    I want to hook up my soundbar to my PC and I want to make sure I am using the right cable

    Good morning. I currently have a Windows 10 PC and I have an older Logitech speaker system connected through a 3.5mm jack. I upgraded my soundbar and want to connect my older LG soundbar to my PC. The only input on my soundbar is for an optical cable which wasn't a problem when I bought it...
  25. A

    SoundBar for TV

    Hi all, I have a Samsung UE55MU6220 TV. Its connected to a PC via HDMI (2.0) Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti What i want to do now is have a semi decent sound output (currently via the TV) I was looking at a 7.1 surround sound system. but i havent got the greatest of room to put all the...
  26. Ruben_Samich

    Solved! Trouble setting up surround sound

    Hey guys, I just got a new surround sound system, and I'm having trouble setting it up. I have everything plugged in, and everything works, every speaker works, that's all good. I just can't get my TV to detect the 5.1, my TV still thinks its stereo. I have a TCL Roku TV, and I know for a fact...
  27. R

    Orum Rohn remote control codes

    Remote code for r15 speakers
  28. T

    how to connect my samsung sound bar HW-F551 to my samsung 49mu6102 uhd tv

    how to connect my samsung sound bar HW-F551 to my samsung 49mu6102 uhd tv
  29. G

    What Is Sonos? How the Speakers Work (and What They Work With)

    Sonos speakers are renowned for their multiroom music playback and support for all the major streaming services. Here's your guide. What Is Sonos? How the Speakers Work (and What They Work With) : Read more
  30. philanthropic1989

    What happens to a surround signal passed to a stereo soundbar over HDMI ARC and Optical?

    Hi everyone, I have no experience with audio stuff - and will appreciate any help you can offer to a complete beginner. I have bought a Sony x900e TV and a Samsung MS650 soundbar. I only want to stream videos from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix - I do NOT have a Blu-ray player or any other...
  31. W

    TV's speakers are not working.

    Hi. I have owned my TV for 4years or so now. Never had any kind of problem until now. So today i turned on my TV but noticed i had no sound. My TV has 2 symbols when you are changing volume of sound, 1 is the TV speakers and the other one is the external speakers. I use external speakers...
  32. J

    Samsung TV and Q-Acoustics Sounbar issue

    Hi, I have a Samsung Smart TV (UN50KU6300) and a soundbar Q-Acoustics Media 4 (QAC-O-QA7410) connected via an optical cable. I get sounds in the TV main menu from the soundbar, and I can listen to Spotify properly. However, if I try to use either Amazon Prime, Youtube or Netflix, I don't get...
  33. G

    Yamaha YAS-706 Soundbar Review: Robust Multiroom Audio

    Yamaha's YAS-706 delivers full sound and a robust feature set, though it's better for video than it is for music. Yamaha YAS-706 Soundbar Review: Robust Multiroom Audio : Read more
  34. G

    Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar Review: Affordable Surround Sound

    Yamaha's slim YAS-207 soundbar creates an immersive experience for watching movies and TV, though it isn't as good for music. Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar Review: Affordable Surround Sound : Read more
  35. S

    connecting soundbar with tv

    I have got a new F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Sound bar and I have a VIDEOCON DDB smart led TV 42inch I have problem in connecting the sound bar with my TV can anyone help me with this
  36. J

    Soundbar + separate fronts or sounbbar-like centre with fronts?

    My problem is a TV & soundbar that are recessed between 2 bookcases & therefore has poor sound dispersion. Plus the room is not wire friendly. What I'd like is a soundbar (active speaker with self-contained amps) that acts as centre channel speaker only and additional, separate (wireless)...
  37. C

    Samsung 40M5300 TV Sound Dropouts with Vizio Soundbar when playing DVDs

    I am having audio dropouts which happen periodically where the sound with cut out for half a second. I am connecting using the Vizio Soundbar (model SB2920-C6). I have it connected via audio optical cable. I have even replaced the cable and still have the same issue. The Vizio Soundbar worked...
  38. G

    What Is HDMI ARC?

    HDMI ARC provides a two-way flow of sound between a TV and a soundbar or other gear. Here's what you need to know. What Is HDMI ARC? : Read more
  39. R

    Two yamaha soundbar to choose

    Hello I have option to buy yamaha yas-303 on a good price, but i can afford up to ydp-1600 And here's the catch: what would play better YAS-306 with external subwoofer YDP-1600 on it's own. Can't afford subwoffer to 1600 one. Where should i go to ?
  40. S

    No sound through HDMI-ARC LG 49UF64 And LG SH7 Surround sound

    I have connected the LG SH7 Soundbar to the TV using HDMI from the designated ARC port on my TV and the ARC HDMI OUT port on the soundbar, i went into the sound settings on the TV and put the sound out to Audio out (Optical/HDMI ARC) and changed the Digital sound out to Auto and put SIMPLINK on...
  41. S

    Problem running LG TV with TV decoder and Soundbar

    Hello, So, I have LG UJ750V, Sony HTCT-290 Soundbar and a TV signal decoder from my television provider. Now the problem is making these three work together in unity :/ TV decoder connection is HDMI , SoundBar is HDMI ARC. If TV is connected with SoundBar only or Decoder only, it works...
  42. S

    Solved! Connecting soundbar to tv

    How do I connect my iLive soundbar model ITB284B B to my Emerson 50 inch tv model LF501EM5F? What of converter do I need?
  43. B

    Connecting soundbar to Element TV

    Having a tough time with my Element TV. I cannot figure out how to connect my Vizio soundbar (w/bluetooth subwoofer) to the Element TV. I figured it out and it worked fine with my Samsung, but something with the audio settings isn't right. It has HDMI ports, but no optical. Any help?
  44. G

    Amazing Black Friday Audio Deals: Speakers, Headphones and More

    From cheap earbuds to high-end speakers, here are the best audio deals of Black Friday. Amazing Black Friday Audio Deals: Speakers, Headphones and More : Read more
  45. G

    Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar Review: Superb Sound for a Premium Price

    The Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar delivers detailed audio, booming bass and encompassing Atmos surround sound, but the quality comes at a steep price. Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar Review: Superb Sound for a Premium Price : Read more
  46. W

    Multiple sound bars on 1 tv?

    I have a Samsung TV with a Samsung hwf 750 2.1 tube amp soundbar - with wireless subwoofer hooked up with an optical cable. Works great! I'd like to get another one and hook it up also running both simultaneously. Can I leave this one hooked up with the optical cable, and hook up the second...
  47. V

    Connecting TV with headphone jack and soundbar with optical or AUX in

    I have an LG TV Model 43LJ52 with just a 3.5mm headphone jack. I also have a JBL soundbar that accepts only AUX and Optical. Is there a way to connect these? Any additional connector that I can buy to connect these?
  48. Steeldemonuk

    Sensible budget - Optimal Sound

    Howdy folks I am willing to spend around £500 on some new audio bits. I previously used an optically connected soundbar with my rig for gaming/quiet audio - I have now found myself with a little less space and so have ended optically connecting my computer to my midi hifi. It gives decent...
  49. K

    I bought samsung m5570 led smart tv and best buy 2.1 samsung speaker...When I connect both with optical cable via connector bu

    I bought samsung m5570 led smart tv and best buy 2.1 samsung speaker...When I connect both with optical cable via connector but tv sound is not playing in speaker.....What I do ?
  50. J

    Replacement subwoofer for a Vizio soundbar

    Hello!!!! So a while back I purchased a Vizio soundbar that I use for music (model no. SB3831-C6M) which has an external wireless subwoofer that has since broke. Online I've been unable to locate an identical replacement subwoofer, so I'm considering other options, the only problem is there is...
  51. M

    Choosing a soundbar

    Hello everyone. I would like to get some better audio and was thinking a soundbar is the way to go for me. Problem is that I have no idea as to what I should look for in a soundbar. Would like to be able to wirelessly play music from my phone, and was considering Samsung Hw-Ms650, but don't...
  52. N

    How can I connect headphones to my TV/soundbar setup?

    My current setup is an Apple TV, Xbox 360 Elite, and an Android box that connect to the three "HDMI IN" ports on my Sony HT-CT380 soundbar. The single "ARC HDMI OUT" port connects to my Samsung UN50H6203 TV's "HDMI IN 1 (STB)" port. Essentially this lets me keep the TV on HDMI 1 and cycle...
  53. G

    Samsung MS750 Review: A Great, Multiroom-Ready Soundbar

    Packed with features, including 4K and multiroom capabilities, Samsung's HW-MS750 delivers crisp, clear audio in an attractive package. Samsung MS750 Review: A Great, Multiroom-Ready Soundbar : Read more
  54. J

    Connect Macbook Pro to projector to Sonos 5.1 system

    Hi, I'm designing a new house I'll be moving into in a few months and am planning the home cinema room. I will be getting a projector to stream my films from my macbook via HDMI and games via PS4, but I'm not sure how I'd go about passing the audio through to Sonos speakers. I also want to have...
  55. G

    Amazon's Top 5 Deals of Today: Aukey Charger, Sonos Soundbar, More

    From gaming set-top boxes to surround sound audio, these are your best Amazon deals for the last day of August. Amazon's Top 5 Deals of Today: Aukey Charger, Sonos Soundbar, More : Read more
  56. G

    Get Vizio's 3.0-Channel Bluetooth Soundbar for $100

    Upgrade your living room audio with this 38-inch soundbar. Get Vizio's 3.0-Channel Bluetooth Soundbar for $100 : Read more
  57. I

    Solved! Running HDMI from PC to soundbar to TV

    Just got a new Samsung soudbar. My TV only has LR audio output but it's a 5.1 soundbar so an option I have is to unplug the HDMI from my TV and put it into the soundbar and then use a second cord to connect the soundbar and TV. If I run this cord through, will my bandwidth be throttled? I have a...
  58. nwgamelover

    Will Soundbar (see attachments) work with my Television?

    I have a Sanyo, 32" TV (pics attached) and I am wanting to purchase the RCA Soundbar (pics attached including manual) but I am lost as to whether or not these would actually work together. I was told the soundbar comes with all I need to attach it to my tv, but the salesman don't always know...
  59. G

    Sound Bar Connection

    I have a dish network receiver connected to my smart TV via HDMI. I also have a Sony Blu-ray player connected to the TV via HDMI. I have a Polk Sound Bar that is connected to the dish receiver via a digital optical cable. This works great for the TV sound but I have no sound from the Blu-ray...
  60. G

    LG SJ9 Soundbar Review: Atmos for Under $1,000

    LG's SJ9 soundbar fills the room with sound and can decode Dolby Atmos, but it doesn't sound as good as other soundbars in this price range. LG SJ9 Soundbar Review: Atmos for Under $1,000 : Read more