Trouble connecting TCL TV to Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar

May 18, 2018
Hi all,

Today I picked up a Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar to go with my TV, a TCL D2900 which has terrible sound on its own. The guy also sold me an RCA cable since the TV doesn't support HDMI audio connections. However when I connected the RCA red/white cables from the TV's external to the soundbar's "analog" port absolutely nothing happened. There isn't anything in either manual to provide any support. What do I do now?

The TV also doesn't support Toslink optical which is what came with the soundbar. However it DOES have an 'spdif' hole, but it seems to be in the shape of a coax cord receiver. Do I need to buy yet another coax cord and one of those coax-toslink converter adapters? Please help! I'm so sick of this, why are TCL TVs still made this way.


It sounds like you have connected to the RCA Inputs rather then outputs or you haven't switched the Yamaha over to using the Analog ports (press the input button on the remote until the Analog LED lights up).

Other then that, yes you can get the coax optical adapter cable and use digital audio if you prefer.
According to the owners manual that TV does actually have RCA analog audio outputs.
I can't find a menu in that manual that would allow you to turn it on or turn the TV speakers off which is odd. Maybe if you turn the TV volume all the way down the output will turn on? Make sure you have the aux input selected on the soundbar and that the volume is turned up too.
It is possible that the TV won't take digital audio and send it from the analog output. Kind of useless but?
You would need a coax to optical digital audio converter to use the optical input. They only work in one direction so you have to get the right one..


The TV has a SPDIF output in Coax form, he just needs the converter. Of course it's probably easier to exchange the soundbar for one with a spdif coax input if they wanted to go the digital route.

Both have analog so that would be the simplest by far.
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