Replacement subwoofer for a Vizio soundbar

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Oct 30, 2017
So a while back I purchased a Vizio soundbar that I use for music (model no. SB3831-C6M) which has an external wireless subwoofer that has since broke. Online I've been unable to locate an identical replacement subwoofer, so I'm considering other options, the only problem is there is no output on the subwoofer, and I'm not trying to buy a receiver just so I can listen to music. I don't know what solutions there are so if you have any it would be much appreciated, perhaps a subwoofer that I connect my phone into that outputs to the soundbar? Or maybe some really inexpensive receiver that I'm just overlooking?
By the way, the inputs on the device are optical, 3.5mm, analogue, usb, coaxial, and blue tooth.
You could split the headphone output on your phone. One stereo output could connect to the soundbar 3.5mm analog input and the other to the powered subwoofer L/R line level input. Once you get the sub level balanced to the soundbar you control the overall volume from the phone.
If you tried to use bluetooth the problem would be adjusting the volume of both the soundbar and sub at the with one control.
After you get the subwoofer I would suggest you transition into some gear made for music rather than video. You can get a used AV receiver. The ones without HDMI are pretty cheap and will have digital inputs and subwoofer out. Even a pair of cheap speakers will sound better than the soundbar.
Feb 25, 2018
James, did you ever solve your problem? I have a Vizio wireless sub for a 3821 sound bar that just stopped working. Maybe we could work something out if you’re still in need of a wireless sub

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