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  1. N

    Can't Connect Vizio Sound bar to Samsung TV

    So, I have been given a Vizio vsb206 sound bar and I can't find a way to connect it to my TV. I have a Samsung 32" LED Smart TV and I guess it doesn't use the same input's and outputs as the sound bar. Is there any type of converter I can use to switch my TV'S audio connection over to RCA?
  2. A

    Can't find a setting to let my Phillips smart TV work with rca 37 in sound bar

    I hooked up my sound bar to my TV using rca jack but not sure what setting to go to after that ,I've found nothing in settings that will let it work
  3. G

    Fluance AB40 Soundbase Review: Small, Powerful, Affordable

    Fluance's AB40 soundbase delivers above-average audio quality at an affordable price. Fluance AB40 Soundbase Review: Small, Powerful, Affordable : Read more
  4. X

    LG Soundbar volume level changes after powering off and back on

    Good morning. I have looked online and do not know if there is a way to change this. If I have my soundbar volume set at, say, 30 and I power off the unit whenever I turn it back on the volume is around 50. No matter where I set it when it shuts off the volume level is always about that when I...
  5. X

    LG Soundbar setting not staying on and auto dimming not working

    I recently purchased an LG Soundbar model LAS551H. It comes with a remote and wireless. In the paperwork for the unit dubbed the simple manual it pictures the remote that I have. However, when I went to LG's website to download the full manual it shows a different remote than the one I have...
  6. G

    JBL Cinema SB 450 Review: Great Soundbar for 4K TVs

    JBL's Cinema SB 450 delivers 4K video with a ton of bass and volume, making this soundbar a legitimate contender to replace your home-theater sound system. JBL Cinema SB 450 Review: Great Soundbar for 4K TVs : Read more
  7. G

    9 Cheap Soundbars (Under $100) Ranked Best to Worst

    These affordable soundbars for less than $100 make watching TV and movies more immersive. 9 Cheap Soundbars (Under $100) Ranked Best to Worst : Read more
  8. G

    Razer's Gaming Soundbar Is Now $70 Off

    Save 35 percent on a soundbar designed specifically for gamers. Razer's Gaming Soundbar Is Now $70 Off : Read more
  9. Subressor

    Sound system recommendation

    Hey all, Looking for some sound nerds opinions on what sound setup I should have. My cheap surround-sound Panasonic system has just died on me so I need something new. A quick look on amazon and there's sound bars, dual speakers and full surround sound systems. Has anyone tried all 3 and can...
  10. S

    Help - TV settings for android box and sound bar

    I have a JVC LT-49C862 TV. I've bought an android MXQ Pro box and also a Goodmans sound bar. The MXQ box is connected to the TV via HDMI cable and the soundbar via RCA phono cables. However neither seem to work. I know there is probably a setting on the TV I need to enable to 'allow' them to...
  11. A

    TV to soundbar connection HELP!!

    OK I have 2 questions. I've recently bought a 4k TV and a soundbar, both of which have ARC HDMI ports, and have been unsuccessful in connecting them with an HDMI cable. I've tried a few different HDMI cables that work with other devices (xbox) and none of them have worked. The soundbar works...
  12. M

    Solved! HTPC Wireless Audio Solutions?

    I have an HTPC in my bedroom and am looking for a wireless speaker solution. The range required is only about 15 feet from point to point. I am not very familiar with audio equipment or quality brands/ setups. My wants are: 2 speakers and 1 sub or 1 soundbar and 1 sub, whatever you guys think...
  13. S

    Need A New Speaker System For Around $300

    I am looking for a new speaker system that is in the ball park of $300. I am looking for something that I can hook my phone up to via bluetooth and that will fill a room with sound. I will also be using this for movies so sound sound if preferred. If at all possible, I would like the system to...
  14. R

    Speech muted when using soundbar

    I recently bought an LG SH5 soundbar to go with my TV however I have been having issues with the sound frequently when using it. I have connected the soundbar to my Sky Q box using an optical cable and do not use the TV speakers at all. Whenever I pause the Sky Q box for more than 10-15...
  15. MrSalty

    Rear Channels Play Through Front Speakers

    So I have been trying to get my surround sound to work properly for a while now and I'm finally giving in and asking for help. I am trying to get 5.1 surround sound from my PC to my surround sound system. I have tried two different computers (one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows...
  16. G

    Save 55 Percent on Vizio's 25-inch 2.0 Sound Stand

    Save $83 on Vizio's budget 25-inch Sound Stand. Save 55 Percent on Vizio's 25-inch 2.0 Sound Stand : Read more
  17. R

    Dolby Atmos Soundbar advice

    Which Dolby Atmos soundbar makes sense for me? I was wondering if anyone could provide me some insight since everything I list below is what I am learning for the first time. Budget is not a problem. What I have currently: A Sony HT-ST7 soundbar + subwoofer. There is a single HDMI in ARC...
  18. G

    Save $100 on Top-Selling Bose Home Theater System

    You can now save big on this crowd-pleasing Bose home theater system. Save $100 on Top-Selling Bose Home Theater System : Read more
  19. K

    Microphone which wont pick up much keyboard/mouse sound?

    Hey There! Do you guys know any good microphones which won´t pick up that much background /mouse/Keyboard sound? I am currently using the ModMic 4.0 but its just to loud.. every click button press is getting pick up even when somebody is doing something in a different room.. So yea are there...
  20. G

    Amazon's Most Popular Soundbar Is Now On Sale

    Give your home theater an easy upgrade with this affordable Vizio 2.1-channel soundbar system. Amazon's Most Popular Soundbar Is Now On Sale : Read more
  21. D

    4k TV and Soundbar for New HT setup

    So I'm redoing the entertainment hub in my living room from the bottom up. Got an HTC vive for Xmas, and that's going to be part of the setup. Basically, I'm going to be building a computer, which connects to the Vive, and the new TV. The system will use a 3.1 or 5.1 soundbar for audio, and...
  22. J

    HELP! How to connect soundbar and TV w/o optical?

    I have a sharp LC-40LE265M and a Samsung HW-K360. TV does not have optical. How should i connect it? Using a converter from optical to HDMI or rca? One of the HDMI ports is used, the other has MHL with the hdmi. The rca on the TV says Component/AV input
  23. G

    These Mini Polk Speakers Deliver Big Sound On a Budget

    Powerful bass, clear vocals, and a temporary price cut make this mini soundbar a must for any home theater setting. These Mini Polk Speakers Deliver Big Sound On a Budget : Read more
  24. K

    Soundbar cutting on and off

    I bought a soundbar for my pc, my monitor doesnt have speakers (or aux ports). Before I just used my headset but if i wanted to show something to someone i couldnt (with sound) or if I just didnt want to wear my headset i simply couldnt. But with the soundbar (Dymond portable bluetooth...
  25. K

    How to connect sound bar without optical or RCA output

    Hello, any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a JBL SB150 soundbar with optical/ aux cable however when i checked on my TV(LG 43LF5400-TB) it does not have either the optical out or audio out at the back. It only has headphones out. I know that its very callous of...
  26. G

    Connecting Philips Soundbar to LG TV

    Hi all. I have a LG 49UH668V telly and a Philips HTL 5140 Soundbar. When trying to connect them via HDMI ARC I can get all the way to the sound test and no sound comes through (yes, all the settings on the telly and soundbar are correct for HDMI ARC) I have a brand new HDMI 2.0 cable as well...
  27. H

    Soundbar + Surround Sound issue PLEASE HELP!

    I have a Samsung sound bar, and a Philips surround sound system, and I'd like to know how to connect them both to my TV so that I can control both with my DirecTV TV remote. For a while, I have had only the sound bar, and I have not been able to control it with any remote (it didn't come with...
  28. B

    Hooking up a sound bar to a reciever

    I know the first thing your going to say is don't do this and why. Currently bought a soundbar that only has aux/optical/usb inputs and my tv has none of these outputs. So I decided to run it through the receiver. My current setup is my roku/xbox/bluray go into my receiver inputs. Then my...
  29. J

    TV already has Sound Bar, would like to add bluetooth speakers.

    I have a Toshiba LCD REGZA TV. Connected to it is a Samsung sound bar that is currently connected to analog output of the TV. The TV also has a optical output and the sound bar has optical input. I would like to have additional wireless speakers from the TV setup in my kitchen. So can I...
  30. S

    Connect Mac Air to Tv and Soundbar

    I have a Sony sony XBR65X750D Tv and a Sony HT-CT790 soundbar. I have connected my TV and soundbar via HDMI(ARC). I am trying to connect my macbook air and expecting to see the video in the TV and get the sound from the Soundbar. But I get the sound too from the TV. When I go to Action Menu ->...
  31. M

    Can I use a wireless headphone jack to connect a soundbar to my digihome tv

    Can I use a Bluetooth jack to connect my soundbar to my digihome tv
  32. J

    Connecting two sound systems

    Hi everyone, I have a hifi system (JVC) and a Samsung soundbar. I need help connecting the two. I'm not too clued up with this kinda stuff so help me out here. At the moment I connect an audio output cord into the port labled "phones" on the hifi and into the red and white RCA inputs on the...
  33. F

    Hooking up a sound bar with (4) Altec Lansing ADA 745 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer

    Hey everybody I have a problem. I have a Sony soundbar with an optical input for a subwoofer. I want to connected with an Altec Lansing ADA 745 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer. The problem is there are no places to connect my speakers on my soundbar. But I can't have both options...
  34. T

    Lg sound bar loses vocal but not music

    Going from commercial back to program I lose speach but not background music. How can I fix this ?
  35. J

    Help!!! With Projector / Wireless 6.1 Surround Sound System (Before Purchase)

    The Goal Firstly, I understand that typically there's either a 5.1 or 7.1 system. I also understand that "wireless" doesn't mean no AC power which is good because I prefer a plug over battery anyhow. The goal is to build a non-invasive "hidden" AV system for my new apartment. I plan to purchase...
  36. C

    How connect LG tv and Samsung sound bar.

    I bought these at Best Buy this week -the tv on line and sound bar at the store. I did not think I needed to coordinate the purchase to be sure the devices were compatible. Can you tell me how to connect: • Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar (2016 Model) • 40" LG...
  37. G

    Vizio's SmartCast Soundbar Makes Surround Sound Simple

    Vizio's SB4551-D5 5.1 SmartCast system delivers true surround sound without making setup too complicated. Vizio's SmartCast Soundbar Makes Surround Sound Simple : Read more
  38. P

    Does having 3 extentions on a 3.5 cable work?

    So I'm trying to setup my computer speakers to my tv. My computer is on the otherside of the room so I bought a 25ft 3.5 cable. I came into a problem, the audio out on my tv is not working for some reason so I need to buy the RCA audio adapter so I can connect the 3.5 cable to that and the RCA...
  39. 3

    Will Vizio Wireless Subwoofer pair with any new model Vizio Soundbar?

    Specifically, I am wondering if I purchase the base model SB2920-C6 or SB3820-C6 without the wireless sub, and I purchase the sub unit separately that comes with SB3851-C0 (the 5.1 model w/ surround sound speaker inputs on sub), through a third-party like ebay, can I expect them to pair? From...
  40. G

    Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar Review: Boom for the Buck

    The YAS-106 delivers booming bass and a good set of features for the money, although all that bass can overwhelm the mix. Yamaha YAS-106 Soundbar Review: Boom for the Buck : Read more
  41. ClubSpade12

    Which speakers should I get?

    I'm looking at these three different sets of speakers, I'm wondering if there are any really noticeable difference between them...
  42. K

    Panasonic Viera 32D400D to Philips Soundbar + Woofer (DSP47U)

    Hi Everyone, Can you please help me out here. I am trying to connect my Panasonic TV to the philips soundbar through the Aux. The sound bar works perfect on its own but there is no sound when connected to the TV. Note: The Aux audio are connected correctly red to red and white to white. Also...
  43. J

    Good Options for Short Soundbars?

    I'm thinking about moving away from my monitor's built in speakers but don't have any space for a surround system or individual speakers to sit unfortunately. A small sound bar would fit nicely under my monitor though and obscure the view of the cables behind. I've had a look at some options...
  44. G

    Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar Review

    Sony's HT-NT5 has all the features you want in a soundbar — and more — if you're willing to pay a premium. Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar Review : Read more
  45. Y

    LG won't recognize my external speakers. Please, let the tech God's find me.

    I own a 3 year old LG plasma 50 inch tv model number 50PN4500 and i just bought a new Bose sound bar. The main connection is via digital optical output cord. Now my TV HAS one, but when i plugged the Bose digital output cord into the digital optical output in the back of the TV, i go into my tv...
  46. H

    Soundbar won't work with receiver.

    I just purchased a new Samsung HW-K650 soundbar and can't seem to get audio out of it when using my pioneer receiver. My TV doesn't support ARC but I'm pretty sure using optical cable would work. Tv: Samsung LNT5271FX/XAA Receiver: Pioneer VSX-822 The connection: I have an optical cable going...
  47. K

    Best way to connect 4k tv with hdr to soundbar plus other components

    Products: 1. LG - 60" 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range Model: 60UH7700SKU 2. Vizio S5430W-C2 54in 3.0 soundbar (2014 model) 3. DirecTV Genie DVR box 4. Playstation 4 So to get the full use of the hdr on the TV and the audio from the sound bar, can I just plug the Genie box directly...
  48. J

    MicroLab SOLO 9C - Suddenly stopped working? *HELP REQUIRED*

    I own a pair of SOLO 9C's (a 2.0 active stereo floorstanding speakers with a built in AMP) I woke up during the night to a sleight humming sound coming from the left (passive speaker). I reached around the back and ensured the speaker wire (w/ B-clips) was securely fitted. When pulling them...
  49. S

    New sound speakers

    I am looking to buy some new speakers so I wanted some help... I am between these two which one should I get...???
  50. N

    looking for a small but quality sound system for PC

    Hello, I will soon have my room rearranged and I have good flexibility for wiring up a nice sound system into it. The room will have the size of 6.6 x 5.5 = 36 square meters. In the center of it, I will have my desk with my PC, which will be used for watching movies, games, listening to music...
  51. D

    Samsung Soundbar and Fios Cable

    I have a samsung sound bar which is connected to my Vizio TV with HDMI ARC. My issue is that when I turn on my cable with the verizon remote it turns on the TV as well as he sound bar however the sound comes out through the sound bar and the TV and the volume buttons on the remote control only...
  52. R

    Does the Hisense 65K5510 LED 4K have Optical Out??

    I'm planning on purchasing a soundbar and sub but I need to confirm if this TV has optical out as I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere, doesn't seem to be detailed on their main website either. Could someone who owns or has info on this please help me out. Thanks
  53. R

    Soundbar needs ARC or Toslink, TV only does 2.0 audio over Toslink

    My new KEF V700 soundbar needs audio either via HDMI ARC or Toslink. My old(-ish) Sony KDL 46W4000 doesn't have ARC and Toslink only seems to work when outputting 2.0 audio. All (cable TV) channels that carry 2.1 audio result in a 100% silent soundbar. 1) Why doesn't my TV output the "2" from...
  54. N

    Westinghouse TV has no optical in/out and does not appear to support ARC, and my Sony soundbar will not connect

    Hello, I have a Westinghouse DWM55F1G1, which does not appear to support ARC, but also does not have a place to plug in the Optical Digital Cable that came with the Sony HT-CT390 sounder/subwoofer I just bought. There is no trouble with the power, and I played music from my iPod via bluetooth...
  55. G

    Samsung sound bar 7501 or 7501R

    Hi, I'm doing some digging to figure out which of the two sound bars I should buy but I can't seem to track any differences between them except that the simple model is last year's and is half price than the R model (£350 vs £600). Also, the former has run out of stock in most stores. It seems...
  56. V

    3.5mm to Optical Output (not the other way around)

    I've seen tons of adapters that will take an Optical signal, and output it to 3.5mm/RCA... I need to do the reverse - I want to plug my tablet in to a soundbar that has an Optical input. Does this beast exist?
  57. JustGetOwned

    Home audio/theatre problem

    Greetings fellow tech enthousiasts. I'm planning on buying a new TV and would like to connect it to my stereo-tower. This way I can buy some new speakers, perhaps a soundbar, for my TV, CD player, pick-up and radio. All of them, apart from my TV, have already been connected to the receiver. The...
  58. C

    What Headphones can you reccomend?

    What budget £150 (flexible) Headphones can you recommend for my setup? I am looking for headphone to be used for music and gaming. I play games such as csgo etc so sound is a big factor. I am however not looking for headphones that do not come with a mic. I am looking to buy my mic separately...
  59. Dustin97

    Cable audio distortion

    I have my cable box connected to my TV via HDMI, and an optical digital cable running from my TV to my sound bar. Audio is great on everything else I use on my TV except for my cable box. It becomes distorted easily when something loud happens on screen. Like if a character raises their voice or...