Speech muted when using soundbar


Mar 20, 2017
I recently bought an LG SH5 soundbar to go with my TV however I have been having issues with the sound frequently when using it. I have connected the soundbar to my Sky Q box using an optical cable and do not use the TV speakers at all.

Whenever I pause the Sky Q box for more than 10-15 seconds or fast-forward for the same period, the soundbar mutes all speech leaving just the music of whatever is being played. If there is no music in whatever TV programme is being played then the soudbar is completely mute.

I have tried changing the sound effect between ASC, Standard and Cinema but it doesn't seem to have any affect on the problem, however cycling through the input sources and returning to Optical does fix the problem but it is very annoying to have to do this nearly everytime the TV is paused or fast-forwarded.

At first I though this was some sort of sleep mode that activated very quickly, however I have since noticed that the soundbar is only mute because there is no music in the programme. If anybody has any suggestions or solutions to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, does the unit have an 'auto mute' function on it? if so, you may be able to disable it. Or just try un-muting it when the sound goes off.
Also, just an after thought, have you got any other sources going into the sound bar, other than the optical link?

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