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  1. H

    Solved! DT990 pro (250) soundcard + amp or dac + amp

    Hello all, Sorry for the long read, but I will try to be as specific as possible. 2 days ago my long standing Logitech G35 headset got screwed, after a 5 year usage. When I first put it on back then, I was wowed while gaming because of the virtual surround sound. Now I didn't know any better...
  2. D

    Solved! Subwoofer preout to L/R

    Hello everyone. I have a rather dated Kenwood KRF-7030D reciever, connected to my PC using a soundblaster Z sound card, utilising DDL over TOSLINK. What I want to know is, What cable do I need / is it possible to use the subwoofer preout on the back of my amplifier to connect to an active...
  3. S

    Sound Card help

    i have a sound card that has a bunch of dts technology xonar dsx by asus and so i was wondering if i lost any performance by connecting to pc via spdif since the card and my speakers are dts supported. i have the Logitech z906. i am tempted to use the actual aux connection from the sound card so...
  4. CreepyBobo346

    Best Headphones for Under or Around $100

    What are the best headphones (mainly for sound quality although good quality earphones also in consideration) under or around $100? I will use them mainly for gaming and listening to music I play mainly League of Legends and PUBG (and also games like CSGO, ESO, etc.). I also listen to mainly...
  5. barbarianhorde

    Surround Sound has become one sided

    Hey guys I'm having a bit of an audio canundrum, I'm using my onboard audio and usually it works flawlessly with the 5.1 Logitech setup I have, I have a ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+, so I installed the Realtek HD Manager got everything setup properly, ran the tests and I get audio out of...