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    Solved! An external Amp Dac for HD598

    Hello I'm going to buy the hd598sr (mainly for gaming purposes) and really need an external dac amp combo for it. I'm going to be using it for my laptop (lenovo y500) which doesn't have a good mobo and so I was thinking of getting maybe the fiio e10k (haven't done much research) to get the...
  2. G

    No sound/poor sound quality (WIN 10, driver problem)

    The issue: No sound/poor sound quality I have the following PC: ================== * OS: Windows 10 Home Edition, Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 * System Model: Aspire SW3-013 * System Type: X86-based PC * System SKU: Aspire SW3-013_1007_1.02 * Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @...
  3. M

    Same audio output to monitor speakers and headset.

    Hello I have a desktop with a sound card (this one: included with my MAXIMUS III FORMULA MB) and monitor with built in speakers. My problem is i sometime i want to listen music on my headset...
  4. L

    Looking for sound card

    Hey guys I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my question but I am looking for a sound card for my PC. I read that external cards are actually better but only found the omni as candidate... I want to have two exits. One for headphones (phone jack) and one for speakers (optical). I...
  5. M

    Solved! pc sound interference

    so i have some interference coming through my speakers. I already have a separate soundcard but it keeps giving interference tough it doesn't happen when i use my laptop only with pc.I think it could be my motherboard causing this but i dont want to spend money without knowing for shure. Anybody...
  6. C

    Looking for help on wiring configurations on 5.1 system to soundcard, an receiver?

    Hello all who read this Bought the take classic 5.1 and a receiver AVRS920W Denon 7.2 After building my pc and desk, im ready to setup the speakers. already know how to position them. problem is dont know for sure the options on how to wire them together positive goes to positive an same with...
  7. N

    Audiophiles, I need advice on replacing a failing sound card

    Alright so really quick i'm currently running an Asus DGX. The amp started failing and creating loud static and crackling jumbled signals. It was fine on the speaker setting (headphone amp off) but now that's also creating a light beep and hiss in the right channel. Front panel is working fine...
  8. D

    How to wire Adam F5 & Emotiva sub to PC

    Hi all, Apologies if this is a dumb question but I have a Asus Essence STX II sound card with only left and right channel outs. I have Adam F5 and was going to use the RCA out left and right on sound card to the XLR input on F5. I was curious whats the best way, if possible, to link in a...
  9. S

    Solved! Microphone issue on Win10 PC (buzzing sound) / dedicated sound card upgrade?

    Hello guys, Hoping I am posting this in the correct section. I am hoping to get help on my issue with my microphone on my Win10 desktop PC. Issue: Very poor audio in voice chat from my Zalman clip-on mic, sound is either whisper quiet (must set volume at 100% and use some boost, otherwise...
  10. D

    How to connect PS4 to Creative sound blaster Z

    Hello, I have a creative sound blaster z sound card to my pc, a Sony STR-KSL40 receiver and a PS4. How I manage to connect PS4 to sound card (creative Z) and from there to the receiver. I want to pass through the sound from my PS4 to my creative z sound card and from there to my receiver. Steps...
  11. G

    Sound Card Audio Software Question

    I had purchased a Creative Sound Blaster ZXR for my machine for both gaming and music listening. I had some issues with pops and clicks occurring during audio playback. I was listening to iTunes music from my iTunes account through the web because I had just cleaned my machine and will be...
  12. D

    Do I need a soundcard?

    So guys are sound cards still relevant in 2018? If I have a mobo like a GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming K7 or a GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 mobo would a soundcard increase my sound quality? Or am I ok with onboard sound? Also if a sound card would help could you guys give me some good recommendations? I...
  13. N

    How can I connect 5.1 surround sound to my PC and activate in playing games?

    I bought a new 5.1 surround sound bar recent days, and connect to my Pc by using a optical digital cable to my sound card. The windows automatically detected my devices and running smoothly, it can be confirmed the devices can play dolby digital as the windows already recognize the soundbar and...
  14. P

    I have some 15 year old 5.1 computer speakers the input to the amp is 3 jacks right left and subwoofer, is there any way to co

    I have some old computer speakers they are very good quality 5.1 surround sound. The input to the amp is three jacks, but the sound output from my new computer is one jack, it has a very good sound card. Is there any way I can adapt these speakers. To get speakers of the same quality is going to...
  15. D

    Output sound through both HDMI and dedicated sound card

    Hello Here's the issue... I'm trying to have both my headset and my speakers play at the same time. Headset is connected to an Asus Soar dedicated sound card via a jack. Speakers are built-in in my monitor, connected via DisplayPort. Before having the sound card i used to have the headset...
  16. D

    usb sound card plus receiver

    Hello I have Sound Blaster X G5 sound card with Logitech Z906 speakers, and I am wondering if there is any way to hook a receiver up to this set up for 5.1 digital audio? My other option is hdmi out via my Geforce 1060 graphics card but I am unsure of how I could make this option work with...
  17. G

    Which Better: Good Sound card or Low-End Receiver with HDMI 2.

    Hi Guys. Please and Thank you. Considering obsolescence, and a budget of $200 which would be better for me? • A high-end sound card such as the SUS Xonar Essence STX II: • Or would a low-end receiver with HDMI v2 such as Sony STR-DH770: , running...
  18. F

    No audio (even with sound card)

    Hello, I have been having an issue on a computer where there is no audio. I have already posted on this forum and I was advised to either RMA my motherboard or buy a sound card. RMAing my board would've been a pain, so I decided to buy the sound card. Still nothing. I don't believe it is the...
  19. R

    Solved! Compaq Presairo SR1750NX Sound Card

    Have an outdated Realtek AC 97\ sound card. I am unable updateandn would like to update & Modify Card & Driver. Would like to
  20. B

    G933 with aorus mobo sound card

    Can't figure out how to use my Logitech g933 through my aorus gaming 5 z370's sound card as i feel like it might have a few extra features
  21. A

    Static noise from headphones

    First thing that I want to point out is I tried some of the possible solutions, I read a couple of topics on other forums, nothing helped. It started yesterday, when I plugged in a new soundcard (Audigy FX). The noise intensifies when I'm scrolling, or changing things in Creative Drivers. Also...
  22. N

    polk magnifi to pc

    Dear team, I recently bought the Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar to play it on my computer. I was unable to connect it for surround sound , so i bought the Xonar DG sound card, and connected to it via Spdif port . But the sound is reduced a bit and i am unable to get the surround sound of 5.1 . Do...
  23. Intel Fanboy 772

    What audio interface should I buy for mic setup.

    Hello all, I am quite new to audio recording in general, but I had done some gaming videos before, I am planning to return to that and I want to have OK audio to start with. Generally I used to use audacity to record some noise and then use noise removal, because with gain all up mic is picking...
  24. S

    Looking for sound card for importing from turntable/amp to HDD

    I'm requesting an opinion on PCIe sound cards for importing sounds. I'll be going from a turntable to an amp to the sound card to HHD to be cleaned up by WavePad before recording the track to CD/DVD. I'll probably stay with either Asus or Creative (mainstream), and I'd like the budget to stay...
  25. R

    Static in Headphones

    There is a static noise in my headphones. I looked up what might be causing it and some cords may be the issue so I untangled my headphone cord and pushed away all the cords as far as I could. It made the static a little more quiet but I can still hear the static. Also I'm using a sound card...
  26. 0

    Solved! Sennheiser GAME ZERO (50 ohm)

    Do I need an amp or soundcard for the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset (50 ohm)? I'll use them for gaming only My motherboard is gigabyte z270x aorus gaming 7
  27. N

    Mic buzzing if on certain things

    I have a condensor mic that came with a usb sound card(?) and it has a weird buzzing noise. If i have the windows sound program open and turn it up in the playback tab then it has no buzz. If I swap over to recording or join any VOIP call then it will make the buzzing. Also connecting it to...
  28. D

    Best sound cards

    I want to access internet music and play it through my Bluetooth connected external amplifier and speakers.
  29. C

    Thinking of buying a pair of Sennheiser HD 589CS for my PC, will I need a DAC/AMP and/or Soundcard to supplement them?

    I have a ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E MB and I have no idea how to determine whether the on board sound is good enough to fully power the HD 589 CS.
  30. F

    Trying to connect my PC to my Soundbar and get True 5.1

    My PC sound card is an ASUS Xonar DGX PCI-E GX2.5 ( My sound bar is a Vizio 5.1 ( The sound bar takes as possible 5.1 inputs only...
  31. C

    Which soundcard should I buy?

    Hi, I have a new Dell XPS 8920 SE desktop w/Win10Pro. I ordered my desktop through Dell & am not happy with the onboard soundcard/interface. It shipped with an integrated Realtek soundcard & Waves Maxx audio Pro software (Dell didn't offer me a choice). I have Harmon Kardan HK695 2.1 speakers...
  32. E

    5.1 audio help

    I would like to know if buying a sound card would allow me to have 5.1 audio? I use to have an asus realteak mother board. About 2 years ago i had to get a new motherboard so i got a great deal on a GIGABYTE GA-G1.Sniper Z97 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 but for what ever reason i can't get 5.1 audio...
  33. K

    Analog 5.1 on a Soundblaster Z

    Hi there, I bought recently a soundblaster Z 5.1 card. Today i bought new speaker cable (plugged normally into the sub all work fine and without problem) and jacks to plug up my speaker setup into the sound card, instead of going through my active subwoofer (it has an in-built amp in it) I...
  34. J

    Solved! Asus Xonar DGX to my problem?

    My motherboard is a GA-H61MA-D2V , wich doesnt amplifies the sound on my headphones at all , i mean , on games , i have to play at 100% volume everywhere , tested with several headsets like logitech g430 or sennheiser gsp 300 , my question is , if i can get more volume than that buying a sound...
  35. H

    Solved! Looking for a usb sound card and phantom power supply the BM 700 condenser microphone is most compatible with

    Hello again everyone, so I just found the things that my condenser microphone needed to work properly. However, I don't want to make a mistake on buying wrong product. So I was wondering what's the most fitted and budget saving usb sound card and phantom power supply for the BM 700 condenser...
  36. K

    usb soundcard mic plays output

    hey i have this wierd problem whit my new roccat juke, the mic want to play output sound. and when i turn the mic sound on max whit boost on 20. then it can record mic sound that are heavely muffled. everything looks as it should in output and input. also tryed difrent usb ports. cant connect my...
  37. A

    Games don't output anything to the subwoofer channel.

    Greetings, So I recently bought the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 (True 7.1) and a ASUS STRIX RAID DLX soundcard to drive it as listed by Razer as a supported soundcard. My issue is that when I go into games they don't output anything in the subwoofer channel, but all the other channels have activity in...
  38. C

    HELP: How to use speaker and headphone at the same time

    Hey guys, I have a sound card installed and its currently occupied by my speaker. How can I use it for my headphone together instead of plugging into the speaker's crappy port? Does dual mini extender affect the audio quality? Note that my machine is placed under the desk so even with headphone...
  39. stratoz99

    Virtual surround question

    Hi I get new headphones soon AKG K702 and need some advice on best soundcard for gaming virtual surround my 2 choices is Soundblaster Z or Asus STRIX RAID DLX i wonder wich hardwear and controll softwear will give me the best game sound ?
  40. I

    Logitech Z906 Surround System, rear speakers too low.

    Hi All I need some help with my new Z906 I recently bought. Everything is connected correctly and the hardware sound test passes fine, I can hear loud white noise from every speaker (including the rear ones) and low rumble from the sub-woofer. Since during the test an LED on the console lights...
  41. C

    soundcard question help

    ok hello i have a question, im planing to get a sound card for my head phones but my speakers plug into my computer and my headphone plug into my speaker so will the sound card still work on my headphones??? Computer>speakers>headphones (my speakers are the bose champion 20 it has a round thing...
  42. L

    Sound issues suddenly

    Hi, when i start my pc now my right earphone is louder than the left earphone, plugged into an asus sound card on windows 10. After turning on the pc when I check the balance, the right ear is on 100% and left on 50% , when i raise left to 100% then lower the overall volume, it lowers the left...
  43. D

    Sound card driver problem. Please help :)

    My sound stopped working on my laptop, it's saying that no device is installed in sound settings. Should i install new sound card driver or ask for refund. My sound is not working from the night my battery went almost fully dead (sleep mode and can't turn it on). Also i was installing Nvidia...
  44. R

    Best internal/external soundcard for for 2.1 music playback

    Looking for the best set up for high quality music with desktop system. I have a pair of Vanatoo Transparent 1's with an optical input. I have been using a desktop with an internal soundcard with an optical output and a good quality optical cable to the Vanatoos. Great sound! I recently had...
  45. R

    Desktop Audio--External Sound Card vs other options

    I work with Premiere Pro and Audition almost daily. I recently rebuilt my main production machine using an MSI motherboard. Unfortunately, the Realtek/Nahimic onboard drivers/DAC produce sound that is nothing short of abysmal. Although I love my Grado headphones, I don't like wearing them for...
  46. D

    Audio Only Reaches Monitor, Never Headphones

    Just bought a new pair of headphones that go into the rear green and pink ports. The headphones work on every device in the house and when I use VGA they work as well. I only use VGA for onboard graphics and using it would defeat the purpose of having a GPU so now I use HDMI from my GPU to my...
  47. Y

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm with Asus Xonar Phoebus Solo?

    Im looking into buying the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohms but I'm not sure if my Soundcard can handle the 250 Ohm version, I own a Asus Xonar Phoebus Solo.
  48. J

    Help with amp/dac

    I have recently been looking into the Beyerdynamic dt990 250 Ohm headset. What would be the best amp and or DAC to use with this headset. There has been some similar posts but it either didn't have an exact answer to what i wanted to know or was outdated and thought maybe some newer advice would...
  49. T

    Do all headsets with usb connector instead of the 3,5mm have their own external sound cards?

    I have a huge problem with the level of the noise that my mainbord (soundcard) can produce. Its so low that its impossible to use it for playing games if using headsets. Its realtek audio sound card. If I am playing on speakers its allright but if I plug in my headsets (3,5mm) its way too quiet...
  50. A

    can i buy a sound card to make my computer 5.1 surround compatible?

    my build doesn't allow any surround sound so I'm wondering if i buy and install a sound card with the proper inputs would that make my speakers work as they should? Right now I have some Logitech ones that all work but it is simply split between all the speakers with only 2 channels. this is...
  51. L

    Realtek HD manager - changes do not affect

    Hello guys, I am sure that there are a lot of people ''good with sound''. I have a brand new pc.. and I can not apply any changes in Realtek HD manager. I am almost changing everything and nothing is happening. For example sound effects.. bass level and so on. Do you have any idea what is...
  52. luzhun

    What is the BEST setup for SPDIF Dolby Digital Audio?

    Hello. Here are the specs of the PC: OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Sound Card: Sound Blaster Zx - PCI x4 slot Speaker System: 2 Logitech Z-5500 surround sound systems hooked to an optical splitter Cabling: THX Certified Fiber Optic Cables going out of the Z5500 Control pods into an optical splitter...
  53. D

    After Sound Card Driver Updating, No Sound from Speakers or Earphones.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P50t-B. I updated my Realtek audio HD drivers and now I do not have any sound from my speakers OR my earphones. I have already tried the following: 1) Rolling back drivers. 2) Uninstalling and re-installing the Realtek drivers. 3) The Microsoft audio drivers do not...
  54. MART3R

    Audio: How can I connect my DAC to my Desktop?

    Ive recently bought a SD-793II amp/dac from SMSL. It came with nothing other than a power cable so I would like to know what cable I need to go out and buy to connect it to my PC's motherboard. My MOBO is the Gigabyte GA-Z270x-UD3. There isnt much in the way of audio ports on the IO and there...
  55. M

    Edifier S760D and ZXR soundcard

    Good evening everyone, first of all please assume I know very little about high end audio, and thank you for time and patience. I'm trying to get the best audio quality out of my S760D 5.1 speakers(, they do not have a HDMI out, so...
  56. S

    G430 USB Soundcard compatible with other headsets?

    Recently I bought the HyperX cloud revolver headset, and was wondering what 7.1 Surround sound options I had. I'm currently using Razer Surround, but I tried using the USB Soundcard. It decreased the sound and mic quality for my revolver headset, so I just tried plugging the mic into the 50mm...
  57. V

    Windows doesn't recognize my sound board or driver maybe

    So, out of nowhere, not a windows update or any program installed, my laptop Inspiron-7520 stoped recognizing my sound, there's just an X on the trail, and windows solution says it can't identify the problem (image 1). Also I've already tried downloading and installing the newest drivers: the...
  58. N

    Sound Blaster Z problems

    I have a Sound Blaster Z sound card for 2 years and I there were no problems with it. Yesterday I bought two JBL Lsr 305's. I connected them and everything was fine. Today I turned on my pc and there was no sound. I tried rebooting and uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but it didn't fix...
  59. hunterheros666

    Solved! I'm looking for a good Sound Card

    I'm getting Into Pc gaming and am looking for a sound card that has a headset jack, Not much else. If you guys have any suggestions under $50 that would be awesome, Thanks :D
  60. L

    Motherboard or dedicated sound card for audio?

    I want to know if I should buy a dedicated sound card for better audio quality. I am somewhat of an audiophile and also a video editor. Most of my work is visual, but sound is just as important (yet usually requires less work on my part). Sound includes recorded audio from microphones, music...