Output sound through both HDMI and dedicated sound card


Jan 26, 2018

Here's the issue... I'm trying to have both my headset and my speakers play at the same time.
Headset is connected to an Asus Soar dedicated sound card via a jack.
Speakers are built-in in my monitor, connected via DisplayPort.

Before having the sound card i used to have the headset plugged into the motherboard and used the stereo mix to play sound through the monitor, and everything was working fine.

Now, with the headset plugged into the sound card, the stereo mix isn't working anymore (apparently it can only listen to sound produced on the motherboard integrated sound system - realtek high definition audio - not the sounds of the whole computer).

Now, is there any silution using any windows or asus settings or third party programs to have my speakers play my computer sounds again without the need of replugging my headset into the motherboard everytime i want my speakers to play aswell?


Jul 8, 2008
Not easily. There's a handful of applications that allow you to override the default audio output device, so you can make those specific applications output to one audio device while the rest of the system outputs to another. Aside from that, there really isn't an easy way I know of to do what you want. Why there isn't a launch option to do exactly the above is beyond me...