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  1. R

    Solved! Have a Pioneer LaserDisc player with coaxial output how do I hook it up to a smart TV

    I have a Pioneer LaserDisc player how he has coaxial output for the signal what do I
  2. S

    Why are there no laptops with open air style coolers?

    Since most graphics cards are using open air coolers, as they prove to be more effective at dissipating heat, why are there no laptops (that I can find) that use this design in cooling? I know this seems like a silly question, but I'm just curious because laptops are getter more...
  3. H

    Solved! Hi. I have a very similar issue. And have lost nearly all hope. PLEASE HELP!

    In a very similar kind of predicament. I have an old Samsung SGH-E317 clamshell-style cell phone with pictures on it that I'd like to transfer to a computer (MAC or desktop). I've tried lots of things. Purchased a "data-sync cable". Didn't do anything. Took the phone and its SIM card to a CVS...
  4. D

    How can I activate my style 4 if it was not scanned from Wal-Mart

    I have a stylo 4 phone that has not been activated by the store how can I activate this phone? I dont have the receipt
  5. K

    want to reset but don't remember password for fujitsu stylistic q552

    My dad just found a Fujitsu stylistic q552 that he used a long time ago. He wants to try to see if it still works but he doesn't remember what the password was. Is there anything we can do?
  6. A

    Solved! HTML/CSS problem, Can someone find my mistake?

    I have just began coding in HTML and I am getting ready for my first exam but I have already found a problem. I can not align side div to the left side, two divs are acting as one even tho I have chosen different classes. Also I do not now how to move up Contacts and About tab a bit. Here it is...
  7. I

    Trying to connect my dp311 direct tv box to my new 49” 4K uhd lg

    Having trouble with opposite style hookups from my to my tv
  8. L

    Is it possible to activate a stolen Nextbook nx16

    Ok in style
  9. Y

    I cancel TV program called star before the 23rd and they took money out my account bank account

    A free try out on TV program called Style I had to the 23rd to cancel I cancel it on the 15th March 2:15 I do not have that on my phone and I would like my money back they took out my bank account on the 23rd of March
  10. V

    Help my lg phone shut down by itself!

    how do i turn on my lg x style that shut down while i was playing a game! Now it wont turn on at all!!
  11. H

    How to boot dvdram in UEFI Mode

    Hi I cant boot on DVDRAM in UEFI Mode I want to convert my partion style from MBR to GPT but to install windows on GPT partition you need to boot on DVDRAM in UEFI mod (what i got from Google so far ) In bios boot option select uefi dvdram screen blinks but nothing happens What do i do
  12. S

    Need storage space

    Need storage for my android style 3 what's best options
  13. Tom Tancredi

    VR Help Please?

    Hello all, Been a but behind on keeping up on this part of the tech, but I seen the latest 'setup' is a 'holodeck' style involving the cameras, a real life room to walk around in, etc. I am NOT seeking that level of VR. What I am looking for is a simple heaset that does the following...
  14. S

    Will the audioengine d1 output direct to bookshelf style speakers without using their cd player/amp?

    I'm getting a pretty annoying hissing sound through my kenwood hifi speakers which were purchased many years ago as they still have a tape player built in. I think this hissing sound is introduced by the amp built into the stereo that powers the speakers as it happens at all volume levels and...
  15. K

    Unable to access Galxy S tab. Ketboard is on a Differeny style, wont accept passwprd. Alsp top L corner said no GPS, Now says

    I am of the latter generation. still self teaching. what is a thread. Q in box above thank you
  16. M

    I am looking for a replacement batter for a Lenovo Yoga 12 (2nd Generation) Thinkpad, the batter style is a Li-Polymer 8-cell

    I am looking for a replacement batter for a Lenovo Yoga 12 (2nd Generation) Thinkpad, the batter style is a Li-Polymer 8-cell 47wh, can you tell me what model number the battery that works with this think pad is? Thanks
  17. A

    I want Tom's Hardware to stop interfering with my computer

    Tom's Hardware is sending notifications facebook style(but without asking me) while browsing the internet If many people have the same problem and find no solution we can take legal action.
  18. R

    CCleaner window messed up

    I'm on Win 7 x64. Ccleaner was showing it's appropriate window style which is like this: But for some unknown reason it got messed up and now shows like this: How did that happen and how can I fix it? Thanks.
  19. C

    Durable Business Style Laptops

    I'm on the market again for a well built laptop. I haven't bought a system since 2009 and my current system is still running strong. Running an Alienware M17x R1. Laptop Musts; - Strong very durable Case. - Hardware that will last 5-6 years minimum. - Large battery. Time is important. - 17"+...
  20. A

    Good old days laptops

    So as title says i want to buy old style laptop. So i need old laptop with minimum things:USB support is main thing i want in laptop and second is at least 32mb video ram.. Please help. And if you know some good example the you can send me link. I buy from Aliexpress. I have there good deals...
  21. N

    Open headphones with mic attachment

    Hey guys, I'm new so sorry if this is already answered. I am looking at buying an open style gaming headphones with attachable mic. My one concern is that I'm going to be bothering all my friends if my mic picks up the sound coming from the headphones. Is this likely to happen? I was...
  22. S

    Chiclet style keycap not going back into place ASUS G75V

    I took off one keycap (left arrow key) to clean the surrounding metal better, and I've got the assembly in and what not, but the top half of the key refuses to snap into place leaving an angled key with the bottom half snapped into place but the top you can still pull up with ease. I have no...
  23. J

    Good cheap Headphones

    Im looking for a good high quality headphones not made in the new style with amped base, i just want a good pair of over-ear headphones that i can use with my usb mic so i dont just have a dangling cord from my headset where the mic would plug in.
  24. bmbuilder14

    Grainy/Blurry Text on Samsung 32"

    I am having an issue with my Samsung 32" 1080p UN32EH5000 series TV where the text on screen is grainy and blurry. The picture itself is actually really good but the text is kinda off.. [/URL][/img] [/URL][/img] [/URL][/img] I am not hooked up to any PC this is just a my Xbox 360 hooked up...
  25. R

    Which laptop is better, power vs style

    Hey, I've been searching for hours and gone through many laptops. These are what my choices have come down to. Can you guys say which would be better or suggest something of equal value. I know the envy has more power but the flex is better for portability and i like the flip screen. Flex has...
  26. M

    Chiclet Keyboards ideal for gaming

    So I've been nosing around amazon lately looking for gaming keyboards, and I've noticed that there are no chiclet style keyboards (I can't stand the feel of mechanical) that are good for gaming. Before you say ANYTHING about that razer one, I'm gonna point out that I DON'T have a bottomless...
  27. B

    Alternative Mount for Blue Yeti Microphone

    I purchased a Blue Yeti Microphone. http:// I have the stand and filter for it and everything, but I need an actual Microphone mount for it. However the official Blue Yeti Microphone Shock Mount is too expensive for me. http:// Does someone know of any alternative mount that still works but...
  28. F

    help finding a good laptop for college

    What is your budget? $1000-2000 What country will you be buying this in? united states What size notebook do you prefer?< Thin and Light (13 - 14-inch screen) What brands do you like or dislike? Like: any brand Dislike: HP Would you consider a refurbished laptop? Yes What are the primary...
  29. H

    Transferring content from phone to pc yoyo style

    Transferring content from samasung galaxy s2 to pc then from pc back phone gives me the message your files may not play on the device are you sure u want to transfer them etc.. and I'm wondering why its saying that? I've connected my phone via usb cable and I'm not using kies. This is straight...
  30. N

    Tandberg old style speakers with connector things at the end, rather than just speaker wire

    Trying to figure out how to connect to my amp which just has red and black input as per the usual, but my Tandberg speakers (which I got off ebay and am really excited about) have output that I have never seen before... Thanks for any help you can provide
  31. amuffin

    Panasonic GX7 Released! All of that 4/3 goodness packed into a stylish NEX 6/Fuji X-E1 style body. Also includes a flipping EVF!
  32. QilleRz

    About my charging style

    Hello, the situation is here. I just bought a new laptop Dell Inspiron 14 with Li-Ion battery of 65Wh. My question is, is there any defect to my battery if I am not oftenly charge my battery to it full power then I put it out to run the laptop in AC power supply without the battery? The...
  33. R

    Looking for low cost gaming laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop, 15.6 in. is fine. Must be capable of running low to medium style MMO type games. Any thoughts are welcome.
  34. K

    looking for a budget stereo Bluetooth headset

    want one with this style,2817,2372054,00.aspno please do not suggest the Motorola s 10 just one looking like that i heard it was uncomfortable want one that does not stop working from sweat i don't sweat alot so to sum it up i want one with that design sweat...
  35. C

    2.1 Speakers under £40

    I;m looking for 2.1 speakers with a maximum budget of £40, so far i have found two sets of speakers-Logitech z323 and Edifier Life Style E1100 Plus. Does anyone know which of these two is better or if there are any better speakers out there for the same price, let me know.
  36. exfileme

    W3C Investigating DRM-Style System for HTML5

    The W3C is looking to build a DRM-type system for protected content delivery through HTML5. W3C Investigating DRM-Style System for HTML5 : Read more
  37. JMcEntegart

    Gangnam Style Beats Bieber as Most Watched YouTube Video

    Oppa Gangnam Style! Gangnam Style Beats Bieber as Most Watched YouTube Video : Read more
  38. S

    JQuery click function

    Hi people, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here? The following is opening in a Fancybox iframe lightbox: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">...
  39. G

    Burn Note Unveils Self-Destructing Messages

    There is a new messaging service that allows users to send, depending on your preference, James Bond style messages. Burn Note Unveils Self-Destructing Messages : Read more
  40. T

    Best free type of file manager, and photo veiwer?

    what is the best type of file man. and Photo Viewer? i tired how how windows does there filing and how over all plain it is.. (better style then XP) but i like to have something with more ability and better viewing for the folders and or Photos.. (i do use Irfan View 4.25 (i was thinking more...
  41. G

    Escort Tablet-style Radar Detector for Nerdy Drivers

    So this is what Smokey and The Bandit looks like in the 21st century. Escort Tablet-style Radar Detector for Nerdy Drivers : Read more
  42. al man

    HTML/CSS: Hover declarations will make other elements to move down.

    Hi there! I'm a rookie on HTML/CSS on & I'm learning on the road. I'm doing ULs: They're displayed in blocks, & the padding increase when hovered, along with other funny changes. Thing here's that the other HTML elements, like a <P> will go jump down a few pixels/lines when hovering a...
  43. callumparker666

    Assembly: where to start

    i need help getting started with this, i need dox on the language and i need how to actually program with it. im thinking of using MASM with some visual style IDE but need help on starting. any ideas?
  44. G

    DIY Fallout 3 Helmet for your New Vegas Trip

    Travel the Wastelands in style with a custom Brotherhood of Steel T-45d helmet. DIY Fallout 3 Helmet for your New Vegas Trip : Read more
  45. B

    Help me

    i have a sony a alpha slt-a33l digital slr camera and i travel alot. i need a goo bag to carry with me, i would prefer a backpack style bag. i have been looking around and have found several that i liked. one that really stood out was one i found on a site called it was a backpack...
  46. G

    Play 8-Bit Style with this Guitar Built from a NES

    Can't get that 8-bit theme out of your head? Then bring it out with this one-of-a-kind guitar. Play 8-Bit Style with this Guitar Built from a NES : Read more
  47. G

    Tony Hawk's New Skateboard Packs a V-8 Punch

    V8 Supercars love Tony Hawk so much they want to sate his need for speed, Need for Speed style. Tony Hawk's New Skateboard Packs a V-8 Punch : Read more
  48. G

    Giant Robot's Famicom Scion

    Pimp your ride, 8-bit style. Giant Robot's Famicom Scion : Read more
  49. G

    The Watch Inspired by the Norse Doomsday

    It's the watch that commemorates the end of the world in style. The Watch Inspired by the Norse Doomsday : Read more
  50. G

    It's a Truck, USB Hub, and Card Reader

    This all-in-one peripheral lets you roll out in style. It's a Truck, USB Hub, and Card Reader : Read more
  51. G

    Science Brings Invisibility One Step Closer

    Very soon, you'll be able to skulk around, Solid Snake style. And we don't mean in that cardboard box either. Science Brings Invisibility One Step Closer : Read more
  52. G

    Get Stylish With Oakley's New 3D Glasses

    Oakley's new 3D GASCAN deliver style and improved optics for 3D movie goers Get Stylish With Oakley's New 3D Glasses : Read more
  53. G

    Solar Energy Panels for the Style-Conscious

    Because expensive flat panels are so last year. Solar Energy Panels for the Style-Conscious : Read more
  54. G

    Live Through Disasters in Style

    Ji Loy provides colorful housing for those who’ve nowhere to crash. Live Through Disasters in Style : Read more
  55. G

    Coral Reef Light: Style + Savings

    Here's a conversation piece that also lights up the room for less energy. Coral Reef Light: Style + Savings : Read more
  56. Marcus Yam

    If Only the Graphics of Halo Could Look This Good

    Halo done LARPing style. If Only the Graphics of Halo Could Look This Good : Read more
  57. E

    Recommended earphones

    Hello, I want to buy a new earphones, and I need a Recommendation. It should be around the price 30$ and I want it to be "in ear" style and it need to be a Noise-Isolating earphones. That's about it. More or less like this earphones...
  58. JMcEntegart

    The $15,000 Toilets at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

    Sure, everybody poops, but does everybody poop in style? The $15,000 Toilets at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding : Read more
  59. G

    Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication''

    Enjoy the style points of a wine dispenser—so long as you're near a wall socket. Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication'' : Read more
  60. G

    Toshiba Libretto W100 Hands-On Gallery

    We get our hands on Toshiba's two touch-screened Libretto W100 tablet, take a lot of pictures, and decide whether chunky power can compete with iPad style. Toshiba Libretto W100 Hands-On Gallery : Read more