Will the audioengine d1 output direct to bookshelf style speakers without using their cd player/amp?


Sep 19, 2012
I'm getting a pretty annoying hissing sound through my kenwood hifi speakers which were purchased many years ago as they still have a tape player built in.
I think this hissing sound is introduced by the amp built into the stereo that powers the speakers as it happens at all volume levels and then not when turned to 0 volume.
Is it possible to connect up the speakers direct to the rca outputs on the back of my d1, would it be able to power them? They are only 20w 6ohm speakers and the kenwood stereo supplies them with 15w rms as per the sticker on the front.
is there another way to stop the hissing?
You can't connect passive speakers to the line level output of the D1. It's not designed to drive speakers. You need some kind of amp to do that.
If the noise is a constant buzz or hum it could be a ground loop. You can use an audio isolator in between the DAC and amp to break the ground connection in the audio cables.
More info on ground loops here
Do you hear the noise when the DAC is disconnected from the amp?
If you do then you would probably need to replace the amp. A small digital amp would drive the speakers fine.
If you don't hear any noise then it isn't coming from the old amp. There are multiple volume controls in your setup.
There is the PC volume control. This usually would be set full up. Then you have the DAC and amp volume controls. You can try adjusting them to minimize the noise. Turn the DAC volume down and bring the amp volume up until you hear some noise. Turn it down a bit so you no longer hear any and leave it here. Then use the DAC control for volume.
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