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  1. R

    Asus vivo book flip14 bug

    Hi there My Asus VivoBook Flip 14 has been having some bugging; it freezes when I charge it for the past few weeks. It seems like i cannot use the laptop while charging. If I charge while using it, it freezes and I have to switch it on. If i switch it on while it is charging it freezes again. So...
  2. G

    The Best Father's Day Tech Gifts

    Whatever the need, we've got gadgets on this list for every kind of dad, be it the kind who grills (burgers), chills (beers) or racks up kills (in Battlefield). The Best Father's Day Tech Gifts : Read more
  3. G

    Buying the Perfect Holiday Gift: A Shopping List from the Tom's Guide Community

    Our personality-driven gift guides offer ideas and perfect picks for every person on your list, from the easiest to the pickiest! Buying the Perfect Holiday Gift: A Shopping List from the Tom's Guide Community : Read more
  4. G

    Vote Now! Tom's Guide Community Best Tech Value Awards

    We've launched the Tom's Guide Community Best Tech Value Awards — a program that lets you vote on the products that provide the best bang for your buck. Vote Now! Tom's Guide Community Best Tech Value Awards : Read more
  5. Nerdy Nerd

    Discussion: HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift

    So this is a discussion as you can tell by the title. I want this to be a thread where people who are interested in VR (Virtual Reality) can go to see the differences between the two VR sets and what each VR has going for them. So things to talk about with each one is: 1. Price 2. Types of...
  6. T

    Laptop screen replacement

    I'm looking for lcd panel for dell xps 15 (40-50 ms way too slow). Specs : FHD, 120 hz, <25 ms (response time). So basically you just need the same pin and size right? Is it possible to find someone in London who is better then average technician who can rewire pin to the compatible one?
  7. T

    Battery in laptop

    Who will last the longest? 9 cell 83 whr, 8 cell 86 whr, 6 cell 99 whr? Absolutely identical configurations, technologies, soft. I could not find comparison because everybody reviews with different specs (that's unfair). I think I got wrong translation... fix me if I got it wrong again So I...
  8. Wayfall

    My 450D is constantly over-exposing

    Hi I have had my used 450D for over a year now, i love the, but i keep running into an overexposure issue. I 90% of the time use aperture priority No matter what metering, composer or settings my cam keep getting one stop overexposed and i have to exposure compensate or change it in light room...
  9. G

    How to use a combo jack with a headset.

    I bought a beexcellent headset and have a combo jack. However, when I plug it in I can't only use the headphones. How do I make it work without buying an adapter?
  10. R

    Need ultrabook recommendations

    Ok so i Have a idea for a gaming and school hybrid. There idea is to get a ultrabook for school; something with good battery life ,a decent display for content creation and at least a 13.3 inch display (also is 8 gigs of ddr4 ram enough for content creation?). The reason I'm calling this a...
  11. V

    ASUS X551M laptop won't turn on even though the lights indicate that is is?

    Evening, I've has this laptop for 2 years. It's an ASUS X551M. This problem happened about a month ago where I was surfing the net and out of nowhere my laptop turned off on me and I was never able to get it to work since. Both lights (power and the battery) work just fine. I was thinking it...
  12. G

    About Us

    Tom’s Guide upgrades your life by helping you decide what tech to buy, showing you how to get the most out of it and solving problems as they arise. About Us : Read more
  13. G

    Best Gifts for Your Nerdy Valentine

    When it comes to Valentine's Day gifting, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by stereotypical and overpriced choices. Here is our guide to the best and most memorable V-Day gifts. Best Gifts for Your Nerdy Valentine : Read more
  14. L

    Will this laptop run the Sims 4?

    Hi there, I'm planning on buying a HP-AY504TX 15" laptop. With these specs, will it run the sims 4 without looking grainy or poor? Will it look decent? The specs are: 6th Generation Intel CORE i7 Processor 6500U (2.5GHz, 3MB, L3 Cache) AMD Radeon R7 M440 (R16M-M1-70) with up to 2GB of GDDR3...