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    My older laptop reach 90+ dagrees

    I need so much help,i have old laptop about 7 year old Spec : AMD Turion II Mobile M520 2.30 Ghz ( dual core ) ATI Radeon Mobility 4530 RAM : 3 GB DDR2 When i idle temp are so high about 75 to 80 dagrees,when i gaming temps reach 90+ ....that is normal for old laptop?? ....but for SURPRISE...
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    I have toshiba 2010 and I'm gett ing 8 gigs of ram is that enough for waw?

    I have a old toshiba satellite and it getting 8 gigs of ram with a amd Turion 64x2 prosscer is that enought for waw gaming ?
  3. C

    HP Pavillion DV3 1075us CPU Usage 100%

    Hey forum! So I just refurbished my parents old HP Pavillion DV3 1075us laptop (one of those who "if you can fix it you can have it" deals). Well all of the repairs went well, I successfully replaced the broken screen, I reflowed the solder under the graphics chip to keep the black screen of...
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    Upon installing a new Amd Turion x2 cpu 35watt from a sempron cpu 25watt...1 ram stick?!

    Upon installing a new Amd Turion x2 cpu 35watt from a sempron cpu 25watt, the toshiba satellite l455d won't boot with an additional ram stick in the second slot (samsung 2gb). Do i toss the factory stick 2gb and purchase a 3gb instead?
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    Upgrading A Laptop CPU? Feasible? (Please Read!)

    So I have an old Gateway M-1624 with an AMD Turion 64x2 TL-60... It's old, but the laptop in general, still works fine. Through research, this laptop CPU shares a socket with many other CPU's in the Turion 64x2 series. I was looking to buy a 64x2 TL-68 and replace the existing CPU. But there...
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    acer 5532 u/graded cpu turion 64 ok for 1 day then l/top shut down burning smell,now no turn on

    please help,am a newbie to computers only knew how switch one on 12mths ago so ideas above my station when decided upgrade to turion 64,5532 keyboard+ trackpad not work after u/grade but usb one did l/top was speedy Gonzales and I was buzzing I managed it , l/top then shut down to protect system...
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    still need cpu. which.

    Should I replace the fried AMD Turion II with same or go with different/better?
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    can my laptop run GTA IV at or above 30 fps?

    My laptop specs are: AMD turion X2 dual core mobile RM-75 for processor 3:00 gb For RAM ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics 1407 MB Total available graphics memory 180 GB free (298 GB total) Would this be okay or Bad? Thanks
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    I have a Turion II and want to upgrade to a Phenom II in my laptop will it work

    Have an old Gateway laptop and found a Phenom II processor same wattage as my current process and I would like to upgrade it will it work in my laptop.
  10. S

    Drivers for my HP with AMD Turion

    Hello, I need drivers for my HP Pavillion dv6225us AMD Turion 64x2 T-50 dual core processor(s) for windows 7
  11. K

    Athlon or Turion on the same computer.

    Hello, HP Laptop w AMD Athlon™ II Processor, 14" Display, 3GB Memory,320GB Hard Drive, Radeon HD 4250 graphics or HP Laptop with AMD Turion II Processor with all else the same. Both are $399. Any preference or recommendations?
  12. K

    AMD Turion 2 vs. Intel Core i5

    Hello, I want to purchase new pc and have been told that the HP Laptop AMD Turion 2 Dual Core P540 Processor with 4 gb ram, 500 gb hd is as fast as the HP Intel Core i5-450M with Turbo Boost technology, 4 gb ram, 500 gb hard drive but the Intel is $200.00 more. I use laptop for web browsing...
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    Solved! Will starcraft 2 work with amd turion 64 X2

    I've got an HP pavilion entertainment PC with Nvidia 6150 Graphics chip running with the AMD Turion 64 X2 wondering if that will support Starcraft 2 if I go buy it.
  15. N

    Solved! I5 + Geforce 310 vs. Turion + Radeon 5470

    Two possible laptops near $700 I'm looking at: Dell Vostro 3500 with i5 430M/GeForce 310M and Acer Aspire AS5551G-4280 with Turion II P520/Radeon 5470. All other specs comparable. The Dell is on-sale for two days at $699 and Acer is $649 at Newegg. Can someone make a general comparison of...
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    Is amd turion good than intel i5 processor

    Hello, Is it better to buy laptops powering amd turion II M-520 processor than intel i5 processor for business?
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    Solved! Turion II Ultra Dual Core

    hi is this processor any good?
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    How to add Turion cpu support table to averatec 6240 bios

    Does anyone know how to add Turion cpu support table to averatec 6240 bios. I have averatec 6420 bios . I also have a MSI M630 bios with Turion support. Even though both laptops have same motherboard, the Averatec 6240 does not have Turion support in bios.Thanks in advance. :-)
  19. K

    Solved! Amd turion x2 review

    Hello, which AMD mobile processor is better than Intel® Core™ i7-820QM
  20. C

    Solved! HD 4530 w/ QL-64 vs HD 4200 w/ Turion M600

    I am deciding between two sperate laptops. Both have 4GB of DDR2 @ 667. One is the Gateway 5387u -IGP ATI HD4200 -AMD Turion II Ultra Dual Core M600 @2.4Ghz The Other is the HP DV6Z -ATI HD4530 -AMD Athlon x2 QL-64 @2.1Ghz (Sorry, all I could find is an ebay link. That is...
  21. G

    Solved! AMD Turion X2 RM 74

    I am Mechanical Engineering Student. I would like to use my laptop for running Cad. Pl. suggest me whether I should go for Intel chip or take AMD. Iwas told AMD has 64 bits fast processor.
  22. S

    Solved! AMD Turion 2 Ultra vs. Intel i3 M330

    Which is faster in mulit-tasking and video streaming, Amd Turion 2 Ultra or Intel i3 M330?
  23. N

    Solved! Is AMD Turion II Dual-Core better than intel Core2 Duo

    is AMD Turion II Dual-Core better than intel Core2 Duo??? if yes than how?? wich one should i prefer to buy??
  24. A

    Solved! Amd turion x2 dual core mobile vs intel core 2 duo

    In HP TouchSmart the processor is AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core mobile. How does it compare with a machine having Intel Core2 Duo type processor?
  25. D

    Compare intel core 2 duo with amd turion 64x2

    which one is better between the two
  26. P

    T7300 vs Turion rm72?

    I just recently returned a laptop purchase because I hated the keyboard on it and the speed wasn't that great on Vista. It featured a Turion rm72 processor with 3 gb's of ram and a hd3200. Now, I'm looking into purchasing a Lenovo Thinkpad off of ebay, specifically the t61 which features the...
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    AMD Turion equals what from intel.

    could you please tell me if a AMD Turion is equal to a Centrino 2 or a Core 2 duo? 2 salesmen have told us conflicting answers. i am buying a laptop for home and manily internet use. Would appreciate you opinion. thankyou.
  28. tacashion

    Presario V5000 series CPU upgrade

    I have a Presario V5119US laptop and would like to upgrade the CPU. It has an AMD Turion ML-32 and I would like to install an AMD Turion ML-44. The only differences that I can find is a speed increase from 1.8 Mhz to 2.4 Mhz and an L2 cache increase from 512 kb to 1Mb. Does anyone know of any...
  29. H

    what do you think about HP DV5 ???

    I tending to buy a new laptop the best brand offering the top technology (Centreno2 and Turion Ultra) in Egypt is HP I had a bad experience with my ld DV6000 that was running with AMD Turion X2 as the broad broke several times in short time the new DV5 is supplied with nVidia board on...
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    The Turion 64 Inside Story Part II

    please try to keep the detail clear the pictures above are not explained clearly
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    RAM upgrade on turion tl-60

    Hello I have a Turion TL-60 (Tyler) notebook and im thinking about upgrading RAM from 2GB ddr2-667mhz to 4GB ddr2-800mhz (as i know 65nm Turions, which I have, support 800Mhz RAM modules). Then i found the page, which says that you get high performance only with the right memory. link is...
  32. K

    Cheap Laptop: Turion X2 or Core 2 Duo

    Hey Guys: I'm looking at low end laptops as a Christmas wishlist item but I'm more confused than ever about CPU choices and designations. :) I'd be running Audio VSTs for music creation and a few games. The budget is limited and I've zeroed in on a couple of Turion X2 RM-70 based systems...
  33. J

    Question about laptop

    Hello, I want to buy a laptop, but have some questions. 1. what vga card is better ? Geforce 8600M GS or the Radeon mobility HD2400. 2. are the following cpu's any good ? AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 and AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 If I should choose between...
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    HP Adds AMD's Turion 64 to Its Notebook Power Equation

  35. J

    Athlon vs. Turion

    I'm looking to buy a budget laptop. I'm replacing my old Pentium 4 desktop. I don't do high-end graphics work - mostly web, MS Office, some database work. No CAD or gaming. I found a Compaq system in Staples for $399 on sale. It has only 1GB of RAM, but I'd replace that. I thought it had a...
  36. M

    AMD Turion 64 X2 and budget of USD $1250 (approx.)

    Hi, Due to cost reason I am thinking of buying a bit less expensive Laptop... I have some question related to the thread's subject: ■I assume that amongst AMD processors, AMD Turion 64 X2 is the fastest available for laptops. Right? ■What are the disadvantages if I buy a Laptop which has AMD...
  37. S

    Notebook: Athlon 64 x2 or Turion 64 x2 ?

    Hello .. I am trying to get a notebook for general purpose use. Now i have to decide which one i can get? I can get a Athlon 64 x2 Dualcore TK-53 or for 50$ more, i can get similar system with AMD Turion 64 X2 Dualcore TL-56 which one is to get? Thank you very much
  38. D

    Centrino vs. Turion for my next laptop?

    I'll be buying a laptop soon and am trying to decide whether I should get one running a Centrino or a Turion. Does anyone know what kind of battery life I can expect from an AMD-powered machine? Also, does anyone have specific machines you can suggest? I'll want 1 GB of RAM minimum, mid- to...
  39. Z

    Which laptop would be faster?

    A core 2 duo merom with a x1800, or a turion with 1 7900 gs 256 megs? The core 2 duo would be better then the turion, but the 7900 gs would probably be better then the x1800... Then again, since the turion is sli, it would be better in all, but I'm talking stock, esp. since the core 2 system...
  40. killernotebooks

    Core2Duo vs. Turion X2 Dual Core... which performs better?

    Which performs better Intel Core Duo or the AMD Turion X2 Dual Core? THAT, is the $64,000 question, isn't it? The simple answer is the AMD Turion X2 (hereafter (TuX2) is faster than the Core Duo. The Intel Core 2 Duo (hereafter; C2D), is mostly faster than the TuX2. BUT, here is the thing, the...
  41. L

    Notebook battery life - Turion vs Centrino

    I was wondering, since the AMD Turion has Cool n Quiet, if this means that the battery life is significantly longer (since most of the time I'd imagine mine would be using Word and so on). Also, I'd imagine that Dual Core versions of these processors (not sure if AMD has a dual core notebook...
  42. 3Ball

    Processor Compatability with HP dv8000z and Turion MT-37!!!

    Need some help here! Do you guys think that a AMD Turion MT-37 will work in this laptop? Just curious...my rents just bought me this laptop without me knowing and I thought I would put a bit better proc in it! Laptop...
  43. R

    17'/19' Turion X2 Laptops

    When are we going to see any quality large screen Amd Turion X2 laptops? I've been waiting about a month now (the time that i was advised would take companies to come out with these laptops) and every day I've been searching the big companies for these laptops, but I've found nothing. The only...
  44. D


    [/b]Anybody know anything about Averatec? I'm looking at their Turion's, cheap and inexpensive. Sure, the brand isn't all that good, but are they THAT bad? (for the price...)
  45. A

    overclocked Turion

    I overclocked my Acer Ferrari 4005 very well with all stock cooling. I raised the system clock to 220 which got the ML 37 running at 2200 mhz. I had to raise the vcore from the stock 1.35 to 1.4. The ATI x700 was clocked from 358/330 to 410/380. The most amazing thing though is that i got the...
  46. K

    Athlon 64 4000 vs Turion 64 Mt40

    I know the 4000 is a little faster i think its 2.6ghz and the mt40 is 2.2 ghz. My question is. Would the performance difference for gaming on these two be worth sacrificing the battery life? I figure the .4 in clock speed wouldnt make much difference. But im not sure about the Athlons Turion...
  47. A

    AMD Turion (Asus A6KT) How is it?

    Hi, Guys... I am a student in Hamburg (Germany).. in search of an overall good notebook i found AMD Turion Notebook from ASUS (A6KT-Q001H) exact model not available on asus website :( Turion 64 Mobile MT-34,1024 MB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon X160015,4 at € 1199. U can find the link here...
  48. J

    question about dual turion

    Hey guys Did anyone hear anything about dual turion , or when it will be available for laptops?