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  1. M

    I forgot my screen lock on my alactle how can i unlock it without reseting it

    I forgot my screen pin and im locked out of my phone how can i unlock my phone without reseting it
  2. S

    Solved! sim network unlock pin Huawei p6

    sim network unlock pin
  3. I

    Solved! Pls I want to unlock my Verizon phone

    Network unlock code for unlock
  4. H

    How do i unlock my metro lg for free i havent had it for 90days

    I need help unlocking my metro lg that iv had for less than 90days so metro wont do it i need a free unlock coad
  5. W

    how to unlock the disa number :

    unlock the disa numbers
  6. S

    Solved! how do i unlock network on moto verizon XT1767

    how do i unlock network on moto verizon
  7. A

    how to unlock advanced options in HP HDX16 LAPTOP

    Hay all how can I unlock the bios in my hp hdx16 laptop to get access to advanced options ( ie FSB multiplier ) ? Many thanks
  8. M

    Unlock code for lg k450

    Need the network sim unlock codes for lg k450 on cricket mobile network. Removed
  9. J

    Unlock code for a Motorola e5 cruise

    Has anyone obtained the unlock code for the Motorola e5 cruise?
  10. B

    Lost Moto e4.

    Unlock a phone that I lost, locked & then found. Moto e4, service carrier was Verizon prepaid
  11. M

    Solved! so if your phone is gsm unlocked, can you use it already in different countries?

    goodmorning guys, i am confused with the gsm unclocked and factory unlock, can you guys help me with the question? it would be a very big help. thank you
  12. M

    Solved! I have an iphone 5s I no longer use from straight talk wireless. Can i get it to work on tracfone wireless?

    I'm looking to give my son my old straight talk iPhone 5s to work on a Tracfone service plan. Would that work? Is there anything special I need to do?
  13. K

    Solved! how do i unlock sim card for galaxy j3 luna pro

    my phone say's that the sim card is locked how do I unlock it
  14. H

    what i do recover password form pst file

    How to crack password for PST file. My important data saved in PST file. But I forgotten password for MS Outlook PST file. Currently i am not understand. What may i. Sometime ago I export all data save in PST file format to MS Outlook email then I create a password for future data. So that no...
  15. S

    To unlock a crickit furtune

    Unlock code for a. Rickit furtune phone
  16. F

    I bought a used Toshiba laptop and don't have the password to unlock the lock screen,so I can get to the main screen, how can

    I bought a used Toshiba laptop and I don't have the password to unlock the lock screen so I can get to the main screen,how do I get it unlocked
  17. E

    bsnl sim sequarity pin lock

    Dear Sir, My BSNL Sim Security pin lock insert sim show so solve my sim unlock (open) decision as soon possible
  18. D

    Unlock code for straight talk network

    I need a code to get into my network!help!
  19. B

    How can i unlock my network on cricket lg m153

    My Network is locked i want to change from cricket to sprint
  20. E

    How to unlock my sim

    I have assurance wirelss sim i put in my matro phone its asking for sim unlock code how do i get it?
  21. J

    I forgot my phone lock code, may I request to unlock code urgent please my phone model Samsung SM-8105E

    On last week i made of phone lock but today on early morning my phone has inside my packet accidentally throwing during to remove of other thing then when i turn on again the said phone has requesting of phone lock but the said password i already forget, keypad only my phone with model SM-8105E...
  22. Astralv

    PKU locked on iPad

    This is iPad 3.-+* (I don't see iPad forum, sorry for posting it here) It has LTE option but I never had any service. This is not a phone. But I can't unlock my iPad. It says, PKU Locked. Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPad. And there is Unlock button. If I click, it gives me...
  23. R

    How to unlock galaxy core prime on metro pcs coverage

    Need unlock code so I can use another carrier
  24. C

    Unlock metro Alcatel for att

    I need to unlock my MetroPCS phone it's an Alcatel Fierce I needed to work on AT&T prepaid because when I went into the service they told me I would have service at my house I have coverage and I don't so I've already bought the phone I need to use it on another company
  25. N

    My sim card is lock i need my pukcode to unlock

    My number is removed by Moderator i cannot use it because my sim is lock and its asking me for pukcode which ive lost .can you send me my pukcode please
  26. N

    Solved! I have a samsung j3 prime..was given to me by a family member..cant unlock it thru metro pc app ..keeps saying "unlock denied"

    90 day plan of samsung j3 prime has come and gone...a phone which I received from a family member from u.s.a....im in Tonga...would like to use the phone in my region...can anyone help pls
  27. N

    Solved! Unlock LG-H320n Phone

    Hello, I have put a safaricom sim in my LG-H320n phone and it doesn't recognise the network. Is there a way around this? Many thanks! nk
  28. M

    Bypass unlock pin

    Forgot my pin and cant get in my lgm153
  29. S

    Lg fortune Sim bypass

    How do I get a Sim unlock code for lg fortune without paying and it won't let me connect to WiFi please help
  30. J

    Unlock lg stylo 3 from boost to att

    I want to unlock my lg stylo 3 from boost do i can put an att sim in it.
  31. C

    How do I unlock the tablet device itself without the sim

    I have a Sprint AQT100 Tablet and the device itself has me ocked out. How can I get it unlocked
  32. S

    how do I unlock a straight talk phone so I can use AT&T for my carrier

    I bought a straight talk phone that is locked. How do I unlock it?
  33. R

    Solved! How do I unlock keyboard

    Windows 7 on Dell Latitude e5500 I can't find the setting to take down on-screen keyboard and unlock physical keyboard
  34. M

    free unlock free unlock code for an iPhone 5

    Sprint iPhone Sprint iPhone 5 unlock code
  35. R

    how can I unlock screen from unresponsive possessor on samsung 10.1 tablet

    my tablet is locked up, the screen is lit but will go off from time to time however nonresponsive to any commands at all
  36. E

    How to unlock the locked network on my Kyocera Hydro Reach C6743 locked to Sprint network?

    Please Help me get the unlock code.... I was a student in USA and I was using sprint Network..as Time passes I graduated from The University and came back to my country Zambia..Now My phone network is locked... what am I suppose to do? Please help (Kyocera 6743
  37. A

    Solved! Hi. A have Toshiba satellite c505 with windows 7. And I need unlock Virtualization. But I can't find this options in BIOS.plea

    Hi. A have Toshiba satellite c505 with windows 7. And I need unlock Virtualization. But I can't find this options in BIOS.plea
  38. I

    Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock High-Rank Quests, Rewards, Weapons, and Armor?

    As you’ll progress through the monster hunter world, you may find a lot of stuff including quests, armors, and weapons labelled ‘low-rank’ that will leave you wondering if there are any ‘high-rank’ quests and how to get them unlocked? In this brief guide, you will learn how to unlock high-rank...
  39. I

    Monster Hunter World: All Palico Gadgets

    Knowing how to unlock all the Palico gadgets for your furry friends is an integral part of improving your skills in the monster hunter world. Palico gadgets are an excellent source of increasing your power and skills. Having all the Palico gadgets unlocked may even save your life at some point...
  40. I

    Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Aloy’s Bow?

    Monster hunter world offers players a whole range of weapons to play with. Admittedly, some of the weapons are incredibly powerful that could land critical damage to big beasts in almost no time with a single hit. As players require weapons to progress through the game, one of the important...
  41. H

    lg m153 unlock codes

    really wanna unlock my lg criket m 153
  42. D

    How to unlock iphone 7 plus wen reported

    Well I need sim unlock and reported to vanish
  43. C

    how this dongle unlock?

    [redacted] code please?
  44. A

    Solved! My window 10 is locked how do I unlock drivrt

    My pc drive where window 10 is installed is locked. How do I unlock it
  45. B

    Installing digital antenna for toshiba

    I'm trying to setup a digital antenna on a toshiba 40L5200U1. My only available choice under the setup installation screen is time zone. How do I unlock the other choices?
  46. P

    Fb is suppose to sns Me a unnlock code.. But they not sending no code as yet

    Fb is suppose to send Me a unnlock code.. But they not sending no code as yet to my cell number. What do I do to unlock my fb account
  47. H

    Unlock verizon metropcd

    I have an old moto android phone that was with Verizon. Already connected phone through metropcs but cant get into the phone as it wont accept the sim
  48. M

    Verizon to cellular one unlock code

    I have a cellular one sim card in my Verizon Samsung galaxy J1 it says her Verizon's unlock code to use this sim
  49. W

    How do I unlock without having service for over a year

    How do I unlock my Sims card on my TracFone without having service for a year
  50. P

    Unlock Moto e5 cricket to verizon

    Need to unlock my cricket Moto e5 cruise and use on verizon
  51. I

    Monster Hunter World: How to unlock Mega Man Armor?

    Monster hunter world is liked by players due to its fun and amazing features and details to even the tiniest aspect of the game. The more the detail, the more it gives the impression of it being a real-life experience. Being able to put armor your Palico character makes monster hunter world a...
  52. B

    Moto e5 play

    Need unlock code
  53. I

    Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock High-Rank Weapons?

    There are different levels in monster hunter world which continue to change as you solve more and more quests. You must have noticed while playing the game that a lot of quests, weapons, and armor sets are labelled as ‘low-rank’ in the MHW. It definitely makes many people wonder what does it...
  54. I

    Monster Hunter World: How melting pot works

    Once you delve deeper into the monster hunter world and complete the main quest, you’ll unlock an increasing number of vendors that you can use. All of the vendors you come by offer various resources in helping you improve your hunt. Be it botanical research garden or tailraiders; there’s always...
  55. F

    How can I unlock my vodaphone mobile because I forgot my google account that were rigister by the phone

    I don't remember my google account that was previously synced on my device
  56. C

    Samsung s3 sim network lock help plz

    Need an sim unlock pin plz
  57. T

    How can I unlock my metro phone to use a TracFone sim card

    How can I unlock my metro phone for a TracFone sim card
  58. H

    Hp6530b computer problems

    What is the key board unlock code for my HP6530b on windows 7 Ultimate thank you
  59. T

    Unlock code galaxy s7 att

    Unlock galaxy s7 att if theres any help thanks in advance
  60. A

    How to unlock ZTE z832

    How to unlock ZTE z832 currently locked with Cricket?