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    What video editing software should I use for Youtube?

    Hey guys. I want to start a youtube channel. What video editing software do you suggest me to use? I am not going to do a lot of editing. Just cuts and adding music. I want a free and lightweight software. Also easy to use.
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    gaming video editing laptop

    im looking for a gaming/video editing laptop to run sony vegas well and a few pc games like h1z1 and csgo. My max budget is around $750 but im willing to go a little higher. Im also willing to looking into a desktop
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    New to Video editing GOPRO

    Hello all, Im very new to video editing, we just went on vacation and i bought a gopro to document all the snorkeling and stuff we did in the bahamas. Im new to filming, i have all my GOPRO video backed up on my pc, ranging from 1080p 60 FPS footage to 2.7 k 60 FPS footage. Anyways i dont know...
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    God! Is it that good? The asus ZBP ux501vw in video editing

    I am planing to buy a laptop for past few month already.and I never have a actual solution. I have cheats few web and I work with premiere pro 2017 every day for my video work.i travel around to shoot video for people and I edit them on the go. So I check whole bunch of websites and somehow...
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    Need Video Editing Laptop for Travel - advice?

    Hi there, I'm a professional filmmaker always working on the go and needing to upgrade my equipment. In the past 5yrs i've used my HP Workstation (Elitebook 8560w i7 2.30Ghz 8GB RAM w/ Nvidia Quadro 2000M) - it's served me very well, though it's gotten so slow & laggy nowadays that it can...
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    ~$500 video editing laptop

    So my boss is looking for a laptop for video editing. He wants something around $500. I told him maybe tuff. Any suggestions will help.
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    Solved! Video Editing/Photo Editing with AMD e1-2100 radeon

    I want to use my laptop for photo/video editing with this low performance CPU (AMD E1-2100), and have found it to be ridiculously slow. I have a 4GB RAM, 500 GB (not SSD) hard disk. Is there anything I can do to use this laptop for editing; attaching an external GPU or something? If, 'no' is the...
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    Laptop for photoshop, lightroom and video editing

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop that can handle editing photos on photoshop, lightroom and for editing videos. I was told Asus are affordable and good quality. I'm wondering if it's possible to run these programs on the following laptops or would I need to invest in better ones? Asus...
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    Probably buying a Laptop, but I've no idea about anything. Please help.

    Ayy! My PC broke down and thanks to this great forum I hesitate with buying a new PC. I was told to wait for the Rayzen, or atleast to wait for Intel dropping prices. So i thought maybe it's a good idea to buy a laptop in the meantime. I don't know if the same things would apply to the Laptop...