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    VSDC Review: Video Editing the Old-Fashioned Way

    The interface may take some getting used to, but VSDC is a solid, reliable app for basic editing tasks. VSDC Review: Video Editing the Old-Fashioned Way : Read more
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    Which one is good for Programming and Video Editing ? MacBook Air 2017 i5 7th gen or HP Envy i5 8th gen? both have SSD's

    Which one is good for Programming and Video Editing ? MacBook Air 2017 i5 7th gen or HP Envy i5 8th gen? both have SSD's
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    Need help in selecting a PC for extensive photo editing and Graphic designing and decent video editing.

    Need help in selecting a PC for extensive photo editing and Graphic designing and decent video editing. Budget is not on the higher side.
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    Laptop Specifications Video Editing

    What are those laptop specifications required for video editing like adobe premiere, etc?
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    Looking for a video editing and gaming laptop

    Hi. I want to buy a laptop for gaming and 4k video editing. There are so many options and i am really confused on what to buy here are some of needs And my budget is around $1500-2000 Gaming:- be able to play almost all games for next 2-3 years and get a good fps Editing:- 4k, good color, good...
  6. K

    Every Video Editing Program Crashes

    Hey guys i'm trying to get my YouTube channel up and going again and no matter what program I use, either during import and shortly after import do my Software's crash and so does the file explorer. I have tried Adobe Premier Pro, Vegas Pro, 13,14,15, and nothing is working. No matter what I do...
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    Solved! Securty Camera Video editing software . . .

    VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE I need an video editing software program so I can patch together video clips from a home camera video security system for a court presentation Also can I do mutli camera patching so that the end result shows 2 or 3 cameras simultaneously on the screen at the same time...
  8. M

    Good video editing laptop

    Hi, I'm looking for a sub-$900 laptop that would be great for video editing and a few games. I'm not sure whether the newer i7-8550u would trump a 7700hq. Primarily use adobe elements premiere, I am not sure whether that software would utilize a GPU. It also can't have the gamer-esque look. Just...
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    can this gaming laptop suffice my professional needs or is it a waste buying it if I am not going to play any games?

    Hi, After so much of surfing and searching, I have finalized the laptop Asus ROG G501VW-FY120T Laptop (Core i7 6th Gen/16 GB/1 TB 128 GB SSD/Windows 10/4 GB). (link My professional...
  10. J

    13'' laptops for video editing?

    I am looking for a lightweight PC laptop which can handle a little video editing 13'' or 14'' in the £700 to £1000 price bracket. Any advice? I was looking at the HP Envy 13.3 but is had some bad review (for video editing). Also looking ant the Lenovo yoga 720, and looking and ASUS and...
  11. H

    help me find a laptop.

    hi, i am looking for a laptop. 1. What is your budget? max. £1000. 2. What screen resolution do you want? preferably 1080p+ 3. How much battery life do you need? minimum 6 hrs. 4. Do you want to play games with your laptop? If so then please list the games that you want to with the...
  12. P

    Best value laptops for video editing?

    I've been researching laptops for my GF who needs something on-the-go for light video editing and Photoshop work. Her budget is $700 or less, weight isn't a huge factor, and needs an SSD as going back to HDD would probably be shocking. I've kinda narrowed it down to these two, but am open for...
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    Looking for Laptop Capable of Video/Short Film editing

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a bit of help in searching for the ideal laptop. We're looking for something capable of handling video editing for short films and projects on the go. Now there are a couple of things I'm personally not aware of myself (like what brand of graphics card is more...
  14. M

    ASAP Asus ROG GL503 or Dell Alienware 15 or Lenovo Legion Y720

    Please tell Asus ROG GL503 or Asus Strix Hero or Dell Alienware 15 or Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop for HEAVY Video Editing task? Specs :- i7, 16 GB, 6 GB, 256 SSD Love from India ❤️!!!
  15. J

    Solved! Sony Vegas Video Preview Lagging

    Specs: i7-3770, 3.40 ghz GTX 1080 16gb ddr3 ram I have been using Sony Vegas 15 for a few months now with no problems. I recently switched over to using OBS for my recordings and have been experiencing a lot of problems with the preview window on sv15.I've been using OBS for 2 months now but...
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    Laptop or Portable LAN setup

    Hello all, This is my first time posting but I have browsed on the forums for a while. I currently own a ~£700 new integrated graphics dual-core 7th gen i7 laptop but need more power for video editing. My question is whether you think I should buy a low-mid range gaming laptop (£500-£800) mostly...
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    Premiere Pro unresponsive when using external monitor.

    Hey guys, Premiere Pro seems to lag significantly and ends up becoming unresponsive when I use an external monitor plugged into my laptop for editing videos. Does anyone know what may be causing the sudden lag and unresponsiveness? I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad P51 with a Xeon processor with...
  18. C

    Laptop Recommendation for Video Editing

    Any laptop recomdended? WIN10, i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 128SSD, 15.6', GTX 1050
  19. W

    Free video editing software

    I am guessing this is in the best place. Sorry if this has been asked many times before but I am looking for a good video editing software. Does Windows 10 come with this type of software? Not sure if possible but are there any free ones that don't leave a watermark? I been trying...
  20. 8

    Laptop for video editing

    I am wanting to do some video editing but I don't want to be tied down on my desktop all the time to do it. I would like a laptop that I can do some editing while I'm out of my house or maybe on the couch. I don't need it to be able to render the videos, I can use my desktop for that. Anyone...
  21. K

    Search Engine for Closed Captioning

    Does anyone know of an offline app where I can search the closed captioning of shows of videos on my HDD? I see videos created where apparently the show's scripts were combed through to create new content. Like a closed caption search engine. I need an offline one. I can't afford an online...
  22. J

    Which laptop would be better for video editing?

    Here are 2 laptops that interest me: Acer aspire e5 i5-6200 2.3ghz 4gb ram 1tb Acer f5 i5-4210 1.70ghz 8gb 1tb Thanks for looking!
  23. H

    I don’t know what to buy

    I know nothing about laptops and I’m saving up for one. I know MacBook pros are really good laptops but they’re so expensive and I’m probably going to finance it through Best Buy, but I’m still weighing my options. What would you guys recommend for video editing?
  24. H

    Would This Laptop be good? ASUS GL702ZC

    Would this laptop be a good *Go To* Laptop for on the go video editing/rendering? I wouldn't render the video until i got home because i know it would drain the battery significantly. But is the Graphics card in it that good for gaming too?
  25. H

    Can’t decide on an Editing/Gaming Laptop

    Just curious on some outtakes as far as an editing laptop. I’m really stuck on the Asus Brand but MSI looks nice too. What would be the best asus laptop or MSI laptop for editing vlogs and still being able to hardcore game. Or would anyone recommend a Sager Laptop?. Budget is $1700-$2300
  26. C

    Best Video Editing Software for YouTube?

    What do you think?
  27. K

    Why can’t I find HQ CPU or 8th Gen CPU laptops anywhere in the U.K.?

    I’m buying a new laptop, mainly for video editing but also just to have a nice fast machine, preferably with a light gpu. I found one for a good price (£680) Which has an i7 7500u and a 950m. But I’ve heard the u stands for ultra low power consumption, so the HQ would be a better choice. But I...
  28. E

    AMD A8 Quadcore Vs Intel i3 (dual-core) for Video Editing

    Hi guys, please give me advice. Which processor, AMD A8 quadcore or Intel i3 (dual core) will give me better experience for video editing ?? in rendering especially. As I know that rendering speed process depends on processor and RAM. Thanks, Edwin.
  29. V

    Asus chemera vs asus GL703VM

    I am looking for a new laptop for recording gameplay. I live in the UK. I will be using this for overwatch mainly. I have narrowed it down to the 2 laptops above. Which is best for me? I will be editing them in windows movie maker. The videos are at 1080p 60fps. Things I am looking for: Fast...
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    CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra Review: The Best 360-Degree Video Editor

    PowerDirector 16 makes it easy to edit 360-degree videos, but there are a lot of other great features in this program, too. CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra Review: The Best 360-Degree Video Editor : Read more
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    Seeking Advice on VR PC Build!

    Hey there! I'm looking to build my first VR machine that can also do some serious video editing. It's centered around the GTX 1070 (which I'm getting with the HTC Vive bundle.) I found this build online and I love the price point. Please let me know your thoughts - this is my first time building...
  32. B

    Searching for a video editing/gaming laptop need help:( 600-700$

    I have roughly 600 to 700 to spend. If I had to spend a little more to get the best I would. I'm searching for a gaming laptop to play player unknowns battleground/world of warcraft/steam games. I have a go pro hero 5 black im looking to edit my footage into videos. I've been doing research...
  33. D

    MacBook Pro video editing/travelling. 13" vs 15"?

    Hey, I was looking to purchase my first MacBook and I'm struggling to decide which one. I will be travelling for 3 months, so portability is a requirement, during which I will be editing 4k 24p and 1080 60p (slowed down) H.264 video. So far I was editing in Premiere Pro on a Windows desktop...
  34. Azzkicker007

    what is better between sony vegas and sony movie studio plat ?

    i want a program that i can easily use to put texts on existing videos , merge and mix videos ,make it is own animations in videos ,add gifs maybe *im new to video editing so i dont know anything * if any other suggestions im open to it
  35. D

    What is the best free video editing software and screen recording software for windows 7

    I am a beginner at video editing but i would like to start a youtube channel. What is the best free video editing software (i have resolve installed but i havent tried it yet). My friend who has a chnanel recommends OBS for screen recording
  36. T

    Please help - need a Laptop under $ 500 for writing and video editing

    I am a writer and I also like to edit our 1080p home movies. Last month I had the bright idea to update the BIOS on my laptop. It froze partway through the process and never recovered. Took it in - no go. Cut to the chase - I need a new one. If you've got a few seconds, please look over the...
  37. D

    Laptop for video editing and gaming (~£700 budget)

    Hi, What are some laptops that are decent for video editing and gaming within a £700 (~$920) budget? Preferably not too big in monitor size, since I will be taking it to uni. The lighter the better but with a £700 budget I guess I can't be too picky. I will consider laptops slightly above...
  38. G

    I'm looking for a $200 gaming laptop

    Hi I have been looking for a laptop for $200 ment for gaming recording the screen and video editing, is it possible to have a 15" screen this would be so awesome
  39. E

    hi, can someone please suggest me a good free video editing tool ?

    hi, can someone please suggest me a good free video editing tool which can be used for mostly used codecs and file formats( mkv h264, mkv h265 must) and with atleast 1080p( more is better) resolution videos without compromising video quality of source? also it will be awsome if i can cut and...
  40. N

    Good video editing laptop

    I've searched but most threads are old.... Looking for recs for a good video editing laptop, refurbished is fine and expected. I know to look for quad core and 16+GB RAM, but mostly I just need a few ideas of models to search for and what a good price is these days. 1. What is your budget...
  41. liamthepirate

    Laptop Purchase Suggestion

    Hi im looking for a laptop Suggestion for gaming and video editing I seen a Acer helios 300 with an i7 and a 1060 6gb. Im looking for something around the 1000$ range maybe 17inch screen! Anyone know of anything good?☺
  42. Z

    Looking for a very cheap laptop for note-taking in class

    Hello, I'm in college and what I'm looking for is the cheapest possible laptop, without it being a piece of garbage that just feels like it could break apart at any moment, and that would only be used for microsoft office and the internet; netflix, social networks... Definitely nothing crazy. I...
  43. D

    Logitech g933 vs astro a40 (Gaming, Streaming & Vidéo Editing)

    Hello, So I’m stuck choosing between Logitech g933 and Astro a40 My daily use is: Gaming, Video Editing, Streaming, Voice recording. The main difference between these two are : ASTRO A40 TR has a neodymium magnet highest frequency impedance no battery needed Logitech G933 supports...
  44. usmdesigner

    Solved! Looking for a Video Editing Laptop ($1000 range). Need a review on this one

    I want to jump into Video Editing and I'm starting off on a budget. I'm going to be using Hitfilm Express 4. I'm trying to stay in the $1000 range. Saw this one on Amazon and wondered if it's a solid choice...
  45. M

    Please! Need Help Finding The Right Laptop

    I know that there's no such thing as a perfect laptop for around $1000, but I need help finding as perfect of a laptop I can. 1. What is your budget? Around $1000, I can possibly get up to $1100. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 inch. 3. What screen...
  46. M

    Alienware or gaming/video editing laptop for $1000?

    Hey, I am looking for a gaming and video editing laptop with good life (say 3-4) with a maximum budget of $1000.I am inclined towards alienware(which i know is a bit overbudgeted). Can you suggest me a similar laptop that will give me an awesome experience as alienware or an apt time to by...
  47. S

    Dual core laptops to edit 1080p videos

    I'm shopping for a laptop. I know that more cores are better in video editing but as far as I know, all quad-core laptops are heavy and laptops like XPS 15 and razor blade are out of my budget. Can a i7-7200U be enough to cut 1080p videos as i only work with 1080p files? Please help.
  48. F

    Photo+Video editing while backpacking

    Hi, I'm going on a 9+ months travel where I'll be spending a lot of time outdoor and carrying my gear on my back. While I've been doing photo editing for some time already (Lightroom) I'll now move into video editing (likely Premiere). Video will go on my website and potentially Youtube. The...
  49. Tristaaan

    Best Laptop for Jobs

    Good Day Everyone! I am here to ask the community about what's the best Laptop out there that is fit for Online Jobs like "Teaching Online, Photo/Video Editing, Video Cams, any other Online Jobs". My budget is (Philippine Money)₱20000-30000 or (USD)$400-600. Laptops here in Philippines are...
  50. K

    I need a cheap laptop witch one is good for go pro video editing

    I have no clue what a thread is
  51. A

    Best non-subscription program for camp fire effects merged with talking person?

    Hello there, I'd like to do a youtube video series where I talk about various subjects in front of a camp fire (with all the sparking fire sounds, crickets etc) out in nature. For practical reasons, I can't be out in the woods physically doing this every time I have something new to talk about...
  52. T

    Which Macbook should I get?

    I'm looking to buy a macbook pro MAINLY for video editing with a sprinkle of running bootcamp and playing some steam games. I've tried doing my own research but I can't decide if it's worth spending the extra money on the 2016, 15 inch w/ touchbar. Or save a little and get the 2015 version...
  53. A

    MacBook Pro 13" For College

    I start University next week and had been eyeing on a MacBook Pro 13" 2017 version. I do not know anything about Macs so I was looking to see what is best for me. I'm not any video editing freak, but will sometimes edit some videos for my own personal interest. The base models are kind of pricey...
  54. Kkody2

    Video Editing question

    I know this probably isn't the ideal website for this question, but I'll give it a shot. I use Vegas Movie Studio 13 platinum to edit all my videos and I'm trying to figure out how to edit a video clip by making it overlay another video clip but also making it move around the background video...
  55. N

    Processor for laptop

    What processor is better for video editing, photoshop and game such as AC1 or 2. Is i3 okey?
  56. F

    Looking for the right Laptop (Gaming/Video editing)

    1. What is your budget? - I got around $2,000 (If it is worth to go a little higher for a better laptop then I might consider). 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering?. - No size really I think my last one was a 17" not sure tho (so 15+" would be perfect). 3. What screen...
  57. S

    Which Video Editing Software will be the Best for ACER ASPIRE 5745-6492 SERIES laptop?

    Hi there, Wishes for Tom's Guide Forum. I am a Graphic Designer & Want to do some Video Editing to become a professional in Multimedia Editing platforms. But I am so confused that with which Video Editor should I start without any up gradation to my current system configuration? Frankly...
  58. B

    Which one is good for video editing ?

    Hello everyone. My priority:Video, photo editing (premiere, vegaspro, photoshop etc.) I cant make a decision between in these options ? option 1 hp i5 7300 hq 17 inch screen ips display 8 gb ddr4 4 gb nvidia gtx1050 sdram(dedicated) 128 gb ssd + 1 tb hdd Free DoS price 878 $ option 2...
  59. K

    XPS 15 question

    Hi, I've been looking at the XPS 15 base model which is the i3 version that costs $999. Will this model be enough for video editing and playing GTA V games? Or should i buy the i5 version? Thanks !
  60. K

    Looking for new laptop under $1000

    Hi, I've been using my Asus X401A for almost 6 years now. It's a gift from my mom during college and now I feel I need to upgrade it. I'm looking for a laptop that can be used for basic stuff and also Video Editing and some gaming. The laptop would be mainly used in Video Editing and i would...