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  1. A

    looking for a good book that can teach visual studio programming

    i am lookin out for a good book that has some good exercises , examples and problems which i can solve to understand visual studio's language's syntax and other stuff. also which involves programming with .net framework 4.0 plz suggest me good a book!!!
  2. F

    Tools needed for C#

    So I've decided that i want to be a programmer. I would like to learn c# but i don't no where to start so could could someone tell me what i need to program c# i.e notepad or visual studio and could someone direct me to a site which can teach me?
  3. T

    [Solved] Creating a .cpp in Visual Studio 2010

    i wrote a program on time in cpp for window service can i execute that program in visual studio2010
  4. A

    C# How to do a math operation with one button and one text box?

    This is for school. I want to be able to able to type a number into a text box click a button, then type another number into the same text box click a button and apply a math operation to those two numbers(In visual studio 2010 C#). Now, I don't have any trouble with the math operations, but I...
  5. A

    Did SQL server needs more Clock speed or multi cores

    Hi I am going upgrade my pc, and i mostly use SQL server 2010 and Visual studio .So can u tell me ,did these software's use multi cores efficiently and did i need to choose CPU's with more clock speed. Which CPU can be better for these work from these , AMD phenom II x4 980 BE AMD APU...
  6. E

    Laptop for visual studio

    Hi all, I'm going to pick up a laptop so i can run visual studio on the train (looong ride to work). I'm leaning towards a dell laptop since i have good exp with their products and service I'm concerned about 2 things, visual on a 64bit laptop and 15inch or 17inch. Anyone got some experience...
  7. N

    Netbook, MS visual studio, Ms SQL server

    Is it possible to install and run MS visual studio 2008/2010 and Ms SQL server 2005/2008 on any Netbook which has Atom processor? If yes, which Netbook brand and model do you suggest? If no, suggest me a good 14’’ Notebook. Hurry up please.
  8. hk3008

    Integer Increase

    #include<cmath> #include<iostream> using namespace std; int x1 = 1; int x2 = 1; int x3 = x1 + x2; while true{ cout << x3 << " "; then x1 = x2; x2 = x3; x3 = x1+ x2; cout << x1 << " " << x2 << " "; } return 0; so I am trying to make a program increase the ingteger by one...
  9. T

    Program like Visual Studio? For free?

    I need a free program that is like microsoft visual studio 2010. I am interested in creating applications with it. I did the trial a few days ago and it was amazing. Anyone know any programs just like it that are free? Thanks!!! :??:
  10. I

    Finding a Program

    At school I'm learning BASIC (not visual basic). We have to use Macs in class but I only own windows.. We use FutureBASIC. I've searched around and haven't been able to find a windows equivalent. Only Visual Studio which is for Visual Basic not Basic. So does anyone know of any programs that...
  11. M

    Folder Query

    Presently working with an app that allows programs to be run from a USB drive. The program of interest is Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010. The program files folder shows the following: progrram files \ microsoft visual studio 10.0\ common7\IDE The trail drops off and I seek guidance in...
  12. andrern2000

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 & .NET and CPU HyperThread

    I plan to upgrade my rig as for gaming, maybe 2500K or 2600K. However, my other purpose is for programming. Will Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 use Hyperthreading provided by 2600K so all 8 threads is fully used? And will .NET 2003 also? ...Or it is not using 8 threads, so better choose 2500K? Or...
  13. K

    Solved! Dell T560344TH vs Dell Vostro V3700

    Guys, I want to buy a new laptop and need to decide which one is better. I will be using this to do some programming work in Visual Studio 2010 and may be few games like Company Of Heroes Online. Please help me to decide on one...
  14. houdinii

    Where should visual studio 2010 go

    where should i be downloading visual studio 2010 its trying to go into the x86 file which i thought was the 32bit folder if im running 64 bit win7 shouldnt it go into the normal programs file???
  15. rogue woopa

    Visual stud 2010 instal question

    got a question im instaling visual studio 2010 right now like as i type i clicked custome cause i already got all the bloat ware that my laptop came with i dont need more. here is my question though what is the manditory stuff here are all my options microsoft visual studio 2010 ---visual...
  16. alexcheng

    What is Microsoft Visual Studio??

    Hi guys! I'm interested in programming and have been trying to teach myself Python (and I find it to be impossible, there's so many things I don't understand and the book doesn't tell, any advices on teaching myself Python would be greatly appreciated also...). I came across a website which...
  17. rogue woopa

    Please help i cant open dlm file

    im trying to download visual studio 2008 for a class im taking (intro to programing) when i went to and downloaded the professional edition it just saves just a file (not a folder) to my documents and i cant open it its a dlm file but if i download visual c++ 2008 express...
  18. luccha

    Solved! Help me choose a netbook

    Hello, I'm thinking about getting a netbook, but have no ideia which one I should choose. I already have a gaming rig, so this netbook is mainly for study (programming in NetBeans, Visual Studio, etc) and web surfing. I'm planning on watching 720p movies and using the webcam for...
  19. k3y3n1n

    Visual Studio-- Copying Files

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 what i want to do is copy all the files in one directory >> Then create a new directory with the current date and place those copied files into that new directory. I was using this My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyFile( _ "C:\UserFiles\TestFiles\testFile.txt", _...
  20. Bruceification73

    Visual Studio Reinstallation Error

    Hi, I download Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition SP1 a few months ago for a college programming class, and it worked great. Recently, I had to do a recovery on my computer because of some serious problems, including viruses. I still had all of the files associated with Visual...
  21. S

    Better Laptop

    Hi all I aspire to be software engineer I wish to have a laptop But i cannot decide which one to buy . I am learning .Net and need to work on visual studio I would love to work on java . Please suggest one better laptop thanks Satish
  22. L

    Just in time debugger

    I have been searching all over internet. I have a pop up window "just in time debugging please select a debugger" I do not have visual studio and the internet options for "disable script debugging" are both checked. Please help!! It is driving me nuts. It pops up all the time
  23. velocci

    installing visual studio .net 2003 on D: drive

    hi there, i need to install visual studio .net 2003 enterprise on the D: drive. when i'm installing it, it wants to put it on the C: drive and doesn't let me change the path. anyone know why that would be?
  24. G

    Laptop for Backpacking

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I'm going backpacking around australia later this year and i am after a laptop as i need to support a couple of websites for some customers. I've decided that a 12' screen just isnt going to be big enough as i want to run visual studio on it...
  25. C

    learn to program w/ visual studio

    I would like to learn to program. I have done some simple PIC (IC) programming and would like to learn basic c++, etc.. I am wondering if I buy MS visual studio will I be able to figure it out myself through tutorials and the like, or will I need to buy a book or 2. any advice would be appreciated