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  1. M

    Android tablet not turning on

    My Vodafone tablet was hit against a radiator a long time ago and now the screen has cracked and will not show anything what do I do ????
  2. I

    Solved! My Vodafone 1100tablet is freezing.

    My Vodafone 1100tablet is freezing. Tried to rest but comes on frozen again. What to do
  3. I

    Unlocking Vodaphone Phone

    Right so let me get this clear: 1. I have a phone locked to Vodafone network 2. I want to unlock it so i can use my ID Mobile sim, when i put it in it asks for a code 3. I have entered it wrong 3 times and it now says "SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK" 4. I have contacted Vodafone...
  4. P

    Solved! to swap a Sim card from Vodafone to 2degrees

    I want to change my cell phone provider to another provider
  5. A

    The flashlight on my vodafone N8 isn't working:

    Long story short the flashlight on my backup phone isn't working. The phone is fairly new (about 3 to 4 months old) and was working a couple of days ago. Every time I try to turn it on or off it just buzzes and doesn't do anything Any solutions ??( I don't want to go to the repare shop/ don't...
  6. D

    My vodafone sim net was working for a while, but later it got disconnected

    Im using moto g5s plus, my vodafone sim net was working when i inserted it for a while, then it got disconnected and wouldnt work anymore. But when inserted with another phone it worked perfectly fine
  7. K

    im using vodafone 200 i saved all my things in the SD card but my phone can't work properly i cant use wifi bluetooth data bec

    my vdf200 smartphones gives me a problem I have saved everything in my SD card but it keeps telling me that my internal storage is full what can I do?
  8. B

    Vodafone Sim doesn't work

    My Vodafone Sim doesn't work in my goole services like play store,you tube, Facebook in my Android phone
  9. B

    I lost my vodafone sim card how can i block please help me

    I lost my vodafone sim card how can i lock that sim card please help me
  10. K

    Vodafone video pass (work around)

    Hello all, not exactly sure if anyone here can help butt worth a shot. So i have a 50gb a month vodafone 4g mifi router device. I added a pass onto it which allows us to watch Netflix and youtube un-restricted and doesn't affect our 50gb. This would be great only the sales guy had told me I...
  11. G

    Block my no

    I want to block my Vodafone no Removedbecause I lost it I want my mobile no back so what to do please reply me thank you
  12. S

    My vfd300 says there is no internal space after I have formatted sd card as internal and I've deleted everything

    Storage problem with vodafone vfd300 after formatting sd card as internal
  13. T

    vodafone smart v8 recent update

    okay so i have a vodafone smart v8 and recently (17/04/18) it wanted me to update (VFD-710 MRB01-3) so i did and so far all its done is stopped the home button from working, removed everything from my start screen, deleted contacts, logged me out of everything, and when i go to use thefinger...
  14. M

    I can't remember PUK or Pin Codes

    My Contract Finished with Vodafone. That Mobile Battery died .It was replaced and a new sim added but I can 't remember the Pin Code. Where do I find it? Is that the 1 where I can use Pin Number or Pattern? Will the new owner be able to Unlock and use it once she knows the Code Or does...
  15. P

    My tab don't read the sim

    My tab lenovo tab2 A7 don't read my Vodafone sim
  16. U

    How I can upgrade my samsung galaxy tab sm-t231 from kitkat to marshmallow

    I do have Samsung galaxy tab 4 sm-t231 which is android and follows kitkat version . I want to make sd card as internal memory storage but I come to knew that first I should have to update tablet system from kitkat to marshmallows system so how do I upgrade my samsung galaxy tab 4, sm-t231 from...
  17. M

    Wi-fi not working on N8, working on all other devices

    My Vodafone N8 has suddenly switched itself off from the Internet. Is it something I have inadvertently done?
  18. S

    PUK Locked network

    Hey, so i accidently entered the wrong sim unlock pin into my locked J5 2017. Its locked to vodafone, and is asking for a Network PUK. Vodafone wont help because i don't have an account, Eir cant help and the shop I got the pin from doesn't seem to even know what a Network PUK is. Ugh So, my...
  19. S

    How to find a lost sim

    Vodafone Sim card
  20. P

    Sim card is not being detected by the phone

    Ok this ones differnt case right now... i have Micromax canvas A210 which runs on KitKat nad recently i had factory reset the phone and upon inserting my Vodafone sim card it was not detected although it keeps on searching and ending upon showing no sim card and also whenevr i had tried to call...
  21. A

    i got a phone vodafone smart prime 6 after updating it i am not getting connection for my jio sim , i have checked all the pos

    i got a phone vodafone smart prime 6 after updating it i am not getting connection for my jio sim , i have checked all the pos
  22. K

    I have a Vodafone tab 10..

    I have a Vodafone tab 10.. It died and now it won't charge or start up..... Its not even showing the red battery icon to show that it is charging.. Please help!
  23. N

    screen frozen when doing a software upgrade on my vodafone tablet

    i did a software upgrade on my vodafone tablet, i was asked how i would like to to install the update, one of the options was "install using adb or something like that. screen is now frozen. "now send the package you want to apply to the device with adb sideload <filename>..." Please help...
  24. G

    what the vodafone number belong to this serial number i just bough new and forgot my mobile number , its really worse cost my

    please can any1 help out to find out my mobile number im using vodafone sim serial no. [removed]. please my simcard doesnt work at all its shown network not registered help pls.
  25. S

    Samsung Vodafone 360 H1

    hello. my brother installed cyanogenmod on this phone, and it does not work. touch screen is not responding and it boots only when i do factory reset. so this phone was unused for couple of years now, but i decided to fix it. is there any way to revert it to original OS? if there is, how do i...
  26. P

    Nokia 1800 unlock

    Hi i´m new here, and need some hel!! I have a old nokia 1800, and i want to unlock. Is there any change to unlock with a code? The imei is REDACTED - SS and network is Vodafone Portugal. Thanks to all of you
  27. M

    how to unlock sim samsunsg ace 3 ?

    Need help in sim unlock of my samsung ace 3 phone . its locked to the vodafone network.
  28. N

    i have two sim cards.i have forgot my vodafone number.no balance in that card. how to find that numbe. please help me...

    i have two sim cards.i have forgot my vodafone number.no balance in that card. how to find that number
  29. B

    What is the SIM ME code for Vodafone, model: Alcatel VF875 Black

    I want to give my phone away and I don't have the SIM ME code.
  30. eob2000

    Android: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini GT-I8190N Restore

    Before I start this thread is about the GT-I8190N Version of the phone not the GT-I8190, GT-I8190l or GT-I8190t version. Hello I am having an issue with my phone. What happened was is i rooted my phone with a root file and ODIN and it was working until i got errors saying 'unfortunately...
  31. M

    please help me to reset the network back in to my webbook

    i am using a vodafone webbook for internet, but now the problem is that there is no network now on the webbook. so i now unable to log on the internet plaese help me to reset the network back , marcus
  32. JMcEntegart

    10 Worst Tech PR Stunts of All Time

    Publicity stunts that backfired completely. 10 Worst Tech PR Stunts of All Time : Read more
  33. K

    how to put my Huawei unlock code in phone

    how do you unlock a vodafone 858 with the unlock code
  34. T

    How do I retrieve my puk number?

    My Vodafone sim is blocked & I don't no the puk number. I cannot access my Vodafone account on Line as I don't remember the password. HELP!!! X
  35. A

    Phone problem

    i am having vodafone 360 samsung M1 (I-6410). in my country (india) vodafone 360 is not available but when ever i start my phone it will ask for registration. and i am not able to start all the features of mobile phone. as i am not able to register for vodafone 360
  36. JMcEntegart

    Rumor: Vodafone Considering Purchasing RIM

    Is the maker of the BlackBerry looking for a buyer? Rumor: Vodafone Considering Purchasing RIM : Read more
  37. H

    How to find msisdn code

    I am using Samsung corby pro. with Vodafone post paid CUG network. I receive mms but i cant open it. it want ID (MSISDN) but i cant find id from any where what should i do ?
  38. M

    Laptop doesnt detect vodafone internet device

    Hello, I use a vodafone key for my internet connection but my laptop keep disconnecting with the network saying no device detected. Any suggestion? is it may be just something to set on my laptop? Thanks for the help.
  39. T

    How to get phone number from sim card

    i have a mobile which model is CE0434 it have a sim card of vodafone but i don have a recharge the money go to -30.606 and i want to know my number please give reply with my number on champtarun88@gmail.com
  40. J

    How to configure motorola A835 gprs setting for vodafone Postpaid

    I want the step by step procedure to configure Motorola A853 Milestone for GPRS setting (pay as you go). Can someone share the setting/procedure.
  41. S

    Pm 10b specifications

    i wana know the specifications of this phone vodafone pm10b
  42. G

    Texting from the UK to the US with verizon

    Hello, I recently purchased a Verizon international plan. My girl friend is receiving my texts from Verizon but her Vodafone service is reporting the texts she sends are getting refused by to Verizon.
  43. G

    Does vodafone work in ibiza

    Hello, i hava a vodafone prepaid sim card, will it work in ibiza,spain? on my unlocked blackberry or iphone
  44. exfileme

    Vodafone: 3,000+ HTC Magic Phones Infected

    It's a botnet thriving on HTC Magic smartphones. Vodafone: 3,000+ HTC Magic Phones Infected : Read more
  45. JMcEntegart

    Vodafone to Sell iPhone in UK, Ireland

    O2 loses its iPhone exclusivity in another country. Vodafone to Sell iPhone in UK, Ireland : Read more
  46. JMcEntegart

    Vodafone: Android Without Google is Possible

    A big part of Android is all of the Googley bells and whistles it brings with it. Email, search, maps, it’s all there. So what happens when networks want to take that out? Vodafone: Android Without Google is Possible : Read more
  47. JMcEntegart

    Yahoo! Considering Former Vodafone CEO?

    With Yahoo! on the brink of cutting a rumored 2,000 staff (officially, the company has said they’ll be losing 1,500 pairs of hands), talk is turning to who might be the next CEO for the struggling search company. Yahoo! Considering Former Vodafone CEO? : Read more