Android: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini GT-I8190N Restore


Jul 28, 2013
Before I start this thread is about the GT-I8190N Version of the phone not the GT-I8190, GT-I8190l or GT-I8190t version.

I am having an issue with my phone. What happened was is i rooted my phone with a root file and ODIN and it was working until i got errors saying 'unfortunately touchwiz home has crashed' i did some googleing and found nothing so I decided to use a new launcher and that was working. Then when i went to send a message i found that the phone wouldn't respond to the gyro-sensor/ accelerometer. I downloaded a accelerometer test app and found no input coming from the sensor so i tried recalibrating the sensor but still no response so i did some more searching and still found no answers. now occasionally the phone will crash when i try to unlock and boot in safe mode. I gave up with trying to fix it and just want to restore the phone. But all the online tutorials are for the GT-I8190 version not the GT-I8190N version. i know the process is the same but I need the correct firmware files for the GT-I8190N and need to know exactly how to flash them with ODIN (Or other if i need to). Please can I have some help.

Some more details if needed:
Android Version: 4.1.2
Carrier: Vodafone UK
Build Number: JZ054K.I8190NXXALL6

If you need any other details just ask :)

Thank You