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    Solved! looking for gaming laptop and need help

    hi sorry about my bad english, but i need help to find a gaming laptop, i want laptop from one of this brand: msi (i prefer this brand), alienware or asus. i wan't that the laptop screen size will be 17.3. i wan't that he gpu will be at least gtx 1060 with 6gb (i prefer 1070 if it can) i wan't...
  2. S

    Dell Inspiron 7000 13" want to buy in _ US: How to get International Warranty for India

    I want to buy Dell Inspiron 7000 13" in US, I want to know how can I buy an International Warranty for India. When can i buy the warranty? When is a good time to purchase it? Thank you
  3. A

    can i run gta 5 0n acer aspire es1-521-40l7 laptop

    i wan't to play gta 5 on acer aspire es1-521-4017 laptop
  4. Torisutan

    Best laptop under 1000$ in Washington DC

    So I am going to DC this month and wan't to buy the best performing laptop with long battery life under 1000$. The reason why I am buying a laptop from the US is because I come from a country ran by fascists who overprice everything.
  5. P

    i wan't help to retrieve my contact

    how can i retrieve sim contact on same android samsung phone my mobile formated with contact no
  6. S

    how do i move files from sd card to my tablet

    My SD card in my tablet has books I want access. I am unable to transfer whats on the card to anywhere, can you offer help
  7. J

    Is my M.2 connected over SATA or PCIe???

    Dear Experts I have a Thinkpad W540. It has an M.2 slot. The slot was initially designed for the WAN card but I have seen people use it with SSDs. M.2 slots that are used for WAN (and the Wifi Card) are usually connected via PCIe. However, I'm not sure it is a PCIe nor what kind of PCIe...
  8. H

    A new one or a older one?

    I wan't to buy a laptop. Where i live now i can afford only a 200€ . I've chose a new one and one SH. I want it for movies, internet, photoshop and some gaming like cs 1.6, cs go, nfs.... SH laptop has: Brand: Fujitsu LifeBook S751 Display: 14 inch Resolution: 1366 x 768 Cpu: i5 - 2520M Gpu...
  9. A

    I wan't to destroy windows in a virtual machine

    I plan to install windows in virtualbox and put a bunch of viruses on it. I have plans too keep my host pc from getting infected. I am going to do it in Linux, Make sure no windows pcs are connected to the network at the time, and do it on a computer that I don't use anymore. However, I want to...
  10. R

    Details for Acer VN7-791g

    Hello, I recently dropped my laptop, hopefully it is working, but I have broken some details. I want to ask if it is possible to find where to buy those plastic silver caps (you can see them in the photo), or I need to buy the brand new lid? Thank you for your help.
  11. R

    laptop lenovo g510 or g5070

    i wan to buy laptop for architectural use i am confused between g 510 and g5070 please suggest me which one is good for software like autocad and 3ds max etc
  12. A

    How do i get rid of my password on my lock screen on my trscfo e

    I don't want the password anymore can someone plz help me
  13. M

    xbox one is better for gaming or cybergaming pc

    hello I want to ask that xbox one is better in gaming or cybergaming pc for 2016 and upcoming games
  14. L

    New in ear headphones $300

    So, i'am going to buy new headphones because i wan't a upgrade from my Bose IE. I'am pretty sure i can hear the difference between them because i have been growing up with B&O Bose And Loewe since i was born iam 16 right now. My dad has a Bose/Loewe/B&O/Sennheiser store. So if i need new audio i...
  15. P

    USB Shortcut Virus

    Hi everybody So I've got a virus on my USB where everytime I wan't to access my files a Shortcut of my USB appears where my files are stored. I found out that this is a virus and it seems pretty hard to get rid of it. I've used the attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* command that you type in in cmd to...
  16. M

    choosing correct ram

    i have a ram of 4096mb at 1600mhz.DDR3,,,brand: A data tach. type detail: synchronous but i wan to add on another 4gb of ram..but its hard to find ram from the stated brand in sg. can i just buy crucial's ram( http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/memory/ble4g3d1608de1tx0 ) would it really matter? plz...
  17. K

    Does AutoKMS affect performence???

    I know what it is but I wan't to know if it is slowing down my pc or not. And when i game does it affect the FPS????
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    WAN technologies 101

    What are main WAN standards and Technologies? How IT people contribute to such technologies?
  20. L

    Laptops made in the USA? Someone in my familey just want's Laptops made in the U.S.

    Someone in my family just want's Laptops made in the U.S. I can't find many stores that only provide laptops made here. I've found a few stores http://www.pugetsystems.com/laptop.php and http://www.velocitymicro.com/gaming-laptops.php . All of those website just list gaming laptops she doesn't...
  21. M

    transfer photos from s4 to my laptop

    I wan to transfer photos from my Samsung s4 to my laptop . how do I do it
  22. William Norberg

    Good Tablets (Android or windows)

    I wan't to buy a tablet on a budget of 300 USD. I live in sweden so it has to be avaliable here. Would the nexus 10 be a good tablet for "gaming" (minecraft, dead trigger, shadowgun, flappy birds) or are there any better ones for a lower price?
  23. Y

    my wan has been disabled but dont have admin power what can i do

    i have tried everything but cant disable nothing or enable without admin account cant even get into bios i dont know the computer password and to top it off have no disks plus disk
  24. S

    How to make a facebook "like" button on my blog?

    Hi, I am confused with it. I have a blog *edited out link* and a facebook page I wan't a button on my blog that is connected with my FB page. If anyone clicks "like" from my blog it is actually FB page that is liked. And button should be on sidebar of blog. How is it possible? Thx
  25. J

    SQL Server Index

    I wan to know how to create index in table and also the purpose of index concept in sql server database.Please give me solution.
  26. PeterRupkey

    I need a good youtube name

    I just made a YouTube account and i need a good name. The only thing i wan tin it is 'Peter' other than that anything. Thanks in advance.
  27. M

    surveillance software, record on pc/mac via wan

    I'm a general contractor. I want to setup a single ip camera at a construction site to record and monitor my employees at work. I also have multiple construction sites (5 sites, with 1 IP camera each). I want to be able to view and record the ip cam feeds from my pc/mac at home. does anyone...
  28. aonor

    Is this laptop good enough for Total War: Rome 2?

    My cousin needs a budget laptop to play Total War: Rome 2. Would this one run it in medium graphics? http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-1-hp-envy-m6-1205dx-a10
  29. M

    Best Headset for a Sound Card?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade from my Razor Megalodon headset as the mic has died, and I have had them for over a year and just wan't a better quality headset. What would be the best headset to use with a Asustek Xonar Essence STX 2, or a better sound card, I will mainly use them for gaming...
  30. P

    Download 2go for ipad

    I wan't too download 2go on my iPad please I need help
  31. G

    Adobe Master Collection

    Hi, My brother bought me Adobe Master collection. I wan't to get a Web Site going. E commerce at that. I have no idea of what to do. Should I sign up with a Web Host? If so, what web host would be best for me since I have Adobe Master Suite? Will I be able to use Adobe Master Suite? Should...
  32. G

    How to setup a WAN across the internet?

    me and some mates want to play minecraft but because we do not have a wide area connection we only have local area connection this means i can not go on with him at my house but i can at his :bounce:
  33. M


    Hello, rYOne i wan to buy laptop which can run and play bf3 kindly list all the laptops in your knowlwdge.. cheaper or costly but not more than 1700 $
  34. A


    i wan to set channel settings
  35. N


    I wan t to send an excel file to my supervisor i dont know how to put a password on it, so that the privacy is still kept.
  36. I

    Packard bell laptop drivers free download easynoteskypeedition

    Hello, pleased i wan to download Packard bell easy-note sky edition drivers fore my laptop
  37. B

    Acer aspire 4736g details

    Hello, i wan to know where i wan to download driver for key in right hand side. it got wlan key, bluetooth key, sound controller ....and got two key i don't know what it call...thx...urgent!!
  38. S

    China web camera driver

    Hello, man i wan su20 cam driver
  39. G

    Solved! How to connect network printer while i am using wan

    problem is that i am using wan and my printer is in different lan ip so how i can use the lan printer
  40. exfileme

    Activision: What Recession? We Wan to Buy!

    Many investors will admit that a good time to buy is when the prices are lower than low, yet those words of wisdom doesn't seem legitimate during current economical conditions. Apparently, Activision Blizzard's wallet doesn't agree. Activision: What Recession? We Wan to Buy! : Read more
  41. G

    OQO e2 - A 1 Pound Wonder with HSDPA WAN

    OQO packs the specs of a real PC into a tiny lightweight portable device with real wireless broadband, but here's why you can't buy it in the United States. OQO e2 - A 1 Pound Wonder with HSDPA WAN : Read more