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  1. M

    Solved! Malwarebytes locks computers

    Malwarebytes is causing lockups on Windows 7. It locks up Windows Live Mail. It locks up dBase programs when printing on a network printer. Two different computers and both have to be powered off and rebooted. This started within the last couple of weeks. Lifetime versions of Malwarebytes...
  2. A

    Windows Live Gallery-like Software

    Ok, so I'm looking for a photo program that is like Windows Live Gallery. They discontinued it for Windows 7. Basically I just need a program that I can do basic photo editing, create albums, add text and themes, etc. It can be retail or open source...
  3. E

    Windows 10 Folder Location

    Hi, I'm using Windows 10 Mail. I have successfully imported my 4 email accounts and the associated messages from Windows Live mail 2012. I created a "My Message Archive" folder in Windows 10 Mail for the intent to import some 250 "archived mail" folders from windows Live Mail. Problem is, I...
  4. W

    mail suddenly missing in windows live email

    I have suddenly lost all of the mail that was in junk mail. Inbox is still there, sent mail, etc....only the junk mail went missing. All of it. It was not deleted, as much of it I need. Windows Live sends good stuff to junk email, where I left it. How can I recover it?
  5. K

    Start up error message S3A8925D007 (C:)

    On start up the disk error appears. Seems to trigger a Windows Live Mail problem now. S3A8925D007 (C:)
  6. M

    Is this email safe?

    A person in my family got an email from "". It was about updating his Windows Live Mail 2011 to 2012. Is this email fake or real? Can it be trusted?
  7. S

    How do I fix Windows Live Mail...will not send , keeps telling me I have unsent essages in Outbox, keeps wanting me to sign in

    Windows Live Mail will not send messages, it keeps asking for me to sign in, (I don't have to)asks do I want to send all messages in Outbox, I click on send, and they are not sent. Error 0x80048862 I don't understand the complicated method to solve this problem, as given on other "help" posts.
  8. S

    Problems with Windows Live Mail 2012

    Can someone please tell me how I can improve startup time on WLM .At the moment it takes ages.Also it takes ages to move a message from one folder to another. i am using OS Windows 8.1.I look forward to any help with these problems. Regards Trevor Naylor
  9. M

    I have WLM on 20 computers, all using Win 7 PRO, 64-bit. As a stand alone program, WLM works fine on all computers. When sen

    Sent emails have hidden/blank content using Windows Live Mail
  10. B

    Windows Live Mail dowloading multiple copies of emails

    I have had an issue with Windows Live Mail downloading multiple copies of the same email. I have this problem with Windows 10, also had it previously with Windows 8.1. Since installing Windows 10, sometimes the program crashes while I am writing up a new email for sending, and I lose my...
  11. G

    Cannot send emails in Windows Live Mail

    I can receive but NOT send emails in Windows live mail. Tried so far: Read all the forums & tried their advice, repaired WLM, uninstalled and re-installed WLM, built new machine, formatted HDD, loaded Win 7 then WLM, NOTHING works. It used to but not now. It works (Ver 2009) on another PC with XP
  12. Rayven2

    Microsoft Account Privacy

    Hello everyone, so I've recently built a new computer and I figured I'd get Win 8.1, however I've started reading...Microsoft wants Windows 8 users to log into their computers with a Microsoft account. Now I hear this is optional? But if you don't... You don't get to use some of the features...
  13. A

    Can't send emails

    Whenever I try to send a hotmail email now, I get an error message 0x80004004 and the Windows Live box pops up saying 'unable to send or receive emails for this Hotmail account' still receiving new emails though. Alison [Moderator edit: OS = Windows 7]
  14. A

    Best Render for Adobe Premiere Elements 13

    I usually do Youtube vids at 1080p 60fps with Windows Live Movie Maker, but needed to edit more than 2 music clips at once. But when I took a look at these render options, the max was 30FPS. Why is that? If WLMM can do it for FREE at a basic level, why can't Adobe, the leader in everything, do...
  15. F

    Corel studiox7 not showing audio on clips.

    I have recently started to use Corel studiopro x7. I have encountered a major problem in which all of the video clips I want to use do not have sound. They are .MOV's from a Canon T3i. The audio plays fine in media player. In Windiows Live the audio is pretty much normal. There are annoying...
  16. G

    I have two computers next to each other, both have identical windows live mail settings, one will NOT send, why?

    I have had endless problems with Yahoo mail, eventualy all got sorted, now my laptop (Win X7) will receive emails but not send on two seperate accounts, both settings are the same. Next to this, I have a desktop (Win XP), never had a problem, it sends and receives both same accounts with...
  17. J

    Thunderbird Outbox Use

    Just switched from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. One thing I miss is that Send went first to the Outbox, for later actual send. How to make new emails go to the Thunderbird Outbox, for later Send?
  18. napninjanx

    How come when I use After Effects and Premier Pro Video Comes Out 480 P?

    When I use Windows Live Movie Maker and save the videos the quality comes out as 1080 P and 720 P. But when I render videos in After Effects and Premier Pro it only gives me 480 P. I always choose the 1080 i and 720 P does not work for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  19. C

    What program will accept Outlook Express Email? It is much easier to use than windows live email.

    What program can I put in my laptop in order to use Outlook Express? Windows live sucks!
  20. Novuake

    Windows Live mail missing mails

    Hi guys. I am hitting a blank here. Right so a friend is using Windows Live mail (I know horrible), and he has managed to delete his account settings in an attempt to get his mail working again In the process his mails have gone missing. I have imported the mail folder under...
  21. E

    [Problem] Uninstall cancelled by shutdown

    Hi! I have a problem with my computer which is that i was unisntall Windows Live Essentials, but as my mom was cleaning she moved the power chord and my computer shutdown, now the program don't show in the Program and Features list, but i know the uninstall didn't finished so i would like to...
  22. L

    windows live movie maker 211

    Won't play dvd on tv I have a Toshiba SD4300KU dvd player and useda DVD+R to burn pics and music from movie maker and it plays on computer but not my tv....what can I do?
  23. P

    Windows Live Mail popup notification upon new mail?

    When I receive new messages in Thunderbird, a popup notification appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. Is there a way to make Windows Live Mail do this?
  24. G

    Microsoft Retiring Windows Live Messenger March 15th

    Microsoft's canning Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype... unless you're in China. Microsoft Retiring Windows Live Messenger March 15th : Read more
  25. K

    Help! Contacts issue in Outlook/Hotmail

    Hi, Installed MS Office 2003 (An older, outdated version, I know). I installed the Hotmail connector so I could use a Live address through Outlook. So it took all my contacts OUT of my Windows Live contacts on the Hotmail server and put them in Outlook 03. If I log on to the Windows live...
  26. exfileme

    Microsoft Rumored to Retire Windows Live Messenger Client

    Now that Windows Live Messenger has been integrated into Skype, the death of Microsoft's long-standing IM client is coming soon. Microsoft Rumored to Retire Windows Live Messenger Client : Read more
  27. G

    Windows Live Messenger Tips & Tricks

    Windows Live Messenger basics & addons Windows Live Messenger Tips & Tricks : Read more
  28. exfileme

    Microsoft Finally Integrating Messenger with Skype

    The latest Skype beta now includes Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger service. Microsoft Finally Integrating Messenger with Skype : Read more
  29. F

    Windows Live Problem

    Well, i downloaded and installed games for windows market place. I then launched it... Conection Error can't start the program. Rhere may be a problem with your internet Open Internet Explorer and try to open a web page. If you can't, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you can...
  30. J

    Windows Live Essesntials Question

    Is Windows Live Essentials an antivirus and an internet security too? Can i manage the applications that connect to the internet and make them not to connect to it?
  31. exfileme

    Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger

    Microsoft is censoring your messages on Windows Live Messenger, pulling out all links leading to The Pirate Bay. Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger : Read more
  32. Kursun

    HELP! IMPORTING Windows LIVE MAIL Messages

    I am doing a new clean install of Win 7 on a new disk. My old disk was Win 7 too. Same software is being installed on a new disk. I am trying to import messages from old Windows Live Mail install on the old disk to new Windows Live Mail install. I had done importing from Outlook Express to...
  33. L


    how can i get my yahoo free e-mail account to go to pop account on windows live mail?
  34. noonin

    Firefox hates logging into Hotmail :-((

    This has been going on for a while (back to Firefox 3.X I believe), but why the heck won't Firefox remember my Windows Live passwords like it offers on almost all other sites? Also, when I log in, it tells me the password I've entered is incorrect, so I type it in a second time, and sometimes a...
  35. Thegeek

    Infected MSN chat bot?

    Hello, fellow Geeks! I'll keep this story short. About a week ago, a friend signed in on Windows Live messenger. Seconds later "my friend" started talking to me, and after a few messages, I knew right away that it was a bot. The bot comments is what you would typically expect from a bot. Asking...
  36. H

    Hotmail / WindowsLive log-in "down"?

    Attempting to log on to Hotmail / Windows Live reports that passwords are incorrect... (Or, returns the normal "has had too many incorrect log-ins" message). Though the interesting thing, is that I can't recall Hotmail ever having stated "password is incorrect". It's such a nice thing to...
  37. S


    Hi, I would greatly appreciate you help, I have made a movie with windows live movie maker, burned it to a disk. But it will not play in my DVD player onto my TV. I am presuming it has something to do with the format it was saved with. I thank you in advance for you assisstance. Cheers...
  38. B

    Help with Windows Live email

    Hi I'm a real novice and I need help with my Windows Live email program. Everytime I open it, a window titled "Logon - Verizon (bjclark7)" pops up It asks for my user name and passwork for the following server - Outgoing I have tried every password I ever used but nothing works. Is...
  39. F

    Getting thrown off Windows Messenger constantly..

    I'm having difficulties staying connected to Windows Live Messenger; it kicks me off about a minute after connecting. The problem has persisted for 2 days, and I haven't a clue what causes it. I didn't update anything prior to this problem, although I've since run both Windows Update and Windows...
  40. D

    How to open outlook express email in windows 7

    I attempted to use programs windows live email wlmail but it brings me to google
  41. P

    Restore my email contacts on windows live messager account

    Hello, I need to restore my contacts on windows live ' messager.i deleted them and need them back ' thank you my e'mail is ; or thank you 'i will be so grateful *
  42. V

    Internet service to sync large amounts of data?

    Hi all, I've been using windows live mesh and dropbox, and i want something similar that can handle syncing up to 100gb of files (reason: syncing the same itunes library across pcs) Anyone know of any companies that offer this? Thanks
  43. P

    Solved! Windows live mail does not respond

    Why? What do I need to do to get it working again?
  44. Q

    Copernic, index ndows Live Mail?

    Can Copernic index Windows Live Mail or Windows Live (desktop program used to access Hotmail)? If not, can Windows Desktop Search do this?
  45. A

    How can I mine data or export e-mail information?

    I currently use Gmail and would like to organize by information in the e-mail, i.e. To & From address and Subject. I'd prefer to collect this information into Excel 2007 or Access 2007 and I have Windows live Mail and Outlook 2007 to help with this task, I'm also willing to download any e-mail...
  46. G

    Windows Mail problem

    Hello, I have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and successfully transferred all my old emails to Windows Live but cannot download emails from my NTLworld account into Windows Mail...the codes etc seem ok...
  47. M

    Error code: 80048823

    Hello, I am trying to sign into my hotmail email account. On Wednesday, April 21 I had a temporary job at a company. I tried to sign into hotmail there, but I guess the company had blocked hotmail so it didn't work. My email worked fine at home though, but on Friday something happened and...
  48. treefrog07

    Any trouble accessing your hotmail inbox?

    I can login, but cannot get to the inbox. Been down "for maintenance" for the last 13 hours. The Windows Live and hotmail forums are filled with similar reports of the problem. Were the serves or accounts hacked? Anyone else having trouble accessing their inbox?
  49. S

    Dual Boot XP & 7 sharing Windows Live Mail folders

    I've partitioned my drive so dual boot XP and Win7. Running Windows Live mail on XP. Installed same on Win7. The question is can I point the Win7 Live Mail at the XP Mail folders and collect email when I am in Win7. If yes, is this likely to cause any issues in XP when I am in XP and look at...
  50. 0

    Sign Into MSN Messenger

    Hello,on friday night i had my computer all night on with my windows live messenger on and singed in all night, then i turned off around 5am and 8 hours later i turned my computer on again but my windows live messenger couldn't sign in automatically anymore and since 2 days i can't sign in and...
  51. exfileme

    Windows Live Gets Games on Demand

    On December 15, PC gamers can purchase and download digital versions of Games for Windows titles within the PC Live client. Windows Live Gets Games on Demand : Read more
  52. C

    WLM wont show what I'm listening too on iTunes

    Hey all, I run Vista Ultimate x64, iTunes, and the latest Windows Media Player, and Windows Live Messenger, all up-to-date and updates from Windows Update. When I play a songs on iTunes they do have proper ID3 tags (and show up on my Logitech G15 screen) but will not show up on Windows...
  53. exfileme

    Browser Version of Office Appears Online

    Microsoft has opened up Office Web Apps to a select group of Windows Live users. Browser Version of Office Appears Online : Read more
  54. G

    Windows Live Movie Maker

    How does Microsoft’s free new video app for Windows 7 stack up? Our opinion: Best free A/V software for PCs, no extra hardware needed. Windows Live Movie Maker : Read more
  55. damian86

    Windows Live Messenger keeps opening

    hi people i have a prob, my messenger keeps opening all the time ,also when im playing games,its so annoying,i have unchecked the boxes run at starup,and tried reinstalling it and it didnt help.what else can i do?
  56. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft Live Seach GM Leaves, Replaced

    Brad Goldberg, General Manager for Windows Live Search is leaving Microsoft for a position at Peak6 investment firm the company said this week in a statement. Goldberg will be replaced by Mike Nichols effective January 1. Microsoft Live Seach GM Leaves, Replaced : Read more
  57. JMcEntegart

    Windows Live Gets Livelier, More Social

    Late last night Microsoft announced that Windows Live is to get a makeover that will see it transform from mundane web portal to super fresh social networking hub. Or something. Windows Live Gets Livelier, More Social : Read more
  58. G

    Microsoft Buys Multimap

    Microsoft today said it has acquired Multimap, a UK-based online mapping service, for an undisclosed sum. Microsoft said that it will use Multimap to complement existing services such as Virtual Earthm Live Search, Windows Live and its recently acquired A Microsoft Buys Multimap : Read more