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  1. B

    Solved! Can't select VLC media player as default meidia player

    I've downloaded VLC media player to my Progran files (x86) on my SSD but when I try to go to "default app settings" and click on "music player" or "video player" it only shows the standard windows products what should I do? [OS: Windows 10]
  2. S

    Website Mouse Protection

    I'm running Windows 10, x86, on my Lenovo laptop. Today, I read an article about "Partnerstroka", the malware that hijacks the JavaScript and your mouse. That reminded me of a phenomenon that I am experiencing more and more, even on this great site, where, every single time you move your mouse...
  3. T

    infected and need help

    ]hi, my computer is infected, and whenever I open malwarebytes free, it auto closes, along with any google search with antivirus in it. i was able to install and run hjt and I have the log here (sorry dont know how to attach files on this site, Im doing this on my phone)...
  4. T

    I need help downloading Rog gaming centre

    C:\Program Files(x86)\ASUS\ROG Gaming Center I uninstalled this what was pre downloaded in to my laptop. Can i download it somewhere again?
  5. R

    windows 7 system 32 bit x86 to windowds 10 64 bit x64

    i want to change my os windows 7 32 bit x86 to windows 10 64 bit x64 ? can i change how can ? please tell me
  6. A

    Which Chromebook to pick

    Hey, I am planning to get a chromebook. It has to be x86 because I will be installing Linux algonside ChomeOS with Crouton. I am a developer so Linux is a must here. Hence, I want to have 64gb storage at least. It has to be at max 14 inches, as light as possible to take to college. Which one...
  7. K

    What is this ''END'' file in my (C:) drive?

    As usual you have the ''Program'' and ''Program (x86)'' in your (C:) drive, but below all of these i have an empty file called ''END'' and it goes under the category as ''File''. When i open it with notepad i can see ''{}'' and nothing else. What is this file used for and can i delete it from my...
  8. R

    which is better 64 bit ot 32 bit oprating system

    I have a Lenovo laptop with below configuration which will better for me 64 bit or 32 bit? lenovo thinkpad e 40 ram-4GB HDD-320 GB
  9. U

    Error 5: Access Denied; Can't uninstall/install software

    I'm trying to uninstall a program called Guitar Pro and I always get an error message that reads: "File D:\Program Files (x86)\Guitar Pro 6\unins000.dat could not be opened. Cannot uninstall. Error 5: Access is denied." I'm pretty sure it has something to do with administrative authority or...
  10. Amartya

    My Avira Free Antivirus has stopped Updating Suddenly

    Okay so first off a bit of background on the system I'm running. It's a Windows 10 machine and has the latest updates installed (Ver: 1607). I am not using any proxies, and the rest of the Internet works perfectly. In fact, I'm writing this from the same machine. Here is the report from Avira...
  11. L

    Somethings wrong with my java.....very bad HELP ME!!! [Gave Up]

    I cant get java to work. I have the version 8 update 60. i found the java files in C:\Program Files (x86). And java still doesn't work. My path is C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin On the control Panel I found the java...
  12. N

    Upset Refrigerator Program/Virus?

    I came across this program in my Program Files (x86) that just appeared yesterday. I don't remember installing anything yesterday and it seems fishy. I googled it and used bing too and nothing came up. I scanned my computer with avast, malware bytes, and Microsoft security essentials and...
  13. G

    What is AFC Secure Net?

    I was running malwarebytes and i got rid of Julbrus.A but It is the AFC Secure Net folder in Program files(x86). What is AFC Secure Net and is it safe?
  14. E

    How to install 32bit printer driver on Win7 64bit

    I have a Canon LaserBase MF3110 printer, but I can not install the driver on 64 bit windows 7, Could anybody help me? Please give me links to download Thanks a lot in advance :-)
  15. V

    Intel N2940 x86?

    Is Intel N2940 processor x86 based?
  16. raxor30

    Infected by 4 items, how to remove them?

    Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.5 Scan saved at 1:36:09 AM, on 11/06/2015 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505) MSIE: Internet Explorer v11.0 (11.00.9600.17801) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvBackend.exe...
  17. S

    Some virus help, please! (HiJackThis log enclosed)

    Hi everyone, The lady at the front desk on Friday called me because she opened a .pdf file from a company we always get .pdf files from in the email and suddenly stuff was popping up on her screen and programs were installing left and right. I've since removed them all, but more keep...
  18. R

    Windows cannot find C\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

    this appears when i try to open acrobat...any help?
  19. E

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015

    I cannot install .NET FRAMEWORK SP1 and update.NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 x 86 (KB951847) which are needed for installing the bitdefender. I have tried for weeks to install the above .NET but nothing doing
  20. Max Guymer

    Avast detecting a .tmp file in Steam and it's suspicious.

    C:/program files(x86)/common files/steam/00024179.tmp That's what Avast is detecting, saying it's a suspicious item. I can't find it in my steam folder because avast blocks it, but the warning keeps coming back, if it is a virus it's persistent, I tried scanning the steam folder: nothing, then...
  21. Oggie7797

    Compatibility question regarding RAM

    Let me start with im on a budget. I need the mobility of a laptop so thats why im not bothering with a desktop and i dont have the money to buy an $800 asus so my best bet for the time being is to add some RAM into my old Inspiron 1720. According to Crucial the max RAM is 4gb...
  22. M

    Microsoft Visual C++

    Can I deinstall older versions of microsoft visual C++, and since my system is 64 bits, can I also deinstall the x86?
  23. Jacob McIntosh

    Chrome New Tab page directs me to another page

    So my new tab page in Chrome (latest version) isn't the real new tab page. I know what it is, but how do I get rid of it? I've already checked Program Files (x86), and deleted the program, but it's still there. I also reinstalled Chrome. I'm thinking it's somewhere within Registry Editor?
  24. I

    Q6600 on Windows 8.1 32-bit, should I download x86 or x64 version of JDK?

    I've recently installed the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 on my 7+ year old PC. Everything has been working fine but I was wondering which version of JDK I should download, the x86 or the x64? Windows claims: "System Type: 32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor" but if I remember...
  25. F

    weird message help

    what is C:/Program%20Files(x86)MusicToolbar/Datamngr/apcrtldr.dll ...and can i fix this or i need help i have toshiba satellite l505 and when i open firefox this pops up, please help
  26. M

    Run windows 8 on x86 android

    So I have a Dell Venue 8 (not pro) and it runs android, and I was wondering if it could run windows 8. I've seen from other posts that most android don't have x86 processors, but mine does, so will this affect that ability? I'm asking specifically for my device, because it seems too have unique...
  27. T

    what is x86

    what does x86 mean iver heard of a intel processer called a i x386 or 286 or something like that and the next gen consoles are based on a x86 arcitecture what does that mean
  28. D

    Programing Notepad Help

    How do I start a program. I tried in the notepad. @echo off Start ooVoo.exe Start ooVoo.Ink Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\ooVoo\ooVoo.exe" Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\ooVoo\" None work. Help Pleas, what are you supposed to put after the start t launch ooVoo.
  29. Louis Andrei Suba

    Windows 8 driver

    where can i find a intel gma 3150 for windows 8 x86
  30. huilun02

    Need help with AutoHotkey

    I'm new to AutoHotkey... Need to script CCleaner to sweep privacy and history every time Chrome is closed. Incognito mode and extensions not good enough... I've been using this so far: ^g:: RunWait, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Run, C:\Program...
  31. Azn Cracker

    Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox keep changing target locations.

    Hi there. So i have desktop shortcuts for chrome and firefox and the shortcuts keep on changing locations so the shortcuts become broken Initially they work, but after a few hours or a restart they switch to a new location. At first I have it in the C drive (OS ssd) @ "C:\Program Files...
  32. K

    HELP I have a virus and i know it!

    Hey, i have recently ecountered a virus/keylogger and would like to ask for some advice. I am sure i have a keylogger as i saw it with my own eyes and the log it kept of what i typed, i have also encountered it switching to the basic windows look from the windows 7 normal look. I have a log of...
  33. A

    Maya 2013 installation failing...

    I get this error whenever I try to install Maya 2013 any ideas? 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] === Setup started on [private] by [private]=== 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] Launch 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] CommandLine /url...
  34. dubblez

    CS6 Master Collection on SSD

    I just got my first SSD installed onto my computer, and want to leave my SSd space to my OS and games, and want to put other files on my large HDD. I am attempting to install CS6 Master collection on my HDD, in my "Program Files (x86)" folder, but Adobe Download Assistant is giving me an error...
  35. V

    Running the futuristic 86 bit programs

    Hello, Will the present Z77/Z78 and Z79 motherboards be able to run the futuristic X86 bit programs and operating system??
  36. I

    Microsoft Visual C ++ error run time

    Hello, since today in the mornig my messenger showed microsoft visual c ++ error run tome files(x86) i don´t know what to do please help me
  37. Izaran

    Google keeps redirecting to ads

    Hi, I found a thread on Computing.net in which someone suggested using HijackThis to collect a log of things. And I have no clue what is safe to fix/remove and what is not.... But if there is another reason or way to stop Google from being hijacked to retarded ad sites...I would very much...
  38. B

    How can i upgrade my computer from 64 bit to 86bit

    Hello, i have purchased virtualenginebuilder3D online and it says i need a X86 bit system and i have a 64 bit system, how can i upgrade to a x86 bit system
  39. K

    China netbooks - ARM or RISC with HW assisted x86 emulation?

    Hello, I am planning to buy a china netbook, preferably with 10 inch screen. I have pinned down these two models: 1) VIA ARM VT8505 533Mhz http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270752045381&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 Even through this particular auction has three different CPU...
  40. exfileme

    Intel Porting Android 3.0 ''Honeycomb'' to x86

    Intel is porting Google's Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" over to its x86 architecture. Intel Porting Android 3.0 ''Honeycomb'' to x86 : Read more
  41. N


    Hello, I need driver for this. Machine: HP Pavilion DV9000 (dv9233eu) with Windows 7 Ultimate RTM Lite x86 ITA
  42. houdinii

    Where should visual studio 2010 go

    where should i be downloading visual studio 2010 its trying to go into the x86 file which i thought was the 32bit folder if im running 64 bit win7 shouldnt it go into the normal programs file???
  43. fxv300


    Hi, I have configured SpeedFan to log various items. I cannot find where the log files are stored. I am on WIndows7 64 bit. Have looked in the SpeedFan folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedFan also searched for SFLog*.*
  44. M

    Just need a very quick yes or no to a question!!!

    Hello. I ran Sophos Anti-Rootkit and found 4 items. They were: c:\windows\winsxs\x86_usbport.inf Well, Sophos did not automatically check them to be removed because they are hidden unknown files. My question to you smart guys is, should I check the boxes to delete these files, or should I not...
  45. S


    I have a trojan. Can you please help me remove it. Here is my hijack this log: Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 10:51:54 PM, on 11/12/2009 Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905) MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18828) Boot mode: Normal Running processes...
  46. L

    What I type platform do I have, X86 or SPARK?

    What I need to know in order to download Solaris 10 is what system platform I have.The system that I will install it on is a Compaq SR1950NX. Below insisting information that you might need to help me: Product Specifications -...
  47. Profy_X

    Sony VAIO VGN FJ 1z/w

    Hello everybody i`m new on this forum as you can see,I bought myself a notebook Sony Vaio model VGN FJ 1z/w second-hand so I`m wondering how can i make it more faster than it is (it has an extra 512mb of RAM)what windows is more recomandat for this kind of device windows xp what version home pro...
  48. J

    Solaris x86 vs sparc

    I'm just wondering if there is a way to install applications for solaris sparc on a solaris x86 architecture. I know there is a way to install linux applications on a solaris x86 but it is tedious. any ideas?