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  1. PlymouthJoseph

    Quickly... Best digital camera under £50?

    Okay, my father-in-law is looking for a good Digital Camera for father's day (Which is on the 18th here in the UK) and I want a quick and simple answer. Which is the best camera I can buy him for around £50? I know next to nothing about cameras, I need all the advice possible and a simple...
  2. A

    Olympus E420 camera dead?

    My Olympus E420 camera suddenly does not swithch on anymore. I have a second E420 camera and I checked the battery: it is well. The one that is broken, worked again for about just half a minute (twice) when i put in a fully charged battery. But now it even does not do that anymore. I...
  3. A

    Www kodak com/go/support

    I have a Z990 Kodak camera and am having trouble ownloading my pictures to my computer. Software appears to be running but nothing transfers. Using the USB connection. Any help will be apprierciated
  4. Y

    Factory Default reset for Olympus sp 590

    Hello, h can i reset Olympus sp 590? it's not tern on (black screen) but it make litle mchanic sound
  5. P

    REBEL XT will not download to PC

    Rebel XT Canon camera will not connect with PC to download photos, what now?????????
  6. C

    Extending/boosting webcam

    Hello, How do I extend USB cable and boost signal for surveillance web cam? JC
  7. D


    Hello, i want to download free webcam application
  8. S

    Need help with time lapse

    Hello guys, I'm planning to do a time lapse with my Sony HDR-CX 115 video camera. The problem is that the battery runs out quickly (45 mins) because I cant turn off the screen only (to make the battery last longer.) Also, I want to take still images every 5 seconds.. But I don't believe this...
  9. G

    Sale camera

    Hello, i have anther camera like it like the same v. 1956 percisa beier tempor cam... it's new better useing jihad
  10. C


    Does zi8 have a USB adapter so that it can be connected to a desk top PC?
  11. S

    Solved! Best digital still camera under $300 from CANON/NIKON/SONY/KODAK

    Hi guys, I am looking for a still camera strictly from CANON/NIKON/SONY/KODAK. First priorities (& minimum requirements) Zoom not less then 10X Best image quality (for less then $300) Don't really stress much on manual controls. Well I do need them, but they are the second priorities. I am in...
  12. M

    Acer digital camera CR 8530

    The shutter does not open. I got it in 2006 and I have not used it at all, it is still in the original box. As I was away since then, I left it at home in Nepal bought another camera. I am now based in Kuwait. Please suggest me how can I use it. Email address removed to prevent spam
  13. D

    Fujifilm s5700

    Hello, my s5700 shutter button won't work when the flash is set to Forced Flash mode.
  14. G


    please sent me the price of the above item
  15. B

    Solved! Canon camcorder miniDV Z200 "Remove the cassette"

    I have a camcorder Canon mini DV ZR 200 Just a month after the warranty expired, my camcorder started to malfunction as I was getting the "Remove the cassette" error message. I couldn't use my camcorder anymore as I am unable to load any dv tape and the user manual doesn't provide any...
  16. C

    Why gray with zipper in front of my pictures? Please someone help..I cannot look

    When I click to open my Kodak pictures I see them for one second...then they are covered with a solid gray and lookis like a zig zag right down the middle. I have updated apple.com 7 etc...like my search told me to.... I still need HELP! THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO HELP
  17. U

    Digital Camcorder Hard Disc Drive

    There is so much to choose from on tech. Ver. Price. We have our choice as to what we want to spend. This new camcorder with the hard drive looked interesting since i enjoy computer stuff. I know JVC, this is their 3rd year for this product and Panasonic has this product also; their may be...
  18. G

    Panasonic Z30 release date?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Anybody know? Amazon has "September" listed, but the Amazon release dates are often just very general estimates. C
  19. G

    FZ30 PR, preview, and samples

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) http://www.dpreview.com/news/0507/05072004panasonic_fz30.asp http://www.dpreview.com/articles/panasonicfz30/ From the press release: "Panasonic is proud to introduce the 8-Megapixel, 12x optical zoom (equivalent to 35mm to 420mm on a...
  20. G

    Megapixel envy?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Everything I've read about the Panasonic Lumix FZ5, FZ20, and the Canon Powershot S2 IS -- indicates a fairly high degree of noise above ISO 100. I think this comes from the signal-to-noise issue of trying to cram 5MPs of data onto the...
  21. G

    DMC - FZ5

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Does the IS feature work well with the slow shutter/flash (night portrait?) setting?
  22. G


    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) I'm considering switching from an SLR to a ZLR and as far as I can see the feature that makes a ZLR most like an SLR in use is the EVF. (I know there are lots of other things to take into account but for me the quality of the EVF seems...
  23. G

    Spanish GP example from Panasonic FZ5

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Spanish GP example from Panasonic FZ5: http://www.david-taylor.myby.co.uk/2005-05-06-0953-28-b.jpg resampled to 50% size, 1280 x 960 pixels, 177KB. David
  24. G

    Internal USB 2.0 memory card reader

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Friends, I bought an HP 9-in-1 internal multi-card reader to use with my SD memory card. Unfortunately, it appears to have a proprietary connector, and can't be installed on my computer. Can anyone recommend an internal reader (that...
  25. G

    FZ20 Lens Movement

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Hi, Just been playing with my new FZ20 and noticed that there is a noticeable radial lens movement - laterally and vertically (in fact in all directions) when the lens is extended after switching on. This movement is in the order of...
  26. G

    8 Mpix or 6?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Hi there! A friend says it's not worth getting a 8 Mpix camera. He said the images are not much better printed and it doesn't matter for web photos or emails. Do you agree? I just want something to drag around that has a good zoom...
  27. G

    best panorama stitching software?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) I commonly use the panorama option of my Nikon CP8700... currently I'm using either Archsoft Panorama Maker 3.0, or the stitching capability of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. I create panoramas enough that it might be worthwhile to look...
  28. G

    Nikon CP8800 and Fast Shutter Speed

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Have any of you CP8800 owners out there succeeded in taking a correctly exposed photograph on a bright sunny day with a shutters speed of 1500 or 3000 ?? If so, then what were the other major settings you used? This is a serious question...
  29. G

    canon A95 vs kodak cx 6445

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) please compare all aspects of both the cameras and advice on which to buy. If a detailed comparision of all the features is done, it would be of great help to me. This is my first purchase of a digital camera. Ravi -- Message posted via...
  30. G

    Panasonic FZ3 Vs S1 IS

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) I am considering buying an Ultra Zoom ZLR camera. Of the few available I had finally shortlisted FZ3 and S1. From the many reviews and user experiances that I came across it is very clear that both are excellent cameras and value for...
  31. G

    Lens cleaning

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) can anyone recommend a good lens cleaner or kit? What works for you? Dave Nikon 8700
  32. G

    Third-party converters for Coolpix 8800?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Time has come to upgrade my old Nikon Coolpix 995. It isn't so much the 3 MP as the shutter lag that I'm fed up with. I originally thought of geting a DSLR, but I have decided that I can wait for a couple of new models still of those, and...
  33. G

    Question about Software

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) I have Microsoft Picture It 9.0 and would like to know if it can do a sufficient job with most digital images. Thanks
  34. B

    Question about CoolPix 8800

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) Hope I am in the right group this time. I would like to know if you have tried the Coolpix 8800. I know it is a new camera, but would like to have some first hand opinions. If you have a Coolpix 8700, that would be close enough. Thanks
  35. G

    Nikon 5700 and image quality

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.zlr (More info?) I'm new to digital photography, having jumped right in and bought this 5700 last spring. I was into photography when I was a teenager way back in the 70's, but it was too expensive a hobby and I did nothing but vacation snaps with...