10 Bit with 1.06 Billion or 24 Bit with 16.7 Million Colors

Corvett Z07

Sep 12, 2011
Our Crappy 16 year old CRT TV finally went out and now we are looking for a new TV. Out entertainment center only allows us a maximum tv of about 32" and I was looking and I found a tv with 1.06 billion colors but only was 10 bit. On the other hand i could get one with just a regular 16.7 million colors at 24 bits. Which would be better?

Would like to stay 350$ or lower. Also I'm not concerned about 720p or 1080p because we are sitting 10ft+ away from the TV and it's only 32". Also I am getting a LED tv with a good dynamic contrast ratio.

Also tell me if I'm getting this all wrong and just need to buy one at Walmart.
Thanks, Corvette


i've never heard of a 10bit display. in any case it shouldnt have 1.06b colors.

in general i'd stay away from plasma televisions. they might offer a few perks but could be expensive in the long run for you.

led tv is still an lcd. it just has led backlighting. at your price range its edgelit which isnt any better than ccfl (normal lcd tv). so dont let this limit you and its just propaganda.

most tvs you buy should be either 720p or 1080p nowdays in that size range. might as well go for 1080 if its in your budget. future proof a bit.

personally i always stick with sony as i've had excellent luck with them, and the fact that they actually stock parts unlike the rest. if you want to get off incredibly cheap then vizio is budget but dont expect superb quality.

walmart often offers discount tvs but they may be lower end models than are found at competing stores. you can buy decently priced tvs in many other stores such as bestbuy, bjs, sears, boscovs, etcetera. just visit a few and see what you like, then compare prices.
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