1080p & 5.1 dts audio problems in win7


Apr 6, 2006
So I'm trying to get a 1080p video to work. For whatever reason, the video was working flawlessly. Tried to watch it again today and had major studdering problems.

What i'm trying to do: Watch a 1080p mkv file with a dts decoder.
What settings worked yesterday: using WMP11 with the klite codec pack. Used the 6 channel setting on my z5500 Logitech and knew i wasn't going to get dts that way. worked fine.

Today: i switched over from analog sound signal to digital/ optical. WMP didn't read dts. Used VLC, switched to spdif out and received a horrid stuttering dts stream (but dts none the less). Terrible stuttering in video w/ vlc.

Also tried using the ffdshow and coreavc codecs in tandem because i heard that would help some problems. So i uninstalled the previous codec pack installed the new one. Now wmp11 doesn't recognize the mkv file at all. VLC does, but still no dts.

system config is very old. 3years.:: x2 3800, 7600gt, 1gig ram, win7 7100 720p video no problem, 1080 tho, not so much.

Any suggestions/ comments? and cpu is ~50% while playing the 1080 vid.


Jul 8, 2008
Check the sounds tab of the control panel; there should be a setting for your default sound device that tells it that your reciever can handle DD/DTS streams. This was on Vista though; I don't know if this feature exists in XP...

This could also be a codec problem, although I use my PS3 for all DVD playback, so someone else would need to help you out there if that is the problem...


Jul 8, 2009
I used to use VLC for regular vids but for hd it stutters like a dyslexic 4 year old. I would download the trial for Zoomplayer and fddshow. Then go to settings and and change the amount of threads to utilize the amount of cores your pc has. Using VLC and fddshow there is flawless 1080p playback with dts on my pc via digital out.
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