[$1400] Laptop for Research and school to replace UX31A. No games.


Oct 24, 2010

Country of purchase: USA

Budget range: $1000-$1400

Purpose :
Portable, but doesn't have to be CULV. It will be for school work/research which sometimes I have to run taxing calculations for a few hours. I really liked the i7 in my UX31A.

Screen size preference: 12-13"

OS preference (Windows/ Mac/ Linux): Windows, but Mac is fine too if it is somehow better for the price.

Gaming requirements (example games and desired fps/settings): None really. I might play minecraft for 10 minutes if waiting for something.

Performance requirements (video, CAD, etc.): I sometimes run very quick bio optics simulations, they could take an hour or two on my Asus.

Method of computer support (office supplier, college bookstore, self support): Self

Brand preferences and reasons (already owned accessories, familiarity, business compatibility): I don't have any preference.

Any particular style that you like (examples are great): I like the way the samsung series 9 looks. I also like the looks of the Macbook Pro. I guess just simple looking and metal.

Which of the following qualities would you prefer? (Choose one, the other, or balanced)

Long battery life -vs- Low weight: Low weight

Build quality -vs- Low price: Build Quality

My main concern is that I need VERY reliable Wifi. This is one area where my ux31 really pissed me off. My school has shoddy wifi in it's older buildings, it became a hunt every day for wifi with the asus. Even though my friends with macs had no problem connecting anywhere on campus.


Feb 17, 2012
right now the NEW macbook air (with haswell) is arguably the best ultrabook on the market (including price!). the coming ASUS zenbook infinity may be better, but we'll have to wait and see

what kind of "work/research" are you running? if it's only tax calculations etc, Ultrabooks are definately the way to go as you don't need a GPU at all.

but yeah, honestly this is one of the rare occasions where I'd say "just get a macbook air"
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