2 microphones, 1 input


Oct 15, 2015
Hi, I have this jack splitter, which brilliantly splits one audio output for two jacks, so I can easily listen audio with my buddy with 2 headphones.

I thought it could work the same the other way for two microphones. I wanted to plug-in two microphone jacks into 1 microphone input in my PC (Windows 7) using this splitter and be able to speak-in with two microphones simultaneously. But it seems like while both microphones are plugged in, sound from only one of them is taken, while the other microphone seems be quiet.

What can be wrong?

Phillip Corcoran

Nothing wrong - - splitting sound output is okay since it's a single audio source.
But splitting sound input isn't possible since the it's two different sources, Windows won't tolerate that unless your PC has stereo mic inputs in which case it would have two mic jacks (mic left & mic right).
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