3 dissassembles laptops, but none w/ every piece needed. Any suggestions?


Apr 3, 2016
Hello all. I'm Nilly, and I'm new here on the forum. I've found countless helpful threads here before, though, so I thought I'd share my situation and see if anybody has any input or suggestions. Let me know if there's anything I should or shouldn't be doing in my posts, and I'm looking forward to my newly created membership. :)
I have two laptops (an e-machine E443 & a dell D620) that I'd completely disassembled years ago just to experiment with, and yesterday, my dog went pee on my MacBook Pro, which stopped working. I took that apart & tested the logic board out, which looks to still be completely functional, which I assume means that some of it's peripheral components must just have gone bad. So, now I am stuck with these three incomplete laptops, and I'm looking for any idead or suggestions for what to do with them. Any and all input is welcome! Thanks in advance,