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    Solved! emachine e442 power problem

    I've got the above laptop, for some reason it will only boot on the power supply and the red charge light flashes. I've fitted a new battery and I've reset the cmos but the problem still remains. Any suggestions Please?
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    Solved! Emachine E525 motherboard replacement battery and fan issues

    I had to replace the motherboard in my Emachine E525 laptop because my power ic burned out. So I ordered a used one on eBay and changed it out. Afterward I saw upon powering on that it wasn't recognizing the battery and the fan wasn't working. I replaced the battery and it runs off new battery...
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    Solved! Comes on no picture/just runs

    E machine comes on just runs no picture won't boot up
  4. T

    Emachine E527 not turning on not even charging light

    E527 laptop is totally blank inspite of connecting the charger even charging light is also not working please help
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    I have a eMachines D528 laptop I would like to upgrade

    What is the latest, fastest CPU supported by this socket P laptop? What is the max memory (RAM) supported for this laptop using Windows 7 Home Premium?
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    3 dissassembles laptops, but none w/ every piece needed. Any suggestions?

    Hello all. I'm Nilly, and I'm new here on the forum. I've found countless helpful threads here before, though, so I thought I'd share my situation and see if anybody has any input or suggestions. Let me know if there's anything I should or shouldn't be doing in my posts, and I'm looking forward...
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    Screen on my emachine e525 goes blank after 1 minute, any answers out there

    Screen on my emachine e525 goes blank after 1 min any answers out there
  8. A

    Solved! Acer e725 powers on but screen is dark when I shine a flashlight on it I can make out the sign in screen

    My Acer emachine E725 Powers on but the screen is dark. When I shine a bright light on the screen I can barely make out the sign in screen. What do I do?
  9. B

    Emachine g640 turns on but no screen display

    Powers on but black screen
  10. M

    Emachines makes beeping noise

    Every time I turn on my emachines laptop it will start making a loud beeping noise and the screen will be black.is there anyway to fix this?
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    Green light on AC adapter turns off when i plug into my emachine d620 laptop

    Green light on AC adapter turns off when i plug into my emachine d620 laptop
  12. C

    No sound through monitor

    I connected an eMachines monitor cable box using HDMI-VGA lead. There a 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor. Tried aux speakers, even my bass amp, but still no sound. Any tips?
  13. M

    No drivers for Radeon HD6550M for Windows 10

    I have a problem with my Graphics Card and my Windows (I think). I installed Windows 10 on my laptop (Acer Emachines E732G) and downloaded the driver from official AMD site, but if I do that it says that i installed 5000 series, and I have Radeon HD6550M. So I erased it and installed driver from...
  14. B

    Switching hard drives

    Put hp laptop hard drive into an eMachines desktop boots to start windows normally but them powers off. Any thoughts
  15. M

    My emachine note book is showing setup is starting services for 5 hours but not getting another page

    My emachine note book is showing setup is starting services but not going other pages the whole day,what is the issue ,pls can any one help
  16. J

    Upgrading my laptop

    I am using the eMachines E625 laptop with 1.6 ghz Athlon TF 20 processor, 1GB of RAM and ATI Radeon X1200 graphics card. I want to know if.. A.Can I upgrade my processor? If yes, will the TL 64 work? B. How much more RAM can I add to my laptop? C. Can I upgrade my graphics card? If yes, which...
  17. L

    Emachine el1852g-52w password reset without disc

    I cant remember the password
  18. S

    emachines laptop , blank screen

    how do i get something on my screen. just blank
  19. A

    Just purchased a 2nd hand emachines e727 for my son to learn on most keys on keyboard dont wont called acer about reseting to

    Help please going out of my mind what to do called acer to reset factory settings done and restarted now just get a error message cant install windows and stays on services are starting up
  20. N

    Emachines D732z laptop does not power on

    I have emachines d732z laptop which is rarely used. When I have used windows 7, the notification panel shows "consider replacing your battery". After upgrading to windows 8, there were no such notifications. When I tried to power on laptop today, it does not turn on, the power on led and...
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    I have a emachines D732Z model laptop which is rarely used. When the system is operated in windows 7 OS the notification panel

    Laptop dosent power on, just blinking power on led and power indicator
  22. I

    You can update an e-Machine BIOS

    My e-Machine touchpad was not working. I just updated the BIOS and now it is working.
  23. J

    Pc Angel Bios Partition locked

    I'm trying to recover data off a emachines t3995 after a capacitor blow out, I hooked up the old hard drive (WD Caviar, WD800) to my big rig though a ide/sata controller card only to find a 3gb partition filled with PC Angel recovery software ,after further analysis of the software I've found...
  24. L

    My e machine mini laptop bought newly hangs a lot. ive checked the free space its 81%. i dont know what to do.

    My e machine mini laptop hangs a lot and very slow in responding to commands. The free space is 81%.
  25. B

    emachine turns off

    Fan comes on very loud then machine switches off, any ideas what the problem is
  26. H

    where is the device manager in emachines E725?

    i want to enable scrolling in my laptop
  27. F

    How to Reboot E-machine D620 That Will not Start after Sleep Mode

    My D620 EMACHINE was on the shelf for about one year and when I went to start it there was no power on or battery charge leds on. I have taken it apart and replaced CMOS battery and put new paste on the heat sink at the CPU /tested the DC in plug, removed everything and reassembled it. Now the...
  28. D

    My PC is not efficient as before

    Hello, I have emachines e725 laptop. 4-5 years ago, i was using this computer and playing games very well(quake live, silkroad, knight online, haxball). then i gave to my family. I have to use this computer now. but it is not efficient as before. (just games) -there are no problem in videos...
  29. G

    emachine e528 LAPTOP

    kep saying check cable connection ,pxe-mof; exiting intel pxe rom...NO OPERATING SYSTEM found... HELP ME PLEASE.DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED
  30. P

    Emachine black screen after power off

    Hello, I have an Emachine 732, my system was window 10. I have this really bad virus so I have to reset the whole system. It was at 99% but it stuck there for hours, and I was being stupid so I force power off it. Now it stuck on black screen every time I turn it on. I mean it wasn't blackscreen...
  31. L

    Emachines e725 touchpad scroll problems after upgrade to Windows 10

    After i upgraded my laptop the scroll stopped working. What can i do?
  32. C

    emachine d725 intrnal/external mike

    i can not get computor to turn on any mike is there a keyboard switch or do i need a new driver
  33. R

    Is the video graphic on eMachine E442 laptop replaceable?

    There is no display on the screen but the LCD seem to work because it changes color from black to dark blue on start up so i supposed the video graphic is the problem. I disassembled the mother board and it seems the video graphic is not separate. Am I correct?
  34. K

    can I recover from computer

    Have videod kids since they were born , my mum has recently died and wanted to watch videos but all gone , so upset . Had them on emachine computer but husband put it to factory setting s as we wee going to sell it
  35. P

    logitech speakers and Emachine

    I have LOGITECH speakers with an e machine. I hear a buzzing sound when I plug the speakers into the back of the machine, but no sound comes out of the speakers. Any ideas what I should do so that I can hear sounds? <removed email>
  36. A

    've had labtop 'EMACHINE E627' The sceen went black after I had use it..I thought maybe the 'SLEEP SETTINGS' broke on my labto

    've had labtop 'EMACHINE E627' The sceen went black after I had use it..I thought maybe the 'SLEEP SETTINGS' broke on my labtop. The labtop would power on with sound of the fan going, but just a 'Black sceen' WHAT CAN I DO? YOUR HELP? later I plug my 'mp3 into the 'usb...
  37. G

    emachine d620 m52257,when i press power button the power light comes on

    hi wonder if anyone can help me i have an emachine d620 m52257, when i press power button the power light comes on and the fan spins for about 10 seconds thn stops and i have nothing on the display and machine wont boot , also when i goto turn off it wont turn of (green pwr light stays on ) any...
  38. M

    My Emachine e627 wont turn on

    My wifes E627 worked fine one minute and not the next?Please help!
  39. N

    my emachine d620 won't boot up eventhough the power button is lit. i even tried removing the processor to think that the syste

    System powers up, but no display on the monitor & System seems to power up, but no fans are spinning
  40. S

    I have no sound at all on my emachine-laptop.Once in a rare while full sound returns switching my emachine laptop on.How do I

    I have no sound at all on my emachine laptop.In rare incidents switching my lapto on,full soud has returned,working perfecting well.How do I fix this problem??
  41. G

    eMachine won't start up/stay on.

    My eMachine crashed whilst downloading some software. Now it will turn on to show the first e logo screen and then cut out straight away. It then tries to reboot itself again and again but never gets past the e logo screen. Any ideas on how to get it to work?! I've tried pressing F8 to get it to...
  42. W

    Emachines E525 battery problems

    Over the past month, my emachines E525 battery has been rapildy falling from 100% to 30% in a matter of minutes whenever it's unplugged. I have jusg bought a bdand new battety for this laptop but the problems have not changed in the slightest. I need this computer to operate and cannot always...
  43. J

    I have an emachine notebook and i just upgraded the memory to 2G.......it will not turn on ;(

    I have an machine notebook and I just upgraded the memory to 2G and it Will not start up;(
  44. D

    brand new battery and ac adapptor is not charging my emachine 627 do i need to update driver or what

    hi i need a fix for my battery not charging on my emachines 627. it says its plugged in and charging but it is not .
  45. L

    slow e525 laptop / emachines

    HI, how can I speed up this e525 laptop that i was given. it has hardly anything stored on it and i have reset it to have a basic appearance. so i turn it on and try to open firefox and it is still waiting to open it by the time my partner has finished all his jobs on his laptop!!. I know this...
  46. H

    Emachines D620 wont boot

    I have a emachines D620 and it wont boot. The OS is corrupted and the battery is shot. But it wont even boot the BIOS and only gives me a flashing orange battery light. It has booted before when the battery was not working.
  47. A

    emachines kav60 lost password

    I cant remember my password i out on this laptop when I installed the Windows and cant get past it is there anyway I can do this...? Kinda needing it for online classes can anyone help?
  48. T

    Emachines sound-driver problem

    Hi, i'm really clue-less right now. so i got a Emachines E725 that i have Formated and installed Windows 8.1 on (used to be a W$ Vista) and everything seem just fine, exept one thing, i get no sound from this s****, no sound from eather the headphone jacks or the internal speakers. the sound...
  49. D

    How Far Can i Go?

    Hello This is a upgrading hardware question. I have a emachines tower running ECS 945GCT-M3 Rev 3.1 motherboard. Basically i Need to Know How much Ram this can handle, whats the best processor i can upgrade to, what wifi card can this old guy take, and finally best PCI graphics card i can use...
  50. D

    need new laptop screen

    where can i buy a new emachines d528-2496 replacement 14.0" 16:9 sized lcd sreen? Thanks much. Darktrik
  51. xaephod

    Emachines E525 Windows Version?

    Hi folks, I have an Emachines E525, purchased new. I made a recovery disk package (3 disks) a while ago, but turns out I am missing one of the disks. I tried to just install 7 from another source and use the serial # on the bottom of the laptop but it doesn't want to work. What version of...
  52. D

    Emachine E732Z touchpad frozen

    My touchpad is not working what so ever and I've tried restoring but it's still not working and I really need help
  53. R

    I have changed the inverter and the ribbon cable still feint image emachines e525

    Black screen (feint image)on an emachines e525 running windows 7. I have changed the inverter and the ribbon cable still feint image
  54. S

    emachines web cam

    where do i download web cam video for my emachine laptop???? help???????
  55. N

    i need help to unlock bios password emachines(e627)

    i need to install new window so due to unlock bios it is difficult for me to install because i forget the bios password, i need help to remove that password
  56. R

    hi there, I have this emachine notebook for like 3 years now. There was one instance that i drained out the battery and it st

    hi there, I have this emachine notebook for like 3 years now. There was one instance that i drained out the battery and it started to act like it would easy drain and this time it's even worse....It's stuck on 1%. It would show 1% plugged in, charging and yet it's not even increase from that...
  57. K

    Emachines touchpad stopped working

    This happened today after installing the October windows updates. My eMachines e627 touchpad driver is gone from the device manager and taskbar and the touchpad does not work. I was using the apoint alps driver.
  58. T

    ACER Projector cant display my files!

    Am using my emachine E725 laptop but it cant display my files but instead my background picture only. What can i do to be able to my files not my background picture only?
  59. G

    emachines 350-21g16i dead

    emachines 350-21g16i dead charger ok plz help..........
  60. E

    Turn off touch pad E627

    How do I turn off the touch pad on my emachines E627?