40" D5003 Full HD LED TV - Help with alternatives


Jan 15, 2012
Hi folks,

Thanks for your time in advance. I've gone out in UK to Comet and purchased this 40" D5003 Full HD LED TV for 360 pounds as a managers special. Unfortunately when I came home I've now learned that it has very basic features hench the price, it's a budget television basically. I don't have a DVI connection to connect my laptops or PC's and play movies that way, and I have a USB connection but the television doesn't play video files!.

It's quite depressing for me, and instead of taking it back and sucking it up and buying a more expensive model. I was wondering if any of you here on could help me out and give me some advise like you've done in the past.

I'm interested in an alternative way of playing .mkv's and .srt's (And many .Avi movie files and whatever else is downloaded). I need the .srt's as my partner is Spanish and it helps her. I was considering purchasing a BluRay player which had a USB connection and I could do it that way?. Or perhaps there is a way to connect a pc via HDMI or USB?. I just need someone to tell me a way to play downloaded video files of my favorite series and movies and putting it on this pc, or is it a piece of dead technology and I should take it back and upgrade (Presumely what the last mug did which is why it was reduced without a box).

Thanks everyone I look forward to some helpful responses.
You can connect your PC to the TV with HDMI easily, if you don't have a video card with HDMI, one would be maybe $30-40 for a basic one just for HD video, not games.

Or you can get a networked stand-alone media player (would cost more but free up the need to have a PC one all the time). Or get a DVD or Blu-Ray player that has network capability or at least a USB port to play video files. I had a nice Toshiba DVD player that worked great, till I got an XBOX360 that did all that also.

But, read the specs on whatever player you look at to make sure it will play the format you want.

Read specs first before buying stuff! If you don't look at the connections the TV has, nor the spec sheet, can't do much afterward.
I use a Western Digital TV media live with a usb hard drive connected to it to play movies and TV shows. It handles most file types and srt files fine. Not too expensive and easy to use. Can be connected with HDMI, component, or composite video and has analog and digital audio outs too so it will connect to your TV.