5.1 Surround from PC to Receiver


Aug 4, 2015
Hello, I'm Sjana.
This is the first time I'm creating a thread on Tomsguide because usually I can find the answer by searching this forum. However this time I'm in need of answers for something I don't know that much about. Audio.

I'll start with my current situation.

PC with ASUS Xonar Phoebus Sound Card (Has Line-In, COAX and S/PDIF adapter).
Onkyo HT-s3705 Speakerset with HT-R393 Receiver.

Currently I am using S/PDIF to get audio from my sound card to my receiver. Ofcourse this is not optiminal because of the bitrate limitation and the fact that I can't use 5.1 without DTS.

I have tried HDMI from my GPU to my Receiver. This caused a problem.
When I connect my Receiver to my GPU it sees the receiver as a monitor.
At the moment I am using 3 monitors on 1 GPU, a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 3GB.
Because of this, when I connect the Receiver either one of the monitors pops out or the Receiver is disabled. Why? Because the GPU only supports up to 3 monitors where 1 is connect through Displayport.

Now I've been thinking about 2 solutions.

One would be where I can get the Receiver to work with my GPU without losing a monitor.

The more optimal solution would be to use COAX cables to get 5.1 to my receiver somehow.
I have no idea if this works or if it's possible but it would be great if it were.

Sorry for the slobby paragraphing I'm not a good forum writer.
Thanks in advance.




Aug 4, 2015
I have that set up right now and all I am getting is a blue screen on the monitor connected to my Receiver. Not sure why that is, it won't extend.
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