5.1 Surround on Headphones w/ Realtek HD Audio Manager


Aug 23, 2017
Recently updated my Realtek audio drivers and no longer have access to the Realtek HD Audio Manager. I can see it in task manager running at startup and have tried "show file location" and running the .exe with admin permission but it just brings up the "yes" "no" prompt. I click "yes" and nothing happens.

Prior to updating, my headphones worked perfectly and I could open the audio manager. I've since tried to revert back to the previous drivers but it still wont open. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

I'm using the new Lucid Sound LS40's as my headset and they do support DTS 5.1 which I've had working properly prior to updating. Its uses the S/PDIF optical port on my computer.

Computer Specs:

Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 970
Asus z97 mark 2 Mobo
intel i7 4790k

need anything else let me know.