Question Someone here MUST know how to get Realtek HD Manager working with WIN10!!!

Sep 20, 2022
I've tried everything in the book (including re-flashing my bios) to get this to reload properly after a Microsoft update but can't get rid of the code 10....short of re-installing WIN10 what are my options?

  1. I've re-flashed bios
  2. Completed uninstalled latest Realtek and then reinstalled
  3. Uninstalled Micro HD Audio Device before trying the above
  4. Tried Installing "Legacy Hardware" only to get BSOD with RTVK64.sys error
I know that I can't be the only one with this issue! My laptop is an M17R4 with WIN 10 19044.2075.

The reason I am trying to install Realtek is I can't get the System to recognize my subwoofer whereas when it did have Realtek HS Manger working it did, thanks in advance for your time & help!

John B
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