5.1 Surround playing out of the wrong speakers


Mar 24, 2013
Hi All. I've just got a new PC, (maximus vii formula motherboard which uses realtek audio drivers), installed the latest drivers, and hooked up my 5.1 surround speakers from my old PC (which they worked fine on yesterday) and am having huge issues. (Logitech Z506 I think)

When I test in the speaker setup in windows, the left and right speakers do not play. The center plays out of the rear left, the sub plays in the sub, the rear left plays in the front left, the rear right plays in the front right.

I've tried playing movies and youtube - that doesn't work either.

I've already tried uninstalling the drivers, resetting, reinstalling the drivers - no change. Is there something i'm missing, or I do I need to do a fresh install of windows 7?
the first thing i'd check are the obvious:

make sure the 3.5mm cables are hooked up to the right ports. green to green, orange to orange, black to black.

make sure that the other side of the connectors is hooked up right to your speakers.

make sure that your windows sound properties are set to 5.1.

check in the asus supremeFX software (audio drivers) that everything looks correct. some audio software allows you to change which ports output which audio signals (since in some cases they share ports for different functions).

i'd also test with a pair of headphones to see if you're getting audio correctly (using the rear jack) for at least the green port.

normally wonky sound output is due to mismatched cables.


Nov 17, 2012
I did find the reason no sound was playing at all - I forgot to install the green to green cord!

However, I still have the same problem (after uninstalling and reinstalling my speakers) and yes - I have seriously triple checked that all of the speakers are connected into the right colors in the subwoofer.

I finally just switched the center and rear left cords (one is blue and one is a dark green) but I stll have the rear right thinking it should play through the subwoofer and the subwoofer test activating the rear right.
provided that your speakers are hooked up EXACTLY like this http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/attachments/audio/15370d1324218522-stupid-5-1-audio-hook-up-question-lyhhh.jpg (both ends of the cables) and they were working perfectly before in the same arrangement you had on your old pc i'd say its definitely an issue on the motherboard side.

green to green. orange to orange. black to black. do NOT use any other colored jacks on the motherboard. the z506 comes with these colored cords, your motherboard has these colored jacks. i have no idea why you mentioned a blue and green cable above when talking about rear and center.

green- front left and right (right row, middle*)
orange- center and subwoofer (left row, top*)
black- rear left and right (left row, middle*)
*if you're looking at the motherboard in this orientation http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2014/08/asus-maximus-vii-formula-review/maximus-vii-formula-18x-1280x1024.jpg

just for clarity on your manual 2-17 http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1150/MAXIMUS-VII-FORMULA/e9796_maximus_vii_formula_ug_v2_for_web_only.pdf?_ga=1.210027990.2144113832.1415244416 it shows the green black and orange jacks in an L shape.

if you havent yet i'd make sure you're using Version of the audio drivers (direct download from internet http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_FORMULA/HelpDesk_Download/ do not use disk that came with the pc). if that doesnt work, i'd uninstall and use the ones that came on the disk. it could be that the drivers are bugged on one version.

if you're still having issues and are 100% sure you followed the above connection diagrams EXACTLY as they should be connected then i'd think about an RMA since the board is brand new. it could be that there is something faulty with the soundcard on your motherboard such as incorrectly soldered connectors on the output jacks.


Nov 17, 2012
ssddx - I think you're right, I have to RMA my motherboard. I've spent hours on this today double checking everything and there's something just flat out weird going on with the sound that shouldn't happen.
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