Question 55" Samsung F7100 TV turns off when soundbar is hooked up via HDMI

Jan 11, 2020
I have a 55" Samsung smart TV that is turning off when i hook my sound bar up with an HDMI cord. My set up is, Xfinity box to soundbar "in" with HDMI and Soundbar "out" to TV HDMI. Not sure why but every time I turn my TV on it turns off after about 5 min. The screen is black and is clicking, I have to unplug the TV and plug it back in to turn back on.
Connect the sound bar to HDMI port 2, this one supports an audio out/return channel (ARC)
Connect the xfinity box to HDMI port 1

If this won´t work, you might need an optical cable to connect from TV to the sound bar.

eventually update the Samsung TV´s as well as the sound bar´s firmware

Which exact sound bar and xfinity model is it?
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