60 inch and 42 inch Samsung TV's


Jul 30, 2017
A few weeks ago I suffered a power surge that took out both my TV's and my cable box. The cable company came out and repaired by box, but both TV's are still out. When they are plugged in I get a slight humming sound that shows they are receiving some kind of power and the red light on the front of the TV's indicating they are turned on will illuminate , but no picture or actual sound from anything. The 60in does have a very dull white light that pulses in e bottom right corner of the TV, but is very dim and is barely visible.

Most repair shops want between $85 to $100 just to diagnose each one and are not repairable (I.e. Cost more then a new TV) then I'm just out the money. While I do understand they need to be profitable I can't afford almost $200 just to be told I need new TV's.

If your feel comfortable trying to install new boards you can try
They are very helpful.
Start with the 60" since that will be more expensive to replace making repair a better option than on the 42".