65W, 90W or 130W Charger for Dell XPS L502X?


Nov 1, 2015
Hi everyone reading this. I recently got an older Dell XPS L502X, base model laptop. It came with the 130W charger, piece of plastic on the tip is missing, but it works. I like mint items, so I was thinking on getting a 65W or 90W Dell charger for it. An original 130W Dell replacement charger is a ballpark price. The reason I ask if a 65W or 90W will work is, I have it plugged in all the time for a desktop replacement, and these wattage ones are better priced. The battery is pretty much done, "consider replacing your battery". I just want to know if I bought a 65W or 90W, would it still give it the same performance and not damage the internal parts? I don't plan to replace the dead battery anytime soon. Let me know your solutions, thanks!
"An original 130W Dell replacement charger is a ballpark price." Eh?

I personally wouldn't use an adapter rated for lower wattage than the one the laptop originally came with.