70v system vs stereo for bar/restaurant application


Oct 27, 2010
I have a complicated install for a unusual bar/restaurant that I could really use some insight into. The location has a series of 4 interconnected rooms and a outdoor patio/courtyard. None of the rooms are larger than 350 sq.ft. The site is a restaurant with a very popular bar/lounge scene which starts to ramp up after dinner service is over. They have D.J. in two to three nights a week and a capacity of 175 people. Each zone needs to be able to have the volume controlled individually and all zones always play the same source. My question is, since this is a venue where high quality audio is a priority and volume levels can get elevated ( but not to the level of a dance club or live music venue) is a 70v system capable of high quality sound or should I stick with a stereo amp speaker set up? Thanks, Jim


Yes the stereo wiring is superior to 70 volt lines, but each one or two pairs of stereo speakers (one zone) need to connect to an autoformer volume control. The autoformer control is professional low distortion high reliability...etc.
At the stereo amp, an autoformer, such as sound-o-leer AF 120, can be used to connect four pairs of speakers, on two autoformer stereo volume controls, to one stereo amp.
Normally, a stereo amp will only safely power two pairs of speakers, but with an autoformer, you can step the impedance up, to handle 4 pairs of speakers, at a decent power level, on one amp.
And good autoformer volume controls will handle 50 watts input per control, maybe even more.
In this situation, an active crossover, amp and floor sub-woofer is added for a dance floor area. The rest of the club will require one stereo amp, one AF120, two autoformer volume controls, per four pairs of speakers. And then you would want a separate amp for your DJ / dance floor Right Left speakers, and the dance floor does not get the autoformer treatment, but hooks direct to the dedicated amp.
Remember, don't overload your amp and make it run hot. Too many pairs of speakers will destroy an amplifier. Don't use L-pads for volume controls.
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