Discussion +7hour up time with no cpu fan

May 18, 2021
recently my cpu fan gave up on me. and so i needed a temp replacement laptop just to use for a few days until mine was sorted.so a friend of mine gave me a hp probook i3 laptop he was not using, it also had a non running cpu fan :rolleyes: he assured me it works perfectly "obviously i didnt believe him" until just now when i realized i had been running this pc for 8 hours non stop and it still runs perfectly.

My Question is
How could it run for so long when my laptop was barely able to startup and is there something im missing when im comparing these Laptops Because i dont even miss my laptop after using this 1.

I have a
Mecer W550su Expression ultrabook
4th gen i5 intel 4210M @ 2.6Ghz/3.2Ghz Turbo Boost
16gb ram

my friends laptop is an
hp ProBook 4530s
2nd gen i3,intel 2350M @ 2.30Ghz
8gb ram
250gb ssd
Thermal design is complex. Perhaps HP is better at engineering this. My last couple laptops have been HPs and the fan barely run unless the CPU utilitzation gets high. You might want to compare task manager CPU usage on both machines. Your machine may have a SW issue. Not uncommon. Use the performance/CPU on the task manager (GPU may also contribute).